Where Is LIANGELO BALL Now In 2019? | Is His Basketball CAREER Over?
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Seeing that he went undrafted and wasn't even picked up by a summer league team, that feat in itself didn't all of a sudden make him one and done NBA material,, it did show however that he could play in respectable leagues overseas and maybe get more serious NBA looks in the distant future. However, since missing out on the NBA, everything Gelo could’ve done to hurt derails his draft stock further he has done. While he dominated the JBA League, averaging 50 a game, winning finals MVP and a championship, the league wasn’t on exactly something scouts paid any attention too. After the summer was when things really began to go downhill, , instead of returning to an established pro league and building on his success in Lithuania or followed the numerous JBA players that he’d just dominated at G-League open tryouts, Gelo joined the JBA tour to and played exhibition games against low-level European teams. Not too long after the JBA team faced the London Lions, a game I was in attendance for a link can be found down below. Lamelo announced his return to high school basketball and shortly after the tour was disbanded. When news broke about Melo’s move to Spire, the focus for LiAngelo had shifted towards making the G-League, and that was the last we’d really heard of him. With him only ever being seen outside with Lavar at Spire games, many people began to theorize that he might’ve packed in basketball altogether.
There was a story that came out this week, one I saw all over my comments that LiAngelo had in fact signed with Sacramento's G-League affiliate the Stockton Kings. Upon hearing the news I contacted some of my sources close to the family, who confirmed that this was fake news. I followed up that with some questions asking for an update, I was told that the BBB camp is tight-lipped on Gelo right now, and there is nothing to report concerning him. I then asked if we can expect a return to basketball within the near future, to which I was told basketball is still in the works, nothing has yet to change in that regard and that LiAngelo is still preparing for an opportunity with an NBA team. My final question was can we expect a return to organized basketball this year, to which I was told yes we can.
It’s been close to 2 months now, and there hasn’t been any sign of Gelo returning to pro basketball. While a couple of months without playing isn’t going to destroy his career completely, For Gelo since leaving high school things just continue taking a turn for the worst. He’s basically been used as a complementary side piece to his more popular brothers wherever he’s been, it was well predicted but the NBA or bust mentality was setting him up for failure. Gelo’s best hope to make it to the league was staying all years in college. I think the longer time goes on the morn and more they’ll regret the decision to withdraw from UCLA. Because while he wouldn’t have played last season, he’d have been back now as an improved sophomore with a further 3 years left on his scholarship. Playing for one of the top programmes in the country as one of the highest levels of basketball, Right now he’s sitting out anyway the same way he would’ve last season, this goes around without college eligibility to fall back on, or a clear path to get where he wants to be. This absence does whatever NBA stock he had left no favors, going off the radar completely is the worst thing that could’ve happened for his chances and that’s exactly what we’re witnessing right now. I’m still of the belief that had Gelo tried out for the G-League fall 2018 with the rest of the JBA guys, he’d be playing the G-League right now. Instead, he is where he is now, with a future clouded with uncertainty. Gelo really dropped the ball in September by choosing to not attend NBA G League public tryouts, and instead opting to play exhibition games against fourth-rate European clubs on the JBA USA tour. Gelo’s His career-related decisions have seemed to revolve around better marketing his family and making them more exciting to follow, rather than having success in professional basketball.

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  • DKM

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    • Joseph Fraire
      Joseph Fraire

      DKM shooters keep shooting. Keep his ass is a gym. Get that shot silky smooth. I hope for his sake he gets some where. Talent is talent Man can play ball. It’s fucked up what’s happening but it’s tough shit. Can teach height and can’t teach shooting really. And if you sale you can then why everybody in need the league not shooting at least 50%. Keep shooting watch the ball go thru the net

    • Ginger Spice
      Ginger Spice

      I don't have Instagram I might get it tho so if I do I'll follow you

  • Ronaldofan788

    I honestly think Gelo shouldn’t have left UCLA

    • Anxiety_Astro

      @NaySay Network for your info he didn't get dropped out he got suspended for hole season so your the idiot he could of stayed and served his suspension but his dad took him out. stupid.

