The ONLY Reason The Bucks Signed THANASIS ANTETOKOUNMPO From EUROLEAGUE | Ft. Giannis OLDER Brother!
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So to give a little backstory on Thanasis, he started his pro basketball career back in 2012/13 at Filathlitikos, the second division in Greece where he and Giannis made NBA radar. Both the brothers declared for the 2013 draft, where Giannis was selected overall by the Bucks. Thanasis, on the other hand, withdrew from the draft and tried again the next year. And after averaging 15 points and 8 rebounds a game that season. In the 2014 NBA Draft, he was drafted with the 51st pick by the Knicks. In the summer league, he had minimal impact, averaging just 3 points and 2 boards in 6 games. Because of this show out, he was moved to the D-League where the Delware 87ers picked him up with the 9th pick, and that's where Thansis would spent the majority of his NBA tenure, with the 87ers and Welchetser Knicks in the D-league. Where in 127 total games, Thanasis put up 12 points, 5 rebounds and shot above 50% from the field and made the D-League all defensive team 2 consecutive years. During this 2 year span, Thanasis would only play NBA 2 games and a total of 6 minutes with the Knicks. As irrelevant as these numbers are with such a small sample size, he averaged 3 points and shot 75%. Again take that for what it's worth, by summer 2016. when the Knicks decided not to renew his contract. It was evident an NBA opportunity wasn't gonna present it's self for Thansis anytime soon. So he made way over to Spain and joined MoraBanc Adorra of the LIGA acb. Thansis played an instrumental role for the team helping them qualify to ACB playoffs, for the first time in 22 years. Though they were eliminated by Luka Doncic's Real Madrid in the quarterfinals. Thanasis had put together a fantastic season, upping his regular season average of 7 points to 12 in the playoffs. And earning deserved recognition from Spanish basketball magazines, who voted him the LIGA ACB most spectacular player.
By July 2017, Antetkoumnpo was on the move again. Returning to Greece and signing with Euroleague giants Panathinaikos, of the Greek basketball league. And since he's racked up individual and team honors, and while in 2 years Thanasis have averaged just 4 points and 2 rebounds per game in the Euroleague. Domestically he's been a star, winning 2 Greek League championships, a greek cup title is a 2x greek league all-star and all-star game MVP. And was voted greek league most spectacular player.
Now as of July 7th 2019, it was announced that Thanasis would be making an NBA comeback. And signing with the Milwaukee Bucks on a 2-year veterans minimum deal, and I'm sure it's no coincidence that 2 years from now is when Giannis become a free agent as well. What I make of this move is that no thanasis is not quite an NBA player, he does have NBA ability in some respects such as athletism and versatility. And for the veteran's minimum, he is worth taking on for the Bucks. Because if him being around, both on and off the court, with the team on flights, in the locker room, at practice positively impacts Giannis's everyday life and experience in Milwaukee. Then he's instant of more value than any other bench warmer they could find on the free agency market. The Bucks are well aware that players come free agency nowadays have the license to play wherever they please. For now, Giannis is happy in Milwaukee, and the bucks are doing everything they can do appease their star. Knowing the impact it would have on their franchise if he decided to walk a year from now.

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  • jemmy madeleine
    jemmy madeleine

    Well if as the best player on a team I say I’m leaving if my brother doesn’t get signed, you damn well better sign him like yesterday.

    • Chan

      @Arion Starks 2 time MVP, DPOY, NBA Champion, Finals MVP who scored 50 points in the close out game, 6x All star, 4x All NBA first team, Def not too far.

    • Caleb C
      Caleb C

      Thanasis purpose on the team is he knows how to inspire his bro and will be good for team chemistry....very likable guy and everyone loves giannis.

    • Timmy Turner
      Timmy Turner

      Ohh sh 👀t YOU funny.

    • jemmy madeleine
      jemmy madeleine

      But at the same time there should be flashes of talent there, but his problem is consistency

    • jemmy madeleine
      jemmy madeleine

      I think his athletic ability is all good, but the rest of basketball is not all nba level.

