The Steph Curry Shooting Challenge! Steph DESTROYS TOP HS Guards at

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  • Ballislife

    THAT SCOREBOARD IS NICE AF THOUGH!! PS: The John Wall Challenge:

    • Ron Ki
      Ron Ki

      커리빼곤 다 슬퍼보인노 ㅜ

    • Roger Keller
      Roger Keller

      Only Ballislife would notice that typa shit

    • gameplay cj
      gameplay cj

      Thats true

    • zdenka kasper
      zdenka kasper

      YU SLOY

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    But think about it though. Making it through this drill means you're shooting about 70% percent over 5 spots and 3 different ranges. So you can't even groove at 1 range. Considering that a "good" shooting percentage in the NBA is above 40% from 3 range, this is crazy demanding... and Steph just breezes through it. Disgusting.

    • ABM

      Well to shoot above 40% in the NBA, you’d have to be lockdown in drills like these.

    • vv The Talentless Duo
      vv The Talentless Duo


    • Larry Stoney
      Larry Stoney

      I play in a extremely competitive men's league 35+ age but has more than 10 ex college players in it. Some guys shoot 50 percent from 3 in games but they never miss. I can make prob 75 to 80 out of 100 just practice shots and I shoot 50 % in games or higher. It's about good shots shot selection and how much you force shots. The nba has deemed a 3 a good shot nomatter the % and that's changed the game. Mid range is lost art. If u not hitting 3s stop throwing them up lol

    • Larry Stoney
      Larry Stoney

      @Keoni Hunter there is a video of him making over 100 threes in a row catch and shoot with guys passing him 2 balls never misses. That's what it takes but tbh there has been many stretches where curry is over 50% from three dudes sometimes shoot 7 for 8 or something crazy but u can't maintain that. That's a team that left them open

  • Reading Through History
    Reading Through History

    This really puts his skill into perspective.

    • YHN Frank
      YHN Frank

      And the hs kids skill and then your skill into perspective

  • Yanna

    Cameraman: "What's it like, man?" 1st Challenger: "You watch Steph do it, he makin' it look like a walk in the park, man."


      @LEVI's View. yo I see this kinds of message everywhere

    • J Birch
      J Birch

      @MUFC Except there's no action in soccer for 90% of the game

    • andreiareta

      Yes we heard

    • zwebackshyper

      Yanna Espinosa thats jordan mccabe

  • KingJKickz Haley
    KingJKickz Haley

    What makes this hard is catching and having to dribble with only one hand. This is an elite drill and we now understand how Steph gets those shots off

    • Alok Somani
      Alok Somani

      @Driver Nirvana Yes, you are right on here. I've done variations of this drill before when playing with some training college players, and it is tiring AS SHIT. Players lose focus from the shot itself with the dribbling and fatigue. I think the key for me is making sure to do a hard dribble going into each shot to force my attention on the gather and getting my legs into the shot.

    • Michael Mayers
      Michael Mayers

      Not that hard

    • will ya
      will ya

      yall arguing on stupid thing. catching with one hand and dribbling isnt difficult bruh. do you guys even play basketball or just sitting on a couch and play nba live?

    • murahk123

      First of all, it’s not a drill. It’s a challenge. Learn the difference.... Second of all, dribbling is not part of the drill. You can dribble with fucking three hands, as long as you complete the challenge in 2 minutes, you beat it. Third of all, that is NOT the hardest part of the drill.

    • Jc Young
      Jc Young

      @Kieran Carroll no matter how you read it doesn't sound right. Dribbling with only one hand isn't hard

  • ÅPØLLŌ •
    ÅPØLLŌ •

    People still have doubts and hate for Curry but it's basically the same with Kobe. Once this man declares his retirement, people will thank him, give him farewells and honor the legacy he had. And on that day, he will also declare his title as the Greatest Shooter in NBA history.

    • Hanugra Damara
      Hanugra Damara

      @ImHaiden yea about that..