    • Point God
      Point God

      NaySay Network Where have you read that they dropped Gelo Imao

    • 22

      NaySay Network bet you feeling dummy

    • Think Last
      Think Last

      He was forced

    • Dante Franklin
      Dante Franklin

      He was put out

  • YNG Carp
    YNG Carp

    I wanna see Gelo succeed so badly

    • 18thletter 82
      18thletter 82

      @Batman And Robin your bball knowledge is the size of a grain of sand.

    • 18thletter 82
      18thletter 82

      Young Crappy

    • Rita boateng
      Rita boateng

      Young Carpy yep

    • YNG Carp
      YNG Carp

      War Machine That ain’t right bro

    • Barstool Blues
      Barstool Blues

      @KireyIrving Exactly. It's hilarious how delusional Lavar has made some of these cats. LiAngelo has no business in the G league much less the NBA.

  • Chad Devon
    Chad Devon

    Its sad that all Gelo had to do was tell LaVar that he wanted to sit out the rest of last season and serve his suspension. I mean he didnt have no excuse not to stand up to him and make his own decision since he was 19 aka an adult. Its also sad that the other 2 guys that were caught with him Cody Riley & Jalen Hill are getting playing time this year since UCLA has injures. Gelo could be playing now smh!

    • Dante Franklin
      Dante Franklin

      Fuck that kiss no ass!

    • Chad Devon
      Chad Devon

      @A Wynn Facts! Its his own fault 💯

    • A Wynn
      A Wynn

      he could have told his Dad "no". Melo, made a smart move to go back to HS. Gelo should have been making good decisions too. Why the HECK did he NOT try out for the G-league?? That's the crazy part. His 2 biggest mistakes were stealing and snubbing the g-league.

    • Chad Devon
      Chad Devon

      @Angel Jaramillo agreed!

    • Angel Jaramillo
      Angel Jaramillo

      Middle child syndrome, gelo to me seems the most passive and type to follow what his daddy says

  • Unknown

    The moment he left UCLA his career was over.

    • Monsieur Condottiero
      Monsieur Condottiero

      ovichamp - I wonder if he thinks about this when he’s up late at night. Stealing those sunglasses literally ruined his whole life.

  • Veego von DOOM- Reviews!
    Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

    Gelo failed himself. Stealing those glasses change the whole course of his life. Lavar had nothing to do with it.

    • Leslie

      stealing what glasses? what?

    • ISlimeYewOut

      Thank you

    • Veego von DOOM- Reviews!
      Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

      @davorka strumberger real talk.

    • davorka strumberger
      davorka strumberger

      DOOM the goat

    • Muggy


  • Da Kid Gowie
    Da Kid Gowie

    Can't blame LaVar for Gelo's journey. Stealing in China is responsible for all of this. Had that not happened, he'd probably still be at UCLA. I don't think Gelo will ever be NBA ready, but he can definitely have a great career overseas.

    • Judah Mourn
      Judah Mourn

      Da Kid Gowie if lamelo would've stole his chances of being NBA bound would still be very good

    • Malik Garrett
      Malik Garrett

      Stealing was Gelo's mistake. But all the other bad choices were Lavar's.

    • Jeremy Pryce
      Jeremy Pryce

      Not sure about a great career, but he has proven he can get a game.

    • Norman Foote II
      Norman Foote II

      As much as LaVar helped them in life, he's held them back as well by pulling them out of competitions/situations when he doesn't get his way. And I don't know if you've watched their FB show, but them kids are terrified of him man. When he lays into them for their missteps, it cuts deep. I'm not saying he shouldn't get on them, but you can see it breaks them every time. Gelo been looking like the weakest link of the 3 sons, so it's probably best to keep him in some type of program instead of bouncing him around grasping for straws.

    • Boyabob

      @BatDad2399 he got suspension from what?

  • TrE Brown
    TrE Brown

    Send Gelo to the League, he deserves a chance to prove his worth ✊🏾

  • WarriorsVSTheWorld

    The hate for LiAngelo is incredible. I hope he succeeds if only to prove these people wrong. He will too...