  • John Kiousis
    John Kiousis

    I am a Panathinaikos fan and i loved Thanasis theese 2 years Dont pay attention only to his numbers.He is role wasnt to scor points His role was to come from the bench and bring energy to the team, He is very good at this.He can change a Euroleague's game momentum only with his energy without scoring more than 4-5 points.He is a great team player,super athletic and great defender.Although offensively is a very limmited player that can only finish plays above the rim.He is a poor shoter and his dreabling skills are not on a high level. Can he have a serious role in the NBA?Well maybe if u put him on the specialist defender role. Sometimes overexaggerates and loses his defence position or makes stupid fouls.But overall he can play defence at the NBA level. Yes its obvious that he is a gift for Giannis in order to stay in Bucks but trust me even if he will play 5 mins per game u will love his energy and his passion His nick name is Thanasis the Elevator. P.S)Great locker room guy.

    • John Loaf
      John Loaf

      Layton Albino you are fourteen lol, you shouldn't talk like that, show some respect and don't make the poor parenting you got so obvious

  • Miguel 2r
    Miguel 2r

    So basically they signed him to keep giannis happy

    • Angel Sanchez
      Angel Sanchez

      InSane he not staying he going to gs for a num 1 to 3 pick and prob dlo

    • Kosta P.
      Kosta P.

      @Joshua Al-Chami exactly

    • Jailen

      Thx for letting me skip the vid

    • Raymond Marks
      Raymond Marks

      Get his other brother too

    • Sob Tropic
      Sob Tropic

      How about they let kostaps while they’re at it

  • Edaham

    Lopez brothers, Antetokounmpo brothers. Next gonna be Kostas then Alex. If Bucks get all Antetokounmpo brothers, will they be called the Greek Empire?

    • Big Brx
      Big Brx

      @Stefoss He is also Nigerian and he always will be, genetically he's not Greek. I was born in the US but, my heritage means I am both

    • Stefoss

      RudeBoy Buckets Giannis is Greek no matter what. He feels ,thinks and talks in Greek and also was born in Greece. I understand your point but you cannot say that he is just a Nigerian

    • Sherlock

      they need to sign papagiannis 🤣🤣

    • Runsprints4life

      @Μυρτώ Αναστασιάδη Αλεξίου yup, he's Nigerian. Kinda obvious Antetokounmpo is a Nigerian name, Youruba I belive to be exact.

    • Kursed

      @whoisadn he likes basketbakl more and will probably be in the 2020 or 2021 draft

  • DoinkRL

    Imagine... All we have to do now is convert Francis from soccer, get Kostas from the Mavs, and draft Alex in 3 years and the Milwaukee Bucks could start 5 Antetokounmpos... This is my dream Jon Horst, let's make it happen

    • Naysh The Great
      Naysh The Great

      wavejhuztin27 Giannis said he wants to stay In Milwaukee, if he ever does leave I don’t think it will be when his current contract ends, he’ll re-sign.

    • Pantelis Vrachnoulas
      Pantelis Vrachnoulas

      @Wolfgang Sebastian not even close

    • Enkaaae Enkaaae
      Enkaaae Enkaaae

      Starts them all goes 20-62

    • AGHighlights

      Thanasis Antetokounmpo Welcome To Milwaukee Bucks ● Best Plays & Highlights

    • wavejhuztin27

      Giannis is Gone in 2 years. Why draft Alex ? Aheh 😅✌You can make Francis on 2k Though 😊

  • Alex Kollias
    Alex Kollias

    What ain't in the stats is his soul, he gives 110% at every game. And even if this does not make up for individual's abilities it does elevate the whole team spirit .

