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  • Kwabena Achina
    Kwabena Achina

    I'd make anyone but LaMelo and the Hornets announcer available for trade.

    • Inmyexpression

      He be like: "Hot diddley deee." 😂

    • BR CLAN
      BR CLAN


    • Rico Rico
      Rico Rico

      On me

    • Deon Green
      Deon Green

      Lol dude be going crazy. All I keep hearing is “LAMELO!!!!!”

    • Mr.2Cocky

      Lol right, the announcer is epic

  • Tony Dondada
    Tony Dondada

    The way the Hornet's have been acting I can see them trading Melo for Durant hahaha

    • Rodney Covington
      Rodney Covington

      @kyle trinos because ignorant people say stupid shit because they want him on another team which that want happen

    • REELA F
      REELA F

      I hope so for melo

    • kyle trinos
      kyle trinos

      That idea is Stupid

    • OG LXXI
      OG LXXI

      @Yankee Suave dimwit

    • OG LXXI
      OG LXXI

      @Mason Piatt-Villasenor another dimwit

  • r m
    r m

    The Nets don't want to send him to a contender. So a small market team like Charlotte might actually appeal to them. I would buy nba league pass to just watch Lamelo with KD. I honestly believe they'd go further together than kyrie and kd

    • Hooderaw

      @Timmy's POV exactly!!!

    • Timmy's POV
      Timmy's POV

      @Hooderaw Ahh makes sense now. And yes you are absolutely right. Gotta check peoples locker room history, I'm sure many many teams have excluded players for that reason. They can be a helluva player but bad for the team chemistry so it's a no go!!

    • Hooderaw

      @Timmy's POV ok, that was my mistake. I should have put toxic in front of people as opposed to team cause that's what I meant to state.

    • Timmy's POV
      Timmy's POV

      @Hooderaw Your equating toxic team with toxic people. Well of course if 3 toxic people come to your team it can mess stuff up hell ONE toxic person can. I want to point out we have went from losing culture to people being toxic. I've played sports most of my life (38 now) and people that come from a losing "culture" are eager to get on the opposite side of that losing culture has nothing to do with a person personality; if your toxic your toxic. MANY people have been toxic on a winning team or a team with a winning culture; they may not last long but it happens ALL the time!!

    • Hooderaw

      @Timmy's POV team leadership from a players standpoint affects team chemistry. Coaches and the gm have little to do with it. If you have 3 people from a toxic team come to your roster, they can screw everything up especially if those 3 people are influential in the locker room. Just like if those 3 players bring a positive vibe and adds to the atmosphere of the team can help the team win.

  • Nick Jordan
    Nick Jordan

    KD and Melo might fit. But they'll need a good second unit too.

  • Elijah Shaw
    Elijah Shaw

    It would be nice & I can see the Hornets make a run considering wwe made it to the 4th & 5th place over the last 2 seasons until Hayward got hurt each year & Melo & covid got us aanother year so if KD came here it won't be a cup cake team but this is agreat video & remember the Hornets bet the nets with their star power playing so give us KD & who Knows.

  • kxdn

    Bridges being charged makes this almost impossible

  • Da Last Saiyan
    Da Last Saiyan

    I've been pushing for the hornets to trade for KD! KD and Melo can definitely bring a title to Charlotte

  • Mofo Fish
    Mofo Fish

    To get KD here we would need ONE more star. It would have to be one more big name player like AD or Aiden. So we’d have to make it a multi team deal and throw in some draft picks but it could happen

  • Mo Money
    Mo Money

    Melo would lead the league in assist easily, if Durant went to Charlotte. Terry Rosier and Hayward better not make any plans for the near future, just incase.

  • That Boy
    That Boy

    I wanna see him with Charlotte

  • Gianni Ludd
    Gianni Ludd

    Not even gone lie wit da Bridges situation that would B a blessing . I mean KD is obviously leagues better , but he kould definitely fill that void . And with melo , I feel like KD might actually play seriously next year . That shit would B krazy for sure but let’s see how it go , still hoping for Liangelo to get in . Ain’t no KD , but we still throwing the ball brother in these charlotte conversations 💪🏽

  • Last Thoughts
    Last Thoughts

    I don’t think the Hornets front office is skilled enough to pull off a KD trade. They got lucky with LaMelo and haven’t made any moves this offseason outside of coaching.