  • Javier Reta
    Javier Reta

    Well stated DKM. You don’t sugarcoat anything nor criticize others. You just say it how it is and what you truly feel about the situation. I wish it was like that with the media

  • Deividas Klimkevičius
    Deividas Klimkevičius

    He should’ve stayed in Lithuania. The team, coach and players liked him and he could’ve won the LKL MVP in the next season too.

    • Jeremy Pryce
      Jeremy Pryce

      Deividas, really?!? LKL MVP?!? I think that´s a stretch, but you live there and have probably seen more games than I have, so I´ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

  • TrickNPlay

    Liangelo needs to either go overseas or suit up in football pads.

    • Kevin Flowers
      Kevin Flowers

      Gelo has a worst chance of making the nfl than he does the nba and him making the nba is super slim. I think we both know he isn't going to be down for playing in the CFL or any other league to prove himself in football and that's assuming he is even lucky enough to get on a team.

    • TrickNPlay

      AJ Jones don’t respond to that dipshit.

    • TrickNPlay

      @Kevin Flowers No one said it was easy JACKASS.

    • AJ Jones
      AJ Jones

      @Kevin Flowers he could still try lmao

    • Kevin Flowers
      Kevin Flowers

      you think its that easy to make the NFL?

  • B Kelly
    B Kelly

    Bruh I really want him to get a chance

    • ISlimeYewOut

      I dont just I just hope melo does

    • cinnaminson 06
      cinnaminson 06

      @K06E he was actually good in lithuania. he is not an nba player but he was better than melo in lithuania

    • CM

      @Will Peck it's actually about developing talent, which is different than giving someone a chance. They identify talent, bring it in, try to get it to the point it can contribute on a NBA roster. There are a TON of steps before that, that's basically what scouts get paid to do.

    • Gail Marie
      Gail Marie

      @Bryant Bee, Exactly. G League players too. 30 teams didn't even offer a SL spot. Why people think U sign to give a chance at the NBA level is crazy.

    • K06E

      You bum accept that he’s just a recreational player nothing more. He was even a bum in Lithuania

  • Louis Nevers
    Louis Nevers

    He is 100% good enough for the NBA, even if it's off the bench. It's just the celebrity aspect that makes him not desirable.

  • Iam Adrian
    Iam Adrian

    He would do decent in the more team oriented Euro League

  • SleazeTime

    42% from the 3? You know how hard that is props to him

  • Jay

    Could’ve stayed at UCLA for 4 years but he let lavar run his life that was dumb and melo should’ve just transferred straight to spire from chino

    • Yrnjdub

      Jay he got kicked out I think

    • FZ

      @0 Subscribers Without any vids hell no

    • Jay

      0 Subscribers Without any vids no he wouldn’t 😂

    • 0 Subscribers Without any vids
      0 Subscribers Without any vids

      @Winston S yea he would hace got drafted as a late 2nd round pick if he stayed 2 yrs

    • Winston S
      Winston S

      He ruined his own life

  • Liberty Loving Libertarian
    Liberty Loving Libertarian

    I like Gelo. I think he should have stopped listening to his Dad a while ago. Leaving UCLA was a HORRIBLE decision. Leaving UCLA made it look like he was not interested in serving his punishment for shoplifting, not to mention that it took him out of the spotlight. If I was Liangelo I would immediately do the following: 1. Get in contact with Mac McClung and Jordan Kilagon and find out exactly what kind of workout those white boys have been doing to be able to jump so high. Liangelo is 6'6" but it looks like he can barely dunk the basketball. 2. I would study the game tapes of Luka Doncic EVERY DAY and pattern my game after his. Luka is only 1 inch taller and is also not all that athletic but is very effective and definitely gets the job done. 3. He needs to play point guard, so he needs to spend the majority of his time improving his ball handling and 3 point shot (especially his step back shot) 4. He needs to try super hard to get on with a G league team. If that doesn't work out then he needs to go back overseas and get onto a good euro league team AND WORK HIS ASS OFF! I would also study the tapes of the best defensive players in the world. He has to become an animal on the basketball floor: getting into peoples faces, diving for loose balls, dunking over people, crashing the boards etc. All 3 brothers seem like they are kinda lazy sometimes while playing. Almost like they are not trying that hard.