  • Let’s goooo
    Let’s goooo

    I hope he shines and isn’t just a role player

    • TwoTwoFourSix

      @Brzy aged like milk

    • Scoundrel _
      Scoundrel _

      dank andgone he was pretty decent on the Knicks tbh

    • Bryan Lopez
      Bryan Lopez

      he is almost guaranteed to make no noise at all

    • Tayquan Pittman
      Tayquan Pittman

      Lone Surviver im weak😂

    • Jaka

      Role players aren’t a bad thing. Championships are won off the back of role players most of the time

  • Michael Rozis
    Michael Rozis

    Can you make a video on there youngest brother as he is the “best brother” according to Giannis

    • ?????

      @Phantom Sky of course he gonna say that he the youngest lmao

    • Frank Henry
      Frank Henry


    • Michael Rozis
      Michael Rozis

      I’m talking about the one in high school

    • ML10040311

      Of course he‘s going to try to hype his little brother up

    • lucas neves cabral
      lucas neves cabral

      Ashong Gaygay he is not the young brother tho.... the young brother still in high school

  • O K
    O K

    It's disrespectful to say Thanassis was just signed to make Giannis Happy he has Beverly like potential and attitude so he can be a Defender that's this effective in the NBA also he locked Luka up in the playoffs in 2017 PS his nickname back in Greece is the Elevator

    • Antw Slk
      Antw Slk

      @Korena Baby u know nothing about basketball my guy

    • AGHighlights

      Thanasis Antetokounmpo Welcome To Milwaukee Bucks ● Best Plays & Highlights

    • Atlas

      Except that's the exact reason why they signed him.

  • Ingagi

    He's crazy athletic and it seems like he has the same fire in him that his brother has. Good deal for a veteran's minimum imo

    • AGHighlights

      Thanasis Antetokounmpo Welcome To Milwaukee Bucks ● Best Plays & Highlights

  • J M
    J M

    Holy!! Just when I thought Giannis couldn’t get any better, having his brother there is gonna make him even better!! They’ll have that sibling rivalry/competitiveness at trainings and it’s only gonna benefit each other! 😳 I’m a Celtics fan and I find this scary!

  • Jaelucard

    Antetokoumpo lobs it to Antetokoumpo, who kicks it out to Lopez, then proceeds to dime it to Lopez for the finish!

    • Transport


    • Henriksen Delen
      Henriksen Delen

      @Harry Harrison auto shaqtin.. spine tingler..

    • Harry Harrison
      Harry Harrison

      @Δημήτρης ΑΠΕΣΣΟΣ Slam dunk missed....

    • Amso Ohsum
      Amso Ohsum

      2 antentokoumpo 2 gasol 2 curry 🤔🤔

    • Nathan Goucher
      Nathan Goucher

      Δημήτρης ΑΠΕΣΣΟΣ ruined it should have said Denied by Antetokounmpo (kostas) outlet pass to morris who dishes it off to morris...

  • Sextus The Vampire
    Sextus The Vampire

    Guys dont be too negative, i sometimes watch the Greek league and even though the level is well below Nba everywhere except shooting wise ,they learn great defence and Thanasis was always a force to be reckoned with.In my eyes he is definetely not a starter BUT his defence is great,he is a really good player to swap in at late minutes to protect your rim and also a huge motivational post for his younger brother Giannis

  • Jordine Concepcion
    Jordine Concepcion

    great move.. low risk high reward move especially giannis showed his love for his family so having him around may convince him to stay..

  • Type K
    Type K

    I hope he has a great season in NBA he was a beast in Panathinaikos ☘️💚

  • ggv sil
    ggv sil

    Nobody calls him "greak streak" in Greece.His nickname is "The elevator"

    • Nikos N
      Nikos N

      @ChiefZik exw alla ti to thes?