    • vv The Talentless Duo
      vv The Talentless Duo


    • Luka Martinko
      Luka Martinko

      @Waifukali no Steph better

    • ImHaiden

      @Ok * i will admit I was wrong

  • Wade’s World
    Wade’s World

    I may be weird, but I enjoy watching superstars “teach” the younger players the work of their craft. It’s insane how this drill is. Makes them, us former players and fans see how great you have to be to get to their level. Respect ✊

  • Curtis Grindahl
    Curtis Grindahl

    Didn't Steph just sign a contract for $201 MILLION? Remember when no major college would offer him a scholarship? We'll know in a few years whether any of these kids can put it all together... as Steph has done. I love the fact he is offering this opportunity to these kids... learn from a pro who many thought was too small to make it in the big time. Boy did he prove ALL of them wrong. Warriors fans are blessed to have him as the team leader.

    • CtrlAultDel

      What happened to Michael Jordan sons? Did they make the league like Dell Curry boys.

    • Empty Dark Soul
      Empty Dark Soul

      He got another 207 million contract this year

    • Austin Mauger
      Austin Mauger

      Bro, his Dad had a lengthy NBA career, he isn't exactly Lebron coming from nothing here

    • LEVI's View.
      LEVI's View.

      @Jonatan hernandez that your dad is pro doesnt mean you wint be underrated, steph's dad wasnt even as popular or as successful as steph.but look at what steph has achieved.

    • Matthew J Gilles
      Matthew J Gilles

      xavier Poes Lebron is way more relatable

  • LuxFlowz

    0:58 Steph was like don't ever disrespect me with that weak ass pass again

    • Nick Ellis
      Nick Ellis

      @Huskie Huskerson Emasculated

    • SwaggerChiick1


    • Muhd Faiz
      Muhd Faiz

      that was curry's long time trainer bro loll

    • CJ West
      CJ West


  • Straight Savage J
    Straight Savage J

    Idc what any of y'all say steph curry is the best shooter in the history of the nba

    • Dzciple

      @EvanRachelGivesMeWood Stephen curry the best


      @Notting All of you are actually fools. Even in 2018 he a no brainier statement was the best.

    • Ela Zečević
      Ela Zečević

      The most 3pointers in history the most threes in a seasone

    • Thomas Guice
      Thomas Guice

      @stephen f that is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Curry creates his own shot. If Kerr tried to shoot like Curry he would have been laughed out of the league and would have been no where near 40%. Kerr only shot wide open 3s when people like Micheal Jordan were doubled or tripled. Curry is the one doubled and tripled. Ray Allen hit 2973 and it took him 18 seasons to do it. Steph passed it in less than 13 season. He is by far and away the greatest shooter of all time and has been for a long time. There is no arguement. There wasn't an arguement 4 years ago when this video was made either.

    • Thomas Guice
      Thomas Guice

      @Lala micheal Jordan isn't even close to the best shooter. Most uneducated comment of all time

  • Stan

    This challenge really sheds the light on how nasty Steph actually is

    • Maurice Barnes Jr.
      Maurice Barnes Jr.

      Facts. It’s probably not many NBA players that can even fw Steph in this drill

    • J Eat
      J Eat

      Hold this L

    • James Freres
      James Freres

      Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl better look up who chris Jackson is. And he’s the best shooter off the dribble. Not a set consistent shot.

    • TheOnlyNative16

      Kyrie Irving can do this drill

    • Michael Mayers
      Michael Mayers

      Not really

  • Arguing With Stupid People
    Arguing With Stupid People

    Everyone knows Steph led the NBA in plus-minus this year, but he also led the league in the "OOH-AHH" factor.

    • Temitope Fasola
      Temitope Fasola

      @Hieu Tran 50 % from three is terrible? Wow

    • Allies started WW1
      Allies started WW1

      @Hieu Tran curry higher efg% , higher ts% , higher 3pfg% , higher ft% , higher net rating and higher obpm , higher +/- , higher offensive +/- , highest +/- per 48 min point diffential than kd lbj

    • AkinTheGreat

      @Hieu Tran watch this years

    • Hieu Tran
      Hieu Tran

      watch this years allstar game,steph shot terrible from 3 and had a subpar game but he still got tons of highlights cause the stuff he does really do look showoff sometimes,always special and crafty!