    • 2004mojo

      Your response makes me think their father has made the game not fun for them.

    • Ex Cossack
      Ex Cossack

      @sports fan. Yes I have played in college and against numerous NBA players. He is not a PG at all. His entire life he’s played bully ball and mixed in some jump shots. He’s a high school 4 man that’s severely undersized. Hasn’t worked for anything in his life, it’s all been given to him and he never heard the word no from anybody. His family has made terrible decisions for him and his future. Basically if he wants to continue playing ball anywhere but in his dad fake league, he needs to go play at the lowest level possible in Europe. Even then he won’t be playing anywhere in 5 years but open run at his local gym.

    • Ex Cossack
      Ex Cossack

      You had me until you said he needs to emulate Luka and play PG. You can’t be serious the kid is a linebacker trying to play the 2. He has zero basketball IQ why would anybody put him as a PG. This comment is laughable in every way.


      You should email this to lavar.. sounds like you have it figured out.. you must be in the nba?

    • Angel Jaramillo
      Angel Jaramillo

      If he doesn’t have it, he doesn’t have it. The reality is he is nowhere near as athletic as his other two brothers. He looks lazy, even when he is running for a lay up. Factor him making the dumbest mistake of his entire career (stealing), on a team he is already in thin ice with, and it’s like he hammered his last nail in his coffin. He could’ve developed further in a top program that produced multiple NBA players and MAYBE gotten into the league, but he screwed it.

  • kyyhitta

    i can’t wait for all these doubters shut up when gelo goes to the league . he needs to work on a lot of things and has done a lot of mistakes. but his work ethic is great. he’s gonna make a come back mark my words.

  • Muse Russell23
    Muse Russell23

    Gelo along with Lavar really ruined his basketball career. He was a 6th man on ucla as a freshman, he then got himself suspended from the team for stealing, dropped out leaving 3 years of top d1 competition behind, after lkl instead of moving to greater competition he went to even worse competition. He went from serious avenues to non serious ones

  • Nlcksphere

    Thanks! I came here to figure out where he was as the title clearly says but I learned that you think he has a chance to play professionally over seas !! Thank you! I hope you can reach your goal of getting less than 3% of your subscribers to like your next video...

  • The Fields Bros
    The Fields Bros

    Gelo should be in the NBA he gotta keep working hard. His time WILL come!

  • Mete Gokalp
    Mete Gokalp

    He shouldn’t have left ucla. That was his best chance to improve his basketball and show himself to the scouts. He will probably play overseas for few seasons, won’t achieve any major succes and quit basketball.

  • Phips Deus
    Phips Deus

    Honestly, Gelo should just play football. He would be an amazing tight end!!

  • Yûng Dream
    Yûng Dream

    He was going to be your prototypical stretch 4 or point forward in the NBA Gelo has the talent. That UCLA situation fucked him over big time

  • Aaron.

    He might be good enough for G league doubt it when people like Grayson Allen play g league minutes

    • Kieran Dickerson
      Kieran Dickerson

      @S. Strong I guess we'll never know but I think had he stayed in college and developed his game for say 3 seasons he could have probably made it. Look at the numbers he put up in highschool, plus in preseason he looked good. Also I'm not talking about him getting a call up just staying in the G league at this point. John Stockton's son played G league and he isn't that athletic.

    • S. Strong
      S. Strong

      Bball Biopic look at the guys that go off in the G League, they’re either college stars or athletic freaks. Gelo could be a solid college role player idk what else.

    • Kieran Dickerson
      Kieran Dickerson

      Yeah but that's a top end G league player. Gelo can still hang with the average G league player I think.

    • S. Strong
      S. Strong

      Skyprin not true giannis’ brother Kostas was picked with the last pick and he’s already seeing time on the mavs roster. You’re delusional if you think gelo should’ve been drafted. He didn’t play any college ball and has no athleticism. Some 5 star guys don’t even get drafted and gelo has showed absolutely nothing to point to him being a viable NBA player. If he wasn’t a Ball no one would even know who he is.