    • ChiefZik

      Ινστα εχεις; Για dm

    • ChiefZik

      @Nikos N μαθε αγγλικα φιλε και ασε μας

    • ChiefZik

      @Nikos N Lol im greek bruh...and i never said that we don't call him the elevator

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim

    It's really disrespecting saying that bucks signed thanasis so as that Giannis is mentally satisfied. On the one hand you insult thanasis and he might not feel comfortable with the team and on the other hand Giannis would hate seeing his brother being insulted so dirty so he won't feel well and you will have the opposite effect from what you expected

  • AfroDeutsch TV
    AfroDeutsch TV

    I'm so happy for Thanasis I followed his career since 2014 and now he's back in the NBA 🤙🏽 I think he will get playing time to prove himself 💫 and he could play in the G-League for the Wisconsin Herd (Milwaukees affiliate)

  • Luke Straub
    Luke Straub

    I hope they give Thanasis a chance. He has a great motor and drive to his game combined with great athleticism.

  • Nam Di
    Nam Di

    Bron signed Alex on Lakers even though Alex is worse than Thanasis to draw the Greek Freak in but Coach Bud thought quickly and brought in Thanasis...Mill of Waukee doing everything possible to keep Giannis

  • J F
    J F

    Just shows how amazing the players who make it to the NBA are. Great players all over the world but only the cream rises. Pretty insane in the big picture of just how fuckin good these dudes are

  • Noah S
    Noah S

    If Im Kostas Im Trying to find a Way To Play With My Brothers

    • JuJu3x

      Daniel Ramalan nah he in LA

    • John Brown Best American Ever !!
      John Brown Best American Ever !!

      ༼D347h210P5༽ ཾ Thanks man much appreciated 💯👌🏿


      314murdacapitall right now its Giannis, Kostas, Thanasis, then Alex but Alex has potential to surpass kostas and possibly Giannis due to his handles and shooting if they are developed right

    • John Brown Best American Ever !!
      John Brown Best American Ever !!

      Someone tell me who’s the best in order !!


      Sebastian ikr kinda mad about it as a clips fan

  • Jonathan K
    Jonathan K

    There doing what’s the Ball brothers suppose to do, Keep it up 💪🏽 silent but deadly moves that are being made by the Bucks 💪🏽🔥

  • Antonis Pap
    Antonis Pap

    Guys Thanasis is very good player . He will help the bucks . Don't underestimate him. He plays really well in China atm with Greek National Team.

  • Sub To Hyped Highlights
    Sub To Hyped Highlights

    Can’t wait to see both of them play on the starting line up

  • Blue Lena
    Blue Lena

    Honestly, Thanasis is so underappreciated. His role is not to score points himself, his role is to help his teammates do so and prevent the other players to score and he actually does a rad job at that. He also has a unique ability to bump up his team as well as raise the spirits. Very athletic and probably faster than Giannis. I seem to recall the team's efficiency usually improves when Thanasis is in.

  • Henry Washington
    Henry Washington

    I would love to see Dwight Howard play with Giannis! Howard will prove to everyone he deserves to be a HOF. Imagine those guys around key on offense and defense.

  • Micheal Man 9000
    Micheal Man 9000

    There are multiple reasons to have him great teammate chemistry no risk crowd hyper and he is very athletic like crazy athletic and he really can only help them not hurt them I wish they would give him a few more minutes as a back up bench player but it's cool

  • D Fry
    D Fry

    It's a smart move think about it you get them hanging out with each other and he's there they should sign the other brother too if they ever feel giannis might leave

  • Beef Curtains
    Beef Curtains

    He can pick up a lot of fouls just driving into the lane at the end of quarters.

  • twixx

    Thanasis’s nickname in greece is “The Elevator” Το ψευδώνυμο του Θανάση στην Ελλάδα είναι "Ο Ανελκυστήρας"

  • Cesc VR
    Cesc VR

    The only reason Bucks signed him is because they're gonna confuse the other team during the game

  • Hayden Gower
    Hayden Gower

    Giannis: Yo gm can you pick up my brother Gm: Nah your so much better and we dont have cap space Giannis:I'll leave the team GM: Phones Thinassis hey your on the team Giannis: Good boy

  • MeticBoom

    Lonzo could’ve done this if he showed out his first season or second

  • Billy FamousZemb
    Billy FamousZemb

    They are true warriors. They are animals on attack but they give much attention on defense too.