  • DJ HotColdz
    DJ HotColdz

    Nets gonna need a third team to facilitate Moving KD and Kyrie, Mia and Phoenix have the young players but the contracts don’t match up, that’s the only reason why Charlotte is a ideal trading partner

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck

    I would like KD in CLT but we just don't have the assets to make the trade 😂😂

  • Dope Chic
    Dope Chic

    That’ll be nasty ✨🏀

  • Tyler Prunty
    Tyler Prunty

    I definitely like the idea of that I feel that’s the only place that makes sense for him to join

  • Derrel Weathers
    Derrel Weathers

    Kd is going to Charlotte! DKM said it 1st❗️

    • Derrel Weathers
      Derrel Weathers

      @Spicy Shizz lmaooo u right but still lol

    • Spicy Shizz
      Spicy Shizz

      Yeah the same guy who only talks about the ball family 🤣

  • --

    Lamelo and kd would be to scary man they would dominate KD would get so many easy open looks from lamelo he will be laughing but I don't think they have enough to get him without getting rid of most of their team

  • Joel Munoz
    Joel Munoz

    Spurs need to help make this happen, but we are going to need that protection removed on the 2023 pick.

  • datte bayo
    datte bayo

    I enjoy the idea of two of my fav players in the league on the same the but it prolly ain’t gon happen. Wherever Kd goes will become a contending team

  • DK

    Hornets may just do a swap for KD with Gelo. Nets may have to sacrifice a few 1st round draft picks and some players to Hornets. Gelo is the future and KD is already 33. 🤔😭

  • Mephisto Soa
    Mephisto Soa

    If Durant and Lamelo play on the same team it will be like Dark King Rayleigh teaching Luffy.. Lamelo Ball aka "Queen of Charlotte" aka "Luffy" Kevin Durant aka " Dark King Rayleigh"

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy

    I would trade Miles Bridges, Hayward, a 1st round pick and a second round pick. How about the same players and 2 #1 picks and a 2nd round pick. The Nets don't have anyone else so that would a good rebuilding offer from the Hornets. Plus, whatever they get for Kyrie.

    • Ilyaas Khalil
      Ilyaas Khalil

      Nobody wants Bridges now

  • Da Last Saiyan
    Da Last Saiyan

    The hornets have picks and players to make this happen

  • Mr Jose
    Mr Jose

    I always got the vibe that KD belongs to the BULLS

  • Shqiptar Amerikan
    Shqiptar Amerikan

    WOJ. Said Nets want 4 or even 5 first Rounders. A couple of pick swaps and A All star type player.

  • patrick roland
    patrick roland

    5:30 KD always likes when people talk great about him.

  • fire lord
    fire lord

    DKM I see u been on a roll...#keepem🔥🔥🔥videoscoming

  • TheCut2009

    I remember that oh yeah Durant was one of the guys who never hated on the Ball Brothers.

  • Rafi04 El Soto
    Rafi04 El Soto

    KD/melo 🙌🤞🏿

  • BBallDiscussions

    I hope he goes to Phoenix. Suns would kick butt. I say the Hornets have about. 0.1% chance. Not impossible

    • Sif

      The suns choke every time and they kinda boring for some reason tbh

  • Mr Rob
    Mr Rob

    Send Russell westbrick to Brooklyn and KD to the Lakers. I wanna see KD put draymon in his place wearing a lakers uniform.

  • Relly NY
    Relly NY

    We can dream but its not happening unfortunately

    • Your Lord
      Your Lord

      also he wants lebron ahaha

  • Daniel Sims
    Daniel Sims

    People do realize that if KD goes there , it would be his team , and it wouldn’t be melo team

    • Christian

      It doesn’t matter they would be so good of a team and melo and kd stats would be pretty good

    • ProphetSJH

      It’s already not his team Charlotte does not treat him like the allstar he is

  • DJ HotColdz
    DJ HotColdz

    Well if you throw in 1st rd picks Bouknight and not P.J maybe that could work, but it’s gonna take a 3 team trade

  • Moe McGalfend
    Moe McGalfend

    Nets without KD are bad team he’s kind of taking them all on he’s shoulders

  • Friction

    This video a reach, KD ain’t coming to charlotte if they ain’t have the right pieces or have experience in the playoffs

  • Surprise623er

    Nets are taking best offer and Hornets can't offer as good a deal as other teams. It's that simple

  • Akhil

    Any update on Lonzo?

