if you ever see this on your car throw it away and RUN! (it's a tracker & you are being followed)
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if you ever see this on your car throw it away and RUN! (it's a tracker & you are being followed)
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  • Janette McKee
    Janette McKee

    If I ever see one I'll make sure to tell my them and my family about this to be safe

    • shuma Begum
      shuma Begum

      It’s fake Ik

    • Makaio lover Melissa Darbyshire
      Makaio lover Melissa Darbyshire

      It's fake 😅 phewwwww

  • Peunn

    There is no way the man didn’t see the drone

  • jessica giraud
    jessica giraud

    the way its always there is kinda suspicious

  • Lucretia Wadsworth
    Lucretia Wadsworth

    these really helped me out i found one on my car no joke

  • Jewell Marable
    Jewell Marable

    I like this dude he warns us and helps us learn he’s awesome

    • kyle lokey
      kyle lokey

      I agree

  • Mason’s Adventures
    Mason’s Adventures

    6:18 “I think you should put the drone up.” 6:20 “I think you should put the drone up!” Stromedy: oh yeahhh let’s put the drone up!!!! Guy in the middle thinking: wtf I said it first.

  • Lewis Hall
    Lewis Hall

    When he said let’s see what’s up it made me laugh because he is flying a Drone and Drones go up

  • Idrk

    if stromedy was in australia i would move to vietnam

  • HollyBerry

    They could’ve called the cops when they had the perfect chance

  • Nina Baybe
    Nina Baybe

    Thank you stromedy like ur helping me out so much in these videos and one more time thanks

    • Matt Gill
      Matt Gill


  • It’s Angel😀
    It’s Angel😀

    It’s so creepy,trackers are that they know where you live and know your address also know your name and know your house looks like also follow you so watch out guys,and everyone.

    • Bruh!

      This already happened to me 😭😭

  • LeahPlaysROBLOX

    How do you lose him you have a somewhat tracker on your car???

  • Jelly Jade
    Jelly Jade

    I saw it under the car at first when you looked under the car.

  • Kimberley Robinson
    Kimberley Robinson

    What is he had a tracker on you for a long time that’s why he keeps following you and he knows where you are

  • namita gupta
    namita gupta

    Stromedy is nothing without his friends

    • Garvin Ali
      Garvin Ali


  • Shindo_player

    Me: this is fake Me again: no joke I found it on my windshield and I told the police

  • Venuja Vethmin Samarakoon
    Venuja Vethmin Samarakoon

    The drone is the true legend

  • It’s Angel😀
    It’s Angel😀

    That guy can know your email address it’s so freaky and creepy

  • OneHungryKid

    Who else noticed the face in the gray white car 7:37

  • Aida Tasovac
    Aida Tasovac

    if you want to know that the car is following you 100% just drive and turn four times in a row and if its still behind you do it again if its still behind you then you know they are following you and maybe tracking you

  • Oliver Naymik
    Oliver Naymik

    *Creep looks directly at drone* Kyle: he hasn’t seen the drone

    • chase knnk
      chase knnk


  • Leah_Chan234

    Stromedy:whenever something is strange the camera comes along Me:when something weird is going on i kunfu karate chop them

  • Fallen _Slayer
    Fallen _Slayer

    I just love how that’s a magnet I have in my house 😂

    • カレブ


    • Ryochi1228

      Same he probably stole it from a house 🤣

    • kissy missy
      kissy missy

      I have one so is this video nonsense

    • Pumpkinpup Plays
      Pumpkinpup Plays


    • Tina_Rex

      I have one to😂

  • Lisa Drake
    Lisa Drake

    I seen the rest on storyfire and they are your 2 great helpers Kyle! Please becareful, doesn't seem to be safe to go home till the police catches the guy.

  • Evan 8 15
    Evan 8 15

    Stromedy: 10 minutes into the vid not calling 911 The stalker: oh look he’s leaving I’m going to follow him

    • jennifer lopez
      jennifer lopez


  • Reich Caleb Cruz
    Reich Caleb Cruz

    1:16 that red car that was park in next house looks like stromedy's old car that was used when the time he was with matt and brandon and david

  • Amie Brooks
    Amie Brooks

    he found the tracker on the car and like 10 seconds later he just totally forgot about it and went straight to one of his new channels..