  • fu 4ll
    fu 4ll

    If thanasis had Kostas size or Giannis he would be so good An AD type of player catching lobs and a great defender

  • Dola YT
    Dola YT

    This man hasn’t gotten enough oppritinity, I’ve seen the games he’s not put in at the right times. That man is a defensive player, not everybody is a James harden scorer.

  • Κωστας Γρηγοροπουλος
    Κωστας Γρηγοροπουλος

    Back in Greece we call him "the Elevator"

    • Greg

      @Robinson Pittman no he is greek. He grow up in Greece with greek friends in greek school and everything greek. He is a Greek

    • AGHighlights

      Thanasis Antetokounmpo Welcome To Milwaukee Bucks ● Best Plays & Highlights

  • Toyota Wakawaka
    Toyota Wakawaka

    Giannis and his brothers have insane genetics. I thought Greece stopped pumping out demigods

  • wramsey193

    He is going to play,and have a role when it is all said , and done.

  • Dushawn21

    Teams due this all the time did we forgot JR Smith’s brother was signed to the knicks for a while to keep JR happy? Warriors at one point signed klay and Steph brother to the g league.. the suns drafted goran dragic a little brother as well

  • R

    Bucks needs to sign better players, borderline stars to keep things interesting. At the present state, the bucks remains the best team in the east (in theory), but they can't dream to defeat a top western team. Well, even the Celtics have more potential than them, if Westbrook arrives in Miami that can also make them east contenders, etc bucks needs to wake the fuck up. Nepotism aside, this guy looks decent. Have enough attitude and energy to be a good defender.

  • Theo Zaha
    Theo Zaha

    "The Elevator" We love you Thanasis.

  • Tobi Wayne
    Tobi Wayne

    He can play if he’s with Giannis I think because Giannis is not good in the playoffs it’s seems like teams just let him do his own thing then in the playoffs their like okay now time for some real defense low key I think teams let him win games so they can easily beat them

  • KauKeeper1

    Giannis literally has said multiple times that he wants to stay in Milwaukee for his career

    • PSXBOX6337

      @Dylan Nice media trying to mind condition fans that giannis is leaving milwaukee.

    • kegan selby
      kegan selby

      @Max Manzo the difference is they picked Giannis up from extreme poverty in Greece like it saved his family because he was able to contribute money he is super grateful watch the sport 30 for 30 finding Giannis and you will understand im not saying it imposible for him to leave but it extremely unlikely. unlike kd and ad he did not come into the league with the super hype because they was drafted high his first year he was a hard working kid with potential that the bucks help mold so there not this huge ego with alot of the player today

    • AGHighlights

      Thanasis Antetokounmpo Welcome To Milwaukee Bucks ● Best Plays & Highlights

    • thatdenglishkid

      @GX Conley was traded tho if I remember correctly

    • Dylan Nice
      Dylan Nice

      Why does everyone assume that giannis is gonna leave right now there is no reason for him to leave.

  • HELLAS59

    His Nickname is “The Elevator” [*Edit* Damn Over 800 Likes]

    • Billy Zambidis
      Billy Zambidis


    • HELLAS59

      SpaceMutton What goes up, must come down 🤷🏻‍♂️😅

    • DiscoMutt

      Elevators go down too.

    • HELLAS59

      EG Baby THANOS

    • Ev G
      Ev G


  • eurosensazion

    Didn't that guy on Panathaniakos Nick Calathes play in NBA for few years? That guy looks good. We shall see how the bros do for Greece in China for FIBA. Bucks will not keep Giannis forever. Too small market and in 2 years he goes for Super Max contract.