    • Major

      Comment lowkey best lol clever went over people's heads lml

  • Mitchell Bugalski
    Mitchell Bugalski

    What people don't realize Steph is so good at is how consistent his release is. It's ridiculous. It's the same every time

    • CRIMEwav BEATS
      CRIMEwav BEATS

      Riiiiiight, like the perfect flick and backspin, hits the target every time.

  • Results

    It’s more to the game than just talent. It’s structure, sequence, and consistency. Steph is all of the above

  • AgentValk

    I tried this challenge with my friends. I got to the middle, then had to go back to the second. This just shows how good Steph is.

  • Michael Sese
    Michael Sese

    8:12 Steph plays off the fist bump 😂

    • Yurboiisilly2

      He was trying pass jq the sauce but he didn’t realize lmfao

    • Crab Dipp
      Crab Dipp

      Seems to happen all too often to Steph man

    • nz bg
      nz bg


    • It’s jus me Hoe
      It’s jus me Hoe


  • Zuya Isna
    Zuya Isna

    I coached HS twice and this is exactly what I wanted to teach my players. The whole mid-range game is another monster to master. All pick-up games I play everyone chucks 3's, but rarely see anyone do a 5 foot jump shot. MJ, Kobe, all of the greats took advantage of how easy it is to drain mid-range once you practice. Overall, you still have to shoot normal. Lots of times I see younger players toss twiddle it one handed.

  • WVURxMan

    I did this for 15 minutes and the furthest I got was the third circle. And I went back to the beginning like 50 times. This is a great drill to show how much better pros are than the rest of us.

  • sh4p31y

    Steph’s dribbling mattered too. Light touch, easy pickup

  • Rob R
    Rob R

    Just tried it and finished with 17 secs left....until my wife woke me up

    • kappa1032

      You had me there in the first half

    • Yvonne De Sloover Koch
      Yvonne De Sloover Koch

      His wife woke him up when he was already up?

    • NEON87lionSS

      @BigPhatKoi WOW

    • Boss

      Then you woke up from your dream 😨

    • Shaun Boi
      Shaun Boi

      King Scratchii woahh

  • Thad Donovan
    Thad Donovan

    Steph's form and movement makes everyone else there look like a hack.

    • Dan Diehm
      Dan Diehm

      And he's worked hundreds of hours on his form and movement.

  • K'Shard Callendar
    K'Shard Callendar

    I remember we had to do this drill on my college basketball team. It would take us 30 minutes minimum to actually get through since we went around and came back. Steph is just a beast.

  • Chicago Native
    Chicago Native

    If they had to finish this drill before they went home, all these cats will sleepin in the gym. Sayin this shit ain't easy is an understatement.

    • Ludomir Steinbrück
      Ludomir Steinbrück

      Kung fu type of Basketball training

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor

    Just as we should all appreciate LeBron's greatness and how effortlessly he impacts a game and a team and fills up a stat sheet, so too should we appreciate Steph for his shooting ability, for how easy he makes scoring the basketball look. And while Steph is incredibly gifted in so many ways, he doesn't have the *physical* gifts many NBA players have, yet through sheer hard work and dedication he is an all-time talent. Pretty amazing honestly.

  • jumpstart55million

    Don't fear the man who practiced a 100 different basketball moves, but instead fear the man who practiced the same shot 100 times.

    • Emily Carlton
      Emily Carlton

      Alright now!

    • Alex Macdonald
      Alex Macdonald

      Man just reiterated Bruce Lee

    • Jared Patterson
      Jared Patterson

      Matthew 10:28 - And do not become fearful of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, fear him who can destroy both soul and body in Ge·henʹna.

