Meet The 4th BALL Family Member On CHINO HILLS That NOBODY Knows About!
Meet The 4th BALL Family Member On CHINO HILLS That NOBODY Knows bout!
- DaKingMoneyYT

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  • DKM

    100k views in just over a week! Thank you all so much, you're support is so overwhelming ATM. Trying my best to reply to every comment but yall just too much ATM! Love you all so much <333

  • Grace Suderman
    Grace Suderman

    In case you guys are confuse Eli scoot was a close family friend with the balls. He made the decision to move in with the ball family so he could play at chino hills high school.

  • Brandon Mann
    Brandon Mann

    never thought a close friend would be related to the ball brothers

  • Bdot Gee
    Bdot Gee

    Sad to hear someone with such talent be injury prone

  • Jay50

    So no one gonna talk about how he said “the mental one, liangelo” 😂

  • BDF44

    The Lakers should allow this kid to be around the team. That arm length is not to be ignored. Player development? That's easy. He's still a kid.

  • melvin barnett
    melvin barnett

    So LaVar building a team all made of family members!? $$$Big Baller Brand!

  • singlee gang
    singlee gang

    Nobody know him but he rich af.... that's the life

  • Bootysweat

    Damn people love keeping up with the ball family

  • Matthew Bottom
    Matthew Bottom

    Dude your channel is great. Keep working

  • Deez 2
    Deez 2

    Lavar said he comes from an athletic family this isn't a surprise. whats more surprising to me is his name doesn't begin with a L, i believe Lavar said all of his siblings name starts with L that's why he & his wife did the same with their sons.

  • boi 420
    boi 420

    But Lavar ball got brothers so Andre can be one of the sons of Lavar's brothers

  • Yao Ming
    Yao Ming

    andre ball is their cousin

  • J5x239

    Didn't they have a older cousin as well that played with lonzo and liangelo wen they was a freshman and a sophomore

  • gentrydanika

    He growing too fast! They need to let his body rest till he slows growing...this happened to brother...he keep getting injuries n the doctors told him when u are growing at a rapid speed n is not gaining the proper weight n muscle to pretect ur bones it will happen... He just need to get in the gym...bulk up...he will come out a star

  • OlSkool AJ
    OlSkool AJ

    3pts a game? You must have showed every pt of his high school career


    5* Ball brother, How we going keep doing lil dikey like that Bruuuh 😔

  • TaylorLaurieAndTheAutumnLeaves

    Andre's getting drafted before Gelo

  • Eric

    If you look at the way he plays he looks like lonzo

  • J Money
    J Money

    he gone be the nicest one