  • Qais Maree
    Qais Maree

    It’s definitely a tracker I had one on my mom‘s car and someone almost took her

  • Tac

    These are some good skits my man!!

  • Bespin Guard
    Bespin Guard

    I know these are scripted but there so addicting to watch.

    • kris rozell
      kris rozell

      Me too

    • zdzislaw hys
      zdzislaw hys

      @Big Doge same

    • Big Doge
      Big Doge

      That’s my problem aswell 😂😂😂😂

  • Jenny Velez
    Jenny Velez

    Me: *Watches Videos like people breaking into your houses and stuff* Me again: MOM MOM LOOK *TELLS HER ABOUT THESE STUFF* her: I TOLD YOU Me: ...um...

  • Gen and WalPlayz
    Gen and WalPlayz

    6:21 Drone time 😎

    • Adin Durakovic
      Adin Durakovic


  • Reich Caleb Cruz
    Reich Caleb Cruz

    8:58 hahaha i love how andrea it could be paparazzi lol

  • Shadows gang Videos
    Shadows gang Videos

    These bangers are crazy dawg wee need more of this!!!!!


    9:31 the window is open, couldn’t hear the drone

    • Dennis De Guzman
      Dennis De Guzman

      you mean not open

  • Miran Essam
    Miran Essam

    He must have put the tracker because how does he know where you are

  • Steve Brokman
    Steve Brokman

    Drive the tracker to the police station!

  • Theodore Dorrance
    Theodore Dorrance

    Guys you need to when he starts following you just called the cops because once you do that you won't know then you'll pull to your house and then you won't even know until the government turned off the sirens so you won't know and just have them pull up behind him

  • SomeAussieArtist

    This guy is the reason my life is safe.

    • Abigail Bean
      Abigail Bean

      Yeah your right 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Ayushbc222

    Dude why does everything happens in your neighborhood, in my neighborhood not even a single candy was robbed 😑

  • Elizabeth Malfitano
    Elizabeth Malfitano

    thank you for filming this

    • Shauna Mccann
      Shauna Mccann

      Yeah you are right

  • Payton Crane
    Payton Crane

    he wasnt wearing a mask i saw his face a bit coz he looked at the drone 9:30

  • DarkClips

    Well atleast he tried to make it look real but kinda failed.

  • Kayla

    Just gonna say during the second part I was shaking my heart was beating like God I was scared he was gonna catch you guys!

    • Kim Crossan
      Kim Crossan

      Same lol


      I've watched this a lot of times But I never download storyfire But now I did And I'm about to search up his name To see the second part

  • BlazeBeast6546

    Did he just say fuel line things😂😂😂😂.I thought it was called an exhaust

    • layken Greenwood
      layken Greenwood


    • BWP outdoors & games
      BWP outdoors & games

      I thought that parts a muffler

  • _Derpy~twins_

    I've Seen That On My Car AND IT'S A TRACKER!? :O

  • _Derpy~twins_

    I've Seen That On My Car AND IT'S A TRACKER!? :O

  • gacha• skulls•
    gacha• skulls•

    like......everyone: theres gonna be one on kyles car

  • Ruka Kobayashi
    Ruka Kobayashi

    i can't wait for part 2 Stromedy I am so excited to see part 2 !

  • Caira Fox
    Caira Fox

    Those are magnets that are always in my class🤦‍♀️

  • Yeng Cajayon
    Yeng Cajayon

    i will not throw it away, i would put it on a street pole and put a paper "You fell for it"

    • KLEE


  • Rasydah Aisyah
    Rasydah Aisyah

    Hi, I really like the content you make, I watch it every day because it's fun

  • ꧁ Toxic Gacha ꧂
    ꧁ Toxic Gacha ꧂

    I love this video!