    • Martin Berg
      Martin Berg


  • Caleb burnett
    Caleb burnett

    There is no chance that he’ll become a hornet that’s crazy bro crazy

  • Shqiptar Amerikan
    Shqiptar Amerikan

    That would be 4x finals

  • Colton Fulk
    Colton Fulk

    Waiting to see update on miles bridges:/

  • I am Groot!
    I am Groot!

    KD ain't heading to Charlotte pretty much every team WANTS him but it's not even close to possible. Bridges has junked it up for any big trades anyway

  • Jimmie Da Plug
    Jimmie Da Plug

    Now DKM 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ you know the Hornets front office the type to not even answer the phone

    • Jimmie Da Plug
      Jimmie Da Plug

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mitch gon be like “you want Gordon Hayward???? Oh no deal”

  • malik

    the idea is to go somewhere he can win a title next year not help a rebuilding franchise like buzzcity.. no disrespect to melo

  • John Blackman
    John Blackman

    Why? Is LaMelo trying to get to Brooklyn?

  • Chris Kilpatrick
    Chris Kilpatrick

    Melo would be one of the traded for him tho lol

    • BMR

      na hornets would never

  • jaja

    To be the best, you need to learn from the best.

  • kory king
    kory king

    His last like was a hornet post too on twitter 👀

  • Jiren

    Jordan would have to give him 8 new color ways😂😂 and lol that's it.

  • Jordan Loudon
    Jordan Loudon

    For miles bridges gonna be gone soon 😂

  • TheQuAF

    At this point, the hornets should do anything & everything possible, if there is even a slight glimmer of hope to land KD. Even if it means sacrificing 3-4 first rounders over the next couple of years. Jordan’s draft history has been abysmal (Melo and Kemba are the only exceptions). Many rookies have either been busts or never lived up to the hype/ their potential. Not to mention developing young guys hasn’t really been significant, especially with the revolving door of coach changes and the lack of playing time most of the young guys get. If charlotte cannot land a high lottery pick & keeps picking in the 12 or 14 spot in each draft, chances are they aren’t going to find a hidden gem/superstar that will alter the franchise. They have some great pieces with Melo, Scary Terry and even Oubre. They aren’t an awful team but they were no where near competing in the playoffs with the team last year, and now with the Miles news, they are looking worse (depending things work out in free agency). They were close, but lacking a few pieces. The additions of KD along with maybe low risk/high reward vets like maybe a TJ Warren or Hassan Whiteside, can make this team a force to be reckoned with. Of course MJ will need to pony up some more dough. If they can get some vets on 1yr deals or low cost per year contracts, they will be contending for the 4yrs KD would be there. They have a marquee guy in Melo, they need to capitalize now in the hopes they can retain him as the face of the franchise long term. Same how Al Jefferson came aboard because Kemba was there. Melo can attract some great talent to charlotte & KD would only amplify this to 11. If not, they face Melo leaving soon and once again go into rebuilding mode. A package of maybe Hayward, Washington & maybe Bouknight and/or Jones with some number ones and twos may be enough to pry KD away from the nets. They have a bunch of number twos to part with & need to take the risk to trade away some numbers ones (or at the very least do a pick swap). What has been done in the past clearly hasn’t worked, they need to shake things up and fast in order to once again not fade into obscurity. I can’t watch this team again & again draft badly, make bad trades/signings/decisions and not develop the young core properly. Jordan & Mitch need to get this done and take a leap of faith to be in on the KD sweepstakes!! Who’s with me?!… rant over 😁

  • Thomas Jarrett
    Thomas Jarrett

    KD is staying in Brooklyn with Kyrie and Ben Simmons. Why should he leave that chance of winning it all next year?

  • DJ HotColdz
    DJ HotColdz

    GM Gamble Trade prediction Hornets get Kevin Durant SF Lakers get Kyrie Irving Seth Curry Nets get Russell Westbrook Gordan Haywood Terry Rozier Future 1st picks 2023,24 Hornets 2024,25 Lakers

  • Trell da Trip tv
    Trell da Trip tv

    Please kd its time for another small team market u love that love u get from the lil cities ikno u miss it errbody on here need to tweet this out 😂😂 i can dream i guess

  • Kyle Stewartt
    Kyle Stewartt

    Hornets would b a mega hittt 2 killlas big kd and mb1 cmonnnn

  • sym melo
    sym melo

    apparently miles bridges is now a UFA, hornets are done

  • chipluva44

    Everybody want Kevin Durant.