    • Greg Garey
      Greg Garey

      @WestBaltimoreDan - that was Michael Jordan lol

    • abdo hm
      abdo hm

      basketball aint kong fuu

  • b_hanock

    What the first HS challenger said afterwards describes it perfectly

  • Lloyd

    I'll never forget watching him in the NCAA tourney. Put his small school on his back and carried them farther than anyone thought possible

  • Ixxce

    I don't understand why people say "oh curry is way to overrated and he sucks" or "Lebron sucks he's just ass" we all know that at the end of the day curry and Lebron are guys who are the best at they're job.

    • uday raj
      uday raj

      like da they are on freakin tv and nba posters worldwide

    • wiggle wiggle
      wiggle wiggle

      at the end of the day curry and Lebron are guys who are the best at they are job

    • One Pound Swallow Two pound coconut
      One Pound Swallow Two pound coconut

      @Jordan 23 I think they're saying they know basketball, and talent only gets you so far. They're also saying the things these guys do......smh, only a handful of people on earth can do.

  • Hecz Rivz
    Hecz Rivz

    Steph puts in the work man I respect it!

  • 朱Itachi

    I just love his shooting form, it’s so smooth 😍

  • Dakid015

    These are the kind of drills that mess with your mind. Imagine getting close to moving on to the next spot. Then all of a sudden, clank. You gotta have your mental up which is probably also why Steph's the best shooter in the game.

  • MrOctober

    Can we please stop disrespecting Curry?? All these different haters from NBA players to the social media naysayers, Curry is the best shooter of all time. He put in hard work and dedication to get where he is.

  • VI BE
    VI BE

    Steph Curry is literally a real life 2k player.

    • Mark David Mallorca
      Mark David Mallorca

      not even 2K gives you green light from 40ft

    • KX SGamerz
      KX SGamerz

      2k doesn't even let you do some of the three point ranges Steph can do in a game lol

  • BaSkEtGaMeR 123
    BaSkEtGaMeR 123

    I work very hard and I appreciate everyone that's doing this steph just makes it look easy I'd be lucky to make it to the second spot

  • seyahtan24

    Steph's shooting form already gives him an advantage. Good balance. Good backspin. Good arc. Less excess movements. Less tiring.

  • Sim Won
    Sim Won

    I'm obsessed with 3 pts shots...i dream about powerful !!! Thank you SC30 for bringing them back to mainstream !!! 🏀👍

  • Brian S
    Brian S

    His jump shot is unique in that he doesn’t really pull the ball back just before releasing it like almost every other player, he just goes straight up in one fluid motion.

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas

    The first HS shooter has excellent form. I could see him playing pro ball at some point. The difference here is mainly practice. Steph has been doing this for years and years. I doubt these HS kids have ever done this drill before. If that young man keeps practicing (like every single day for at least a year) and doesn't get discouraged, he might give Steph a run for his money someday. Steph is great though...damn.

  • Hollywood Cal
    Hollywood Cal

    Still amazes me how easy Steph made that look.

  • Trey Morningstar
    Trey Morningstar

    "You watch Steph he makes it look like a walk in the park" -Jordan McCabe

  • Joe

    Stephs shooting ability is amazing coupled with his ability to get into his shot off the dribble and his innate ability to do it at a high level is amazing

  • Yanbo Yang
    Yanbo Yang

    always seeing steph being one of the smallest in games, but then this reminds us how tall he actually is

  • Javier Dunk
    Javier Dunk

    OMG, He makes it look so simple 🏀🏀

  • Eli w
    Eli w

    I know he practices this everyday, but still, pure mastery. I bet this drill can break alot of players.

  • Michael F
    Michael F

    Even the ones he missed, it seemed like it was intentional

  • Omar S.
    Omar S.