    • Tay Boogie
      Tay Boogie

      Skyprin Gelo isn’t better than anybody that got drafted. Sorry.

  • Yishaii Dreamer
    Yishaii Dreamer

    Gelo is somewhere stealing something. GOAT!

    • iKalebTV

      you still making 2017 jokes GOAT!

  • 225huncho✓

    Gelo would be a beast in the g-league💪🏾🔥💪🏾🔥

  • Play That Again Bruh
    Play That Again Bruh

    I kinda feel bad for Liangelo because like most people I said he should've stayed at UCLA...Take your lumps as a man show contrition and ball out the next year. He should've stayed until he was at least a Junior when Melo would've been there with him.. Sadly the the whole euro thing was just filler and content for the reality show. There is no way you can say playing those lower level teams was making ANYONE other than a 16 yr old Melo better

    • Barstool Blues
      Barstool Blues

      LiAngelo was only ever even at UCLA because it was part of the deal for Lonzo to go there. He was never going to get any real time as he wasn't good enough. He's never been good enough.

  • Infinity Mixtapes
    Infinity Mixtapes

    Gelo should’ve just taken the suspension. He could’ve been playing right now smh

  • Nico Rocha
    Nico Rocha

    Spot on analysis for Gelo, DKM!

  • Game Time 572
    Game Time 572

    He needs to make peace with UCLA and work and getting back to the superstar level

  • WildYoungC

    Gelo's gonna make a big comeback


    Videos are always on point my bro 👊🏾

  • Brian Christopher
    Brian Christopher

    It’s gotta be tough being Gelo. His older brother AND his younger brother are both stars! I like Gelo but he’s definitely the forgotten one out of the ball brothers...

  • Evan Ollen
    Evan Ollen

    Honestly I think gelo never had what it takes he just got forced through it because of his dad and brothers

  • Charles Colemon
    Charles Colemon

    Gelo might be knocking down 3's for Lebron and Kawhi/Kyrie on the Lakers next season, on a 2way contract.

  • Terry Jennings
    Terry Jennings

    I didn’t know he could’ve played, I was thinking they meant he was suspended forever, I would’ve stayed if I was him

  • Danny

    if you didn't know already, and if your interested, ball in the family puts out a episode a week on facebook

  • Jabronylin43

    There was people that actually thought liangelo was going to get drafted 😂😂😂

  • Leslie Duckworth
    Leslie Duckworth

    Im still rooting for him hopes he finds a basketball home

  • Rita boateng
    Rita boateng

    I love this guy so much but there is one thing that’s pulling him back is the lack of respect which no one is talking about. So is really humble gelo is humble as well but when u look at him he thinks he’s way better than those who got drafted and no doubt he is but “RESPECT “ is the key to success

  • peter bravestrong
    peter bravestrong

    I agree with griffs comment.. lamelo will be leverage to pull gelo as a package deal for a g league team... that's why the focus is on him. teams are going to want him... he's better than lonzo already

  • L M
    L M

    Also in the JBA 3 point shootout he recorded an 8 at a UCLA 3 point shootout he recorded a 5 with 3 air balls I honestly think Shaq would have done better. Every single one of his UCLA teammates out shot him including the centers maybe we should give them all a chance at the NBA as "3 and D" guys lol.

  • Trent Knight
    Trent Knight

    Keep The Faith Always Gelo

  • Charles Webster Jr.
    Charles Webster Jr.

    He will not be a superstar or a starter type player in the NBA, but probably a good utility player off coming off the bench and giving production .

  • Ball is LIfe
    Ball is LIfe

    Stealing was dumb, but everyone deserves a second chance I believe

  • John S
    John S

    He’s probably training for G league open tryouts next season

  • Brommiesfour Nicolas
    Brommiesfour Nicolas

    Lavar should've just sent him to a JUCO for a year and then transfer to a better D1 school

    • Phuc Yu
      Phuc Yu

      last chance u b ball edition

  • Huracan

    This dude puttin out straight fire vids back 2 back.