  • fredo macho
    fredo macho

    They signed him to keep giannis happy and its working..💪💪💪

  • Sgb143 PhD
    Sgb143 PhD

    Kostas was just released by Mavs. Now Bucks NEED to sign him. 3 of the Eldest Bros on the same team in NBA

  • rafael mouratidis
    rafael mouratidis

    Thanasis is so underated..he needs minute to show what he can do

  • JB

    We’d usually call him “The Elevator” in Greece.

  • delve

    man what if they got kostas and his potential is as crazy as it seems. that would be a problem for the league.

  • Prince One
    Prince One

    If I am the bucks owner I will sign him even if he is blind to keep my superstar.

  • The Greek Dragon
    The Greek Dragon

    I am a greek fan of bucks and i love antetokounmpos but i think thanasis its not a player for NBA the only good from this i think its bucks will have more chance to keep giannis btw i love thanasis but nba need more more skilled players from him

  • jarvis thomas
    jarvis thomas

    *See peps sleep on him because he's a great defense player and rebounder! I see how quick peps so quick to forget what Dennis Rodman did, he was never known for scoring or great offense abilities!*

    • What's Bracking
      What's Bracking

      Fr i was just thinking of that

  • StonedYodaTheOg

    Lets go now we just need Kostas

  • BallinBoxer

    I can see him playing 10-12 mins a game solely for defensive purposes and being a lob target

  • Xiaolong Lee
    Xiaolong Lee

    I woudn't be suprise if the other 2 Ante.... bros. Will end up in MIL too, btw the youngest one is really good.

    • Jeffrey Eyotor
      Jeffrey Eyotor

      @Hey Hey after writing that you should feel very smart...🙄

    • Xiaolong Lee
      Xiaolong Lee

      @King Boogie Lol they are not Greek 😂

    • King Boogie
      King Boogie

      All demi gods on one team🌋

    • AGHighlights

      Thanasis Antetokounmpo Welcome To Milwaukee Bucks ● Best Plays & Highlights

  • Humble beast2
    Humble beast2

    Imagine them both driving at the same time 🤣

  • Strpfe

    He could possibly improve too though

  • xfockin nti
    xfockin nti

    hustle player,super athletic,very limited at anything else,not nba level talent but he can improve

  • Basketballer Highlights PH.
    Basketballer Highlights PH.

    Antetokumpo and lopez bros join forces 😂😎

    • Aris P
      Aris P

      @Tom Ppaedro 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • justine dags
      justine dags

      Bucks Roster:Antetokounmpo Bros.,Gasol Bros.,Morris Twins,Curry Bros.,Lopez Bros. and Holiday Bros.😂

    • GroovyCollier

      I so badly wanted to see the bucks pick up the Morris twins 🤣. I understand that'd be too many bugs though

    • AGHighlights

      Thanasis Antetokounmpo Welcome To Milwaukee Bucks ● Best Plays & Highlights

  • i steal accounts
    i steal accounts

    The greek streak is here to stay!

  • HeirRose1

    Bucks signed him because they know they screwed up not drafting his brother Kostas, who the Mavs signed and now the Bucks have to worry about Marc Cuban stealing their star using other Euro players Porzingis & Doncic

  • P

    He can't shot, he can't driblle he can't post atc... But he can play defence and he has a big hart! "Filotimo" in greek...

  • Felix Noguera
    Felix Noguera

    Lets go bucks.i couldn't think of a better player he is a brother n its good to have u home,let's do it

  • xander cage
    xander cage

    Back in the greece , he is called "THE GREEK ELEVATOR"

  • Kevin Soo
    Kevin Soo

    If they wanted to keep giannis they need to give his brother the max

  • Ed R.
    Ed R.

    Simple, Bucks wants to resign Giannis later on. They want him to have family at "home" in Mil

  • Ferguson Hobby Farm
    Ferguson Hobby Farm

    Well now he is getting minutes and some boards and not always when it’s a blowout!

  • Leandros Varvarousis
    Leandros Varvarousis

    Here in Greece,we call him THE ELEVATOR

  • Hikaru

    3:35 - 3:37 is my favourite part

    • AGHighlights

      Thanasis Antetokounmpo Welcome To Milwaukee Bucks ● Best Plays & Highlights


      Simon Katsikaris you like older people?