  • Melissa Mendoza
    Melissa Mendoza

    "you don't want him seeing us" what about the camera

    • Danny Nevels
      Danny Nevels

      Why you need to go trekking back down does it sound fair to you

    • Dorothy Garcia
      Dorothy Garcia

      Melissa Mendoza who ever is watching him is going to see his arm sticking out with the camera 🎥

  • Polo Boy💯
    Polo Boy💯

    if that dude was stalking him he would've hit them

    • chris carter
      chris carter


    • Noah Aylett
      Noah Aylett


  • Happy Helen brook
    Happy Helen brook

    Somebody selling a house:so somebody died here and it is a really weird nabborhood*i can not spell*and it is hanted Stromedy: perfect

  • Gavin Wardley
    Gavin Wardley

    I thought you can put the tracker on his car and then track him

    • Jody Van-handel
      Jody Van-handel

      Good idea

  • Betty Gerling
    Betty Gerling

    I love you’re videos and o love it because I’m sick and I can just watch you while I just relax

  • AzAhLeA

    Kyle: Come On Follow me around the side of the house so we can get a better signal. Me: Watches all of his drone vids and sees he's way further away and does not complain about the signal. That's just what I noticed. Stay Home Stay Safe Stromedy squad.

  • Lauren Stogner
    Lauren Stogner

    This is crazy why would someone put a tracker on someones car

  • Wil Smith
    Wil Smith

    I love all your videos please keep on making them and never stop

    • will smith
      will smith

      Hello brother

  • Elias Abuaita
    Elias Abuaita

    Hi Im new and thanks to teaching me Important stuff And watch out for these things

  • Carina Amoyo
    Carina Amoyo

    My grandmother lives on Canada right now but idk where!Hope you guys are safe Stromedy!

  • Finn G
    Finn G

    Dude that’s a magnet its on the side of my desk at school for a bag with books in it

  • Robby Cox as BRUCE WAYNE
    Robby Cox as BRUCE WAYNE

    Get this guy out of the car and get the cops called to take him to jail…/

  • Charlize world
    Charlize world

    Thanks for letting us know because I have one on my car

  • Scarlett Hess
    Scarlett Hess

    I am gonna ask my mom and dad to see if we can go to Canada to get a break I hope I run in to you

  • dave porter
    dave porter

    Thanks for helping us know if that ever happened

    • Kayla Gray
      Kayla Gray

      It’s not real those are everywhere it’s in classrooms

    • alexa campbell
      alexa campbell


    • alexa campbell
      alexa campbell

      Hisolaw Oaow Ae

  • yobani guerra
    yobani guerra

    You should have taken the tracker to the police station, then he would arrive there.

  • NBD 1117
    NBD 1117

    I know this is fake but it’s still fun to watch

  • Shayla Rose Gutierrez
    Shayla Rose Gutierrez

    I found that “antenna” was on my car I took it off

  • Monica Lund-Molfese
    Monica Lund-Molfese

    Alr i think if they were spying on them they would've seen the drone

  • Hypno

    Are we all just gonna forget the fact that it’s a “tracker” and he said go check your car at his HOUSE???????? They put a “tracker” on his car at his house😂😂

    • Natalie Douglas
      Natalie Douglas

      It’s literally a magnetic clothing hook lmao

    • James Lager
      James Lager

      I know right

    • Txsla

      Lol big brain hacker move 777IQ

    • Turbowolf10


  • Boscostick 1511
    Boscostick 1511

    It’s a magnet mostly used for magnet fishing smh

  • Epik Kman
    Epik Kman

    I’m going to go check my dad’s car in my moms car right now

  • Leah wager
    Leah wager

    Imagine the stalker glued the tracker on your 🚙

    • Jody Van-handel
      Jody Van-handel

      O_O I do not want that to happen

  • nina haw
    nina haw

    why does it always say "Run away fast!"

  • Mohammed Bin Sadiq
    Mohammed Bin Sadiq

    i don't know how every trap is coming to stromedy

    • Steve Tag
      Steve Tag

      Cause its fake

    • LaGabbyBubbles

      Mohammed Bin Sadiq Maybe because it’s acted?


    Fun face: the tracker might be a subscriber

  • Blue strawberry plays
    Blue strawberry plays

    So that why I never find part 2… 😂