    • Huracan

      @Nlcksphere So you're telling me you're on youtube only for educational purposes? Bruh, stop trippin. The fact that you enjoy someones content does not mean that it is supposed to educate you on something.

    • Nlcksphere

      Huracan what’d you learn

    • Huracan

      @csyd22 Hahahaha ay I enjoy his content, dunno bout you.

    • csyd22

      This fucker got paid to comment this

    • Batman And Robin
      Batman And Robin

      Samuel Fei-Jie Lim LMAO💀😭

  • Mario Drake
    Mario Drake

    I feel LaVar did a lot of damage to his sons. I feel bad for Gelo, but he boxed himself being in the limelight and hype. Honestly? Gelo may fall in the ranks of fallen stars like the names of Lenny Cooke (claims he was better than LeBron James); Shea Cotton; Koreleone Young; and a list of others.

  • Jacob Pico
    Jacob Pico

    I’m actually from Stockton, I’d be hyped if liangelo joined the G league team

  • Web Design Giants
    Web Design Giants

    Lavar did indeed predict that Gelo would be the one that wouldn't make it into the NBA if any of them didn't so this may be just reality catching up with the prediction. This is the year that the G League is going to let prospective pros make top dollar on their way to the league, and Liangelo is definitely a box office lure. If he and Melo can't get into college, then both of them in the G league next season as a 1-2 punch may be a possibility. Gelo is just going to have to keep himself in tip top shape, study how to play lockdown defense, get better handles and learn how to become a mid range monster. If he can do these things and make it into the G League, then his NBA future may be quite possible and bright. Some team would pick him up, like Sacramento or another struggling team in need of a box office boost, which he initially would definitely provide. Melo is probably going to go to college and play in a big program. Once his eligibility is officially ruled on, the offer floodgates will open. His path to the NBA will be made clearer with time. Worst case, he can always play in the G League for that 1 year and then go pro after improving his game, playing defense and bulking up for the league. Say: free agent. I'd love to see Lonzo with the Bulls. Kris Dunn is a sad point guard that can't make his team win, but Lonzo would have a lot to work with in Chi: Lauri Markkanen, Zach Levine, Dunn, Wendell Carter Jr. Bobby Portis, etc. would eat up his passes for easy baskets. In addition, the Bulls are still in the running for Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish and the other college talent oozing out of next year's draft. The Bulls are a team in need of a floor general, and Lonzo isn't meeting the lofty expectations set for him in L.A.. Lebron needs to win ASAP. His groin injury proves that he's no longer seemingly invincible and is no spring chicken, and the window is just starting to close on a long illustrious career that might end with him being the all-time leading scorer ever by the time he finishes this 4-year contract with L.A. Methinks that he's waiting for Bronny to grow up so they can make history and play together/against each other and he may also rejoin Cleveland for old time's sake if the owner thaws on him. A 22-year career is probably going to be it for him.

  • 407scotty

    He needs to go to a European team

  • Michael Gomez
    Michael Gomez

    Gelo is actually a really good all around ball Player

  • James

    3-4 years at UCLA would have been great for him. Sucks what happened with him.

  • Scott Sommers
    Scott Sommers

    He could play overseas if he really wanted too. Probably doesn’t want to move away from family. He will do well in whatever path he takes anyway.

  • Dennis Blunt
    Dennis Blunt

    Signing him, even as a reserve, wouldn't be worth the headache of having to deal with his father. His talent does not outweigh that headache.

  • Bernard Wilson
    Bernard Wilson

    Its a shame they really don't think this guy can be a "3 & D" type of player in the league. You're telling me there isn't a single bench spot open for him?

    • nickscap

      Gail Marie Then who the fuck is gonna be on the bench dipshit

    • Sure Five
      Sure Five

      Maybe, but why would you sign this thief dude with a loudmouth father when you can get better players? Damn near every player in the NBA is better than this kid at basketball.

    • Andrew Yarosh
      Andrew Yarosh

      Bernard Wilson You can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn.

    • Andrew Yarosh
      Andrew Yarosh

      You do know “D” stands for “defense,” right? When have you ever seen him play defense.