    • CodingBmartin

      @Simon indra 😁😁😁

    • Simon indra
      Simon indra

      You're mother is my favorite part

    • Zyrus Matol
      Zyrus Matol

      Thank you

  • Evangelos Xenakis
    Evangelos Xenakis

    Very good analysis! Thanks

  • chase

    It’s crazy having two sets of siblings on the same team lol

  • Jem Nas
    Jem Nas

    would they also get Kostas from Mavs?

  • Ben Burns
    Ben Burns

    If they can make bum brook lopez from the lakers into a 7ft stretch then they can make thanasis into a shooter

  • Sob Tropic
    Sob Tropic

    Can they sign kostaps next?

  • Shawn Griffin
    Shawn Griffin

    The Bucks Need To Get The Anteokounmpo Brothers Together & The Other Lopez Brother

  • Lo-Fi Enjoy The Music
    Lo-Fi Enjoy The Music

    they should of signed Kostas kid has potential

  • Andrew Briggs
    Andrew Briggs

    Amen Giannis Antekokounmpo we got our dream team.

  • Eazyy E
    Eazyy E

    giannis is a real dude for this looking out for his brother

  • Adrian Ezzo
    Adrian Ezzo

    They call him "The Carnival Gyro" cuz he's been thrown out more times than a first pitch at a baseball game.

    • eurosensazion


  • tuavaresm

    The supreme travel at the 1:12 mark is epic. 😂

  • XXX Tentabletop
    XXX Tentabletop

    just imagine if all the antetuokoumpos were on the same team

  • George Fakis
    George Fakis

    Thanasis wanted double the money from us. His contract was 300.000 euros a year which wasn't even a good deal cause he played max 5 a game. At least he played with passion

  • Marquise Blow
    Marquise Blow

    this would be a trio of brothers if the bucks find a way to get Marc Gasol

  • zombie hunter
    zombie hunter

    atleast he ddnt tell them to trade all his team mates for 1 guy because he cant win without help and even calling himself the GOAT

  • Henry St.Clair
    Henry St.Clair

    Well he has three brothers right? Thanasis, Alexis and Kostas? They need to be my starting five

  • Devonte Martin
    Devonte Martin

    I hope it works out for em

  • G Q
    G Q

    The Greek streak🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel

    In 2 years he should demand the bucks to give them both the max 😂

  • DeadThumbGamer

    Thanasis may not have the Infinity Gauntlet. Instead he may be 1 of the Stones.

  • Roman Lopez
    Roman Lopez

    Thanasis is the coolest name I’ve seen in a while not gonna lie.

  • Joey Smoothz
    Joey Smoothz

    Milwaukee going crazy with giannis Bros. Lost brogdon with good defense got someone else with good defense

  • mp3

    The Greek freak here to stay... Good video bro nice insight

  • Tasos Tsouggos
    Tasos Tsouggos

    I can describe Thanasis for y'all Bucks fans. He's one of the most athletic players I've ever seen, literally a human highlight reel. But that's all he's got. On all the other areas he seems like an amateur player can't shoot, can't dribble, can't drive. Definetely not good enough for the Nba

    • kay p
      kay p

      “One of the most athletic” I don’t see it.yes athletic but nothing crazy.wouldnt be in the nba without giannas

  • Francis Diaz
    Francis Diaz

    Man.. It's like Steph and Seth. Seth wasn't drafted, he spend his time in D-League then got signed by the Warriors, probably because of Steph.

  • smoky_burrito

    who’s here after gianni’s signed the supermax and won finals mvp with thanasis

  • Theodore savvaids
    Theodore savvaids

    He is the biggest help that Giannis get so you know he shout and talk all the time in greek

  • Mr Chembe
    Mr Chembe

    I don't know why I feel so bad for him