    I know I’m not the only one who watched the whole video then rewinded to see Steph do it again 🙌

  • Xiaojie Ziyun
    Xiaojie Ziyun

    Y'know, I'm a Kyrie fan because I love his handles, layups, and overall the way he makes space for himself. But dayum. Imma give Steph this one 👏

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    You can tell these kids forms change as they go through these progressions as it does to most young players that aren’t conditioned for that kind of shooting haul. Steph goes through the whole series of shots with the same form, lift and rotations on the ball.

  • Wendell Lee
    Wendell Lee

    Steph didnt get that accuracy from doing nothing, he is classic example of working hard at his craft, mastery of handling and his shots

  • Tesparza0218

    These are the best prospects in the nation, and Steph is the best shooter in history! Crazy how big the gap is for Steph. Literally a walking 2k player

  • Tovorris Grissom
    Tovorris Grissom

    I had to do this twice before I made it all the way through but I don't feel too bad being in my 40's. I'm not as fit as I was in my younger years but I still run circles around most youngsters and at only 5'7" can still rise up and throw it down. Too bad I never got a chance to showcase my talent to the world as planned.

  • 38-Lê N BTrí-11.09
    38-Lê N BTrí-11.09

    He’s so nice and all that sometimes people forget how good he actually is

  • Newkirk

    I hope everyone appreciates what steph is doing because I don’t think there will be another shooter like him.

  • chinedu keshi
    chinedu keshi

    Steph's routine is what differentiates legends from the can never fake real true talent.

  • SILK334

    First guy who tried said it clear as day "I'm not shooting enough I guess" #facts

  • wasaBae

    always an aspect that made them look uncomfortable, from catching and dribbling with one hand, to the order of the shots, to just plain having to hit 5/7, and they didn't even get to the part where they embarrass themselves with their left hands. insane drill. I'm sure there were pointers Steph could have given to up the intensity even more like where they catch the dribble, speed on the run up and backstep

  • Gmaa 1522
    Gmaa 1522

    Just shows how on another level Steph is.

  • John Kreese
    John Kreese

    I think I’d make it to the 2nd zone like these guys…it’s tough….time limit as well….practice makes perfect

  • Mister A
    Mister A

    Most NBA players would have trouble with this challenge. I'd say 70% of them would have problems.

    • Dan

      nba players literally dont have an excuse to be bad... highschool ballers have schoolwork, going to school, getting homework done, and fitting basketball in that schedule

    • Manny Donaire
      Manny Donaire

      not IT, kyrie, curry, reddick, dirk, tony parker, booker, klay, kd, lillard

    • Elijah Teputepu
      Elijah Teputepu

      Hennything is possible i bet you he couldnt easily pass this

    • Phil Haitian24
      Phil Haitian24

      Hennything is possible ahahaha lebron can't even take and make a last shot against Curry

    • Gucci Slippers
      Gucci Slippers

      Wyclif Luyima Lebron could pass this drill easily

  • Stonest

    Steph makes shooting look insanely easy

  • Alexis Oceans
    Alexis Oceans

    This video is legendary and would be look back at in 20 years 🔥

  • Jonathan Jou
    Jonathan Jou

    Second dude didn’t even do stepbacks lmao

    • murahk123

      Second dude didn’t pay attention

    • illlanoize23

      Jonathan Jou neither did the last dude lol dudes did jab steps

  • Owen Mali
    Owen Mali

    This Steph guy gonna play in the league some day, I am telling ya

  • KuroBushi

    3:05 did anyone notice he was purposely aiming for the backboard to bank it in? So smart

  • Thelilantjr

    10:40 Curry is like, "Yah rookies listen to coach"

  • Absurd Things
    Absurd Things

    I love how he purposedly missed few of his shots because he remember that he's teaching humans.

  • Flava4TheSoul

    These guards have a long way to go, McCabe probably has the best jumper from what I saw. At Least they got a preview of what they have to deal with in a few years, that's if we see any of them at the next level after college.

  • Carl Zhang
    Carl Zhang

    I love how everyone messes up the order of the shots. dam steph making it look ez

    • Mike C.
      Mike C.