    • L M
      L M

      It's hard to be a 3 and D player in the NBA if you can't shoot and can't play defense

  • KJEN

    Melo will be the best ball brother at the end of the day 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jonathan Chen
    Jonathan Chen

    if the dude gets more fit like harden/julius randle transformation and also gets lessons from lethal shooter, he'll probably get a chance to be on same team as lonzo(if they trade him to another team)

  • LadyHulkX

    just subscribed, def loooking forward more!!

  • Moonroof

    rooting for him!!

  • Squidhood Tentacuz
    Squidhood Tentacuz

    Gelo's only chance of making the NBA is through the G-League. He needs to tryout next year, and stand out. He gotta ball out on whatever G-League squad. If he fails to make a team or flops on a team, it's pretty much over.

  • SheLovesDeku

    He had a chance to attend the G Leagues open tryouts and instead he decided to go play in a league meant for teenagers. He had the perfect opportunity and didn’t go after it

  • Pointer Ryan
    Pointer Ryan

    He gonna be hof all time steals leader when he goes to the NBA

  • Rico Styles
    Rico Styles

    starts at 2:52

  • Nitrio55

    Always putting up fire videos

  • Charles Colemon
    Charles Colemon

    Dayum!!! He called Gelo a "side piece..." The disrespect is REAL!!!

  • Jared Banks
    Jared Banks

    He should've been in those UCLA runs with all the pros over the summer. It was a ton of pro/NBA scouts out there watching. It's obvious he doesn't want it bad enough. I would be in the gym nonstop and trying to get my game seen. All that time wasted in the JBA didn't do him any good at all.

  • Triggy McTrigger
    Triggy McTrigger

    He will probably steal shoes from lockers in the nba

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C

    If lavar didnt take him out of college ball, he would have been playing in an nba team right now

  • CODY

    He should try to get into the NBL (National basketball league, Australian basketball league)

  • Signurture

    I feel like Gelo and Lonzo wouldve been better football players. Lonzo being a quarterback bc his passing is his best attribute.

  • Almighty

    He shouldn’t have left UCLA 🤦‍♂️

  • Lu Bucks
    Lu Bucks

    Golden state should pick him up just because 😭😭

  • Mr Kts
    Mr Kts

    The stealing and the suspension sealed his carrier. Period. On top of his issues he is maybe not as good as it is required for NBA. I think he will never make it in NBA.

  • Lil Cob
    Lil Cob

    I see LaMelo not being eligible for NCAA basketball, and going to the G-League, and forcing which ever team he plays for to sign Gelo, then we can just see how Gelo performs there

    • money bag
      money bag

      @J Z but you're right. he uses Zo's money every chance he gets. zo bought that 5 million dollar mansion and supplied the JBA boys with their checks. He even bought those 10 new Cadillacs for the JBA teams

    • money bag
      money bag

      @J Z well zo drove a G wagon in high school and those cars are $200,000 plus gelo had a nice BMW so they had to have some kind of money.

    • patrick richards
      patrick richards

      @ben1ben2ben1 ..Yep I believe I'm 2007 or 08 LeBron got the Cavs to bring his best friend onto the G league and didn't make it past that .. it took LeBron years to make that happen and his buddy could ball (PG) ...Melo nor Lonzo has LeBron type say so

    • Lil Cob
      Lil Cob

      ben1ben2ben1 Gelo just didn’t get the good genes lol

    • ben1ben2ben1

      @Lil Cob LOL i don't think any of the Ball brothers besides Lonzo will ever work hard. Gelo especially. The guy is built like a tank and never grabs a rebound lol

  • Max Manzo
    Max Manzo

    OKC blue needs to sign Liangelo

  • BryBry

    If Gelo didnt steal those glasses he would've been in the NBA now on god

  • Rickee Lang
    Rickee Lang

    He will eventually make it. Wait and see

  • ismalali

    He doesn’t seem to have quite as much bounce as his other brothers or the lankiness, but he seems in great shape, a good player & the only one of the brothers with a proper shot form. When he stole those purses 👛 from China, his interview seemed to be all about his ‘horrible’ short experience while being detained and not at all about the inconvenience he caused the store owners or anyone else who’s time and resources were used up all because of his thirst to play dress up. Organizations see that and don’t want a selfish guy on their squad with a ‘ME’ (& my purse) mentality.

