How Many Fans Can An Arrow Go Through?
How Ridiculous
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نظر: 2 541
  • Senmetwo

    Congrats on 10mil, Editor Jack may not have much screen time but if you like theses vids, you gotta give love to Editor Jack

  • Dracolite

    I think you guys should try the 5 blade fans for a part 2 of this video.

  • Smiley DeAssman
    Smiley DeAssman

    Absolutely love the cutaway from Stanford by Editor Jack at

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    He went from 0 to an instant 10 with one perfect throw, that was quite amazing to see in slow motion.

  • Christian Hanson
    Christian Hanson

    Great to see you guys getting your fans involved in your content!

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case

    Thirty years from now I'll be watching you guys continuing your kinetic misadventures! Seriously, it's cool to see you're still going strong after 12 years! That's 850,000 subscribers per year!

  • Katherine Pollock
    Katherine Pollock

    Yes! Perfect timing! I love how Stanford was interrupted a few times, then editor jack made sure that he was interrupted again to show the slowy 😂

  • Red Squirrel
    Red Squirrel

    I was a big fan of this and was blown away by how far some of them went, that was really cool.

  • Christo Espach
    Christo Espach

    Well done editor Jack, classic!!!! Tried explaining to my 5 year old why I cracked up laughing and he just looked at me like I was crazy

  • zaoc


  • boli milda
    boli milda

    Loving these challenges cant wait to see what other objects you come up with, the phantom makes such a difference!

  • Matthew Karl
    Matthew Karl

    You guys make this world a better place, thanks for sticking around.

  • Adam Page
    Adam Page

    Great job boys! Especially Jack for his editing, as always! Still think you should throw objects through walls made of legos!

  • Merry Sweatman
    Merry Sweatman

    In a crazy world you guys are a breath of fresh air! Clean, wholesome fun all the way. Bless you all♥️

  • Ross Fisher
    Ross Fisher

    Just when you’re starting to feel like this content is getting a little bit stale they come up with this gem. Good work! 👍🏼

  • Andrew Clough
    Andrew Clough

    Great Video, When shooting a Recurve bow try canting/tilting the bow to the side a little more, they generally prefer it over being up and down, also just a handy tip to help prevent string slap, bring the arrow back to the corner of your mouth, anything further and you're overdrawing.

  • Cole

    I don’t know how well this would work, but you could make it so that every other fan was turned around so every other one would be spinning in the opposite direction. May add a little razzle dazzle to it. However you’d have to figure out an angle the camera could shoot so the shrapnel doesn’t hit it.

  • Leithym Messer
    Leithym Messer

    I just want to say I have been watching your videos for the longest time and I love how much you guys have progressed over the years!

  • G Venkat
    G Venkat

    Congrats on 10 Million subscribers, Let's give some love to Jack the editor he's the one who edited these awesome and incredible video, And The camera mans deserves to get noticed, People behind the camera often make it best, Very Awesome Videos guys keep going.

  • HarrySolcura

    That cut at