      Tough drill. Only guy that did it right was the first guy

    • Selassie Aspen
      Selassie Aspen

      @fongyfong these shit talkers will never consistently do this drill.... it's that simple!

    • Selassie Aspen
      Selassie Aspen

      @Marlowe Brandt deadass!

    • Major Red Ball
      Major Red Ball

      He makes it look STEPHORTLESS

    • David Chandler
      David Chandler

      steph also prob practices the drill, and other guys first time

  • Yoshiki.G

    Steph has the one supreme quality in shooting that no one ever has till now - Finese. You can shoot with different techniques all you want and they will miss almost half the time but Stephen has been training shooting so much and for so long that no only has he mastered the technique of shoiting in general but he can shoot all types of shotd in all types of situation with different small and detailed technique needed as per required like where he is shooting from and who is he going up againt and the level of mastering shooting that Steph has is with world class shooting technique/form, his shooting fitness and stamina and knowledge with a unique sense of shooting finese that no one ever has. Plus you add his quickness and his handle, jesus what a deadly combo for an nba player or even basketball player in general. *Hands down the best shooter in basketball history we all have ever seen. Period!*

  • Lins Affair 林務局Podcast
    Lins Affair 林務局Podcast

    Anyone who want to be a great shooter should follow that practicing routine, and do as much as we can!!

  • TropicIslandpopartist

    How many of you went out and tried it? Very hard even in an empty gym, let alone with the greatest shooter in history watching

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis

    5:47 "I ain't shooting enough I guess. Damn"

    • Shawn Beck
      Shawn Beck


  • G.O.M.D

    Greatest shooter ever letting the youngins know the work

  • BOPDawg

    They're in a challenge with a man who made 105 consecutive threes for practice. There were a few NBA players in the group but not one tried to help by showing they were qualified to meet the challenge.

  • Kevin Snyder
    Kevin Snyder

    I could easily get five out of seven Teen.

    • Aidan Luke
      Aidan Luke

      @Reface Master 19 out of 7 actually

    • Reface Master
      Reface Master

      I could easily get seven out of seven Flightreacts

    • Kevin Snyder
      Kevin Snyder

      @Down Hill So do tell me, was it more enjoyable the first, or second time enrolled in the third grade? 😂

    • Kevin Snyder
      Kevin Snyder

      @Down Hill damn bro your honesty is commendable. 💯

  • Shea

    None of them followed the simple directions even after watching a long ass demonstration, and none of the coaches corrected them. What is this?

    • M M
      M M

      sheadogg12122 Yeah I feel you in one way, but I think the coaches did it the right way. This drill looks straightforward but it’s extremely mental and takes almost “elite” concentration to finish correctly (just try it!).They knew the kids were at different levels and would struggle through it, but afterwards when everybody calms down you can explain it better and give them all something to focus on next time 💯 But for me, the biggest thing I got out of this video is that Steph Curry is one bad man 😂...kung fu master level of focus

    • Shea

      @M M ok true dat... i don't know though. Just seems like it would have been more effective to just stop the first guy and re-explain than to let them all do it completely wrong and then explain to them the obvious importance of learning to to shoot from different places. I'm mostly just suprised with the players though, and the fact that all of them did it wrong somehow.

    • M M
      M M

      sheadogg12122 if you watched the end, the coach did correct them

  • Jack

    what people don't realize is he has the most efficient shot as -well. The way he is able to rotate his hips gives him a torc in his shot that makes it effortless, his motion and release is pure art.

  • Mitsui Hisashi
    Mitsui Hisashi

    Underrated: He almost had to go back from the last spot, he had 2 makes 2 misses had to make 3 in a row to finish

  • Steffan Burke
    Steffan Burke

    I wanna see Steph's first time ever doing this

  • Go Bucks
    Go Bucks

    Kyrie is my favorite player and I think he's overall a more complete offensive player but as a pure shooter, Curry is the goat. Honorable mention for Reggie Miller and Larry Joe Legend but Curry is a savant. There aren't many other NBA players in history that could do what he did here.