  • Jay Rambo
    Jay Rambo

    Sad to say but he should of stayed with UCLA. Out of all 3 brothers he has the nicest n a normal jump shot. His athleticism is questionable but four years of division one basketball could of landed him a possible spot in the nba. As time passes by he will become irrelevant unfortunately. Maybe sign overseas at this point.

  • George Quiroz
    George Quiroz

    Career ruined over some Sunglasses. Man he was young and made a poor choice. They should give him another chance.

  • Rocky Nguyen
    Rocky Nguyen

    High school, college, league. Could’ve been that simple.

  • ZizouShifty

    Liangelo should have been grateful that UCLA would even let him come back after what he did. Should have taken his suspension and played the next year.


    he should try football, maybe tight end or something. there've been several ncaa basketball players that made the transition and played NFL

    • KB13

      Yeah because they were athletic. Gelo not so much.

  • CoWpoKe363

    I think gelo can be a Kyle korver type player.

  • D World
    D World

    Gelo's primary problem isn't his game, it is his dad. Gelo simply doesn't have sufficient talent for any NBA team to deal with the issues that come with his Dad. His best bet is to grind on some overseas teams for a few years and work in a look from an NBA team. Whatever package deal the Lakers sign, rest assured that offloading Lonzo will be part of the package.

  • Dee Hines
    Dee Hines

    Gelo's future in basketball is basically what happens if you could fail in China during 2k19

  • Anjelo Jingco
    Anjelo Jingco

    Someone give this kid a chance man

  • 7th Alchemist
    7th Alchemist

    When he first said he was leaving UCLA I said he was dumb af. Lavar truly has a false sense of reality. I know he tries to be optimistic and positive but be needs to be real about their impact and influence. Melo was smart going back to school, I think he knew the JBA wasn’t going to take off. And if Zo was smart he’d link with that Lethal shooter guy and work on his game before he gets traded

  • laker face
    laker face

    Gelo should play tight end,I would start training now

    • ben1ben2ben1

      @Xae HAHA thats the point. We don't know anything about his football playing. If he was any good there would be SOMETHING on him. Gelo is a pussy. He is the biggest and strongest of his brothers, but is BY FAR the worst rebounder because he is scared to play a tough game.

    • Xae

      @ben1ben2ben1 and he said that before the nba draft was even close

    • Xae

      @ben1ben2ben1 we dont even know when he played....so we don't know anything about it...and mabye not the nba but unlike you he will actually have a basketball career...and what! Get in traffic..really half of his points come from the lane...soooo what are u talking about

    • ben1ben2ben1

      @Xae Obviously he will say that. He is not going to make the NBA, so its his excuse. He was on no one's radar. Not even ranked or scouted in football. Gelo won't even get in traffic and grab a rebound in basketball. No chance he is tough enough to be good at football

    • Xae

      @ben1ben2ben1 how?...he admitted that he was better at football

  • Time Killer
    Time Killer

    he needs to play tight end!!!!!!

  • Tony iam God
    Tony iam God

    Gelo is the best ball bro he need to be signed to the timerwolves or pacers

  • David Whitehouse
    David Whitehouse

    Choice publicity and fame; likes over a being a professional baller. Caught in the hype. Best of luck to him.

  • zachisloco

    Wait???? Isn’t this the guy who lead the the league in steals last year!?!

  • Ben Godwin
    Ben Godwin

    Honestly why didn’t lavar try to breed gelo in to a football player, like he has football size, his dad played football, he clearly has a work ethic. Mans should have played football throughout high school instead of basketball

  • Flux Capacitor
    Flux Capacitor

    He’s working at footlocker In Ontario mills mall.

  • Steve Stiffler
    Steve Stiffler

    Dont say Lavar failed Liangelo, Liangelo failed Liangelo. Playing 4 years at UCLA without stealing, he was a shoe in for a good pro career.