  • Toney Martin
    Toney Martin

    Melo pg and Durant sg

  • Nard0

    Kd bulls = nightmare for the rest the nba

  • 50 shades of crypto
    50 shades of crypto

    I don't see it. I would have said a sign and trade with Miles + picks, but after what happened if I was an NBA team I wouldn't be touching Miles with a 10 foot pole. Nothing beyond sending melo makes sense. Who would they send? Personally I don't like it. I love KD, but for KD to work the Hornets would need to go all in now for the next 4 year and I just don't think they are in the right place. You need a real centre they need depth and they need to get rid of dead weight. If this trade was on the table in 2 years I would say go for it, but they just don't have the roster even with KD to win. Make the finals for sure, but I doubt they could even make conference finals with him. Last thing you want is to give up all your picks to get him then underperform and have him want out after 1-2 seasons

  • quietlike

    Everyone wants KD. I want a million dollars. You wanna make a video on that? Want vs actually happening are two different things.

  • FutureCable34

    Where did lamelo say this?

  • St.AshHole


  • RetroBowl4Life


  • ItsDonovanDlsr

    W video like all ways dkm

  • Bearded Bettors
    Bearded Bettors


  • In Texas
    In Texas

    In my opinion. Melo cut Miles loose. See you never…bye bye. Don’t ever put your hands on her. Ever. For as much as I dislike his pops he taught his boys that’s off the chart out of bounds.

  • SwayyKing

    There is only one slim reaper and it isn't KD.

  • PgTrym91 : TrymTheNorwegian
    PgTrym91 : TrymTheNorwegian

    well that video is old of KD grading players or whatever

  • Juan Dozier
    Juan Dozier

    Boy cut it out

  • Life of Ryan RC
    Life of Ryan RC

    Is it just me or does Clifford sound like a drunk?

  • Mason Piatt-Villasenor
    Mason Piatt-Villasenor


  • Rima ?
    Rima ?

    Gotta make a video bout smethin right lol

  • donjuan914

    Not happening lol

  • Hail Hughes
    Hail Hughes

    Its not happening lol



  • Kvex

    The Nets don’t have the power to send him where he wants. He has a no trade clause.

    • Nick Jordan
      Nick Jordan

      Cap. He does not have one!

  • Thanos

    Never in a million years could this happen

    • Big dolla bill
      Big dolla bill

      Never say never

  • Yuki-tan

    He won't go to hornets. He wants championship lol.

    • Cujdafool

      He not getting nomore ships 😂he might as well just play it out he ain’t none but a good skilled player

  • Steve L.
    Steve L.

    Melo would help KD shine

    • Zoryal

      @HopsMAX he is.

    • J02Savage

      Top 5 passer in the league and that’s not a crazed statement

    • HopsMAX

      @Zoryal Nah he’s not

    • Zoryal

      @M.Bailey better than most

    • M.Bailey

      😂😂 ur acting like Melos the top 15th player of all time

  • Kreepalo XAY
    Kreepalo XAY

    I don’t see it lmfao

  • JB Skits
    JB Skits

    We’ll I want cat women from Batman to marry me but that don’t mean it will happen 💀

  • tYugoFN


  • Xiaolong Lee
    Xiaolong Lee

    Do Zo to hornets rumor video

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      @Xiaolong Lee I normally probably would’ve agreed with you in the past, but I don’t see it anymore. Don’t know if he would ride the coattails of his baby brother. Who knows, maybe in the future, but not niw

    • Xiaolong Lee
      Xiaolong Lee

      @Zoryal "IF" CHI thinks that Zo is injury prone (which is true to be sad) they might willing to trade Zo for TR I mean TR is also a good player although not sure how he will fit with Zach and Demar since he is also a ball dominant.

    • Zoryal

      @Xiaolong Lee what he wants doesn't really matter while he's under contract

    • Xiaolong Lee
      Xiaolong Lee

      @Cameron King Zo to TR straight up no need for other players.. but yah

    • Cameron King
      Cameron King

      the rumour was before miles got arrested, it was unlikely before but now there's a 0% chance

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N


  • Aquarian Warrior
    Aquarian Warrior


  • Ryan

    Can you trade the announcer? Dude is annoying

  • John Lilly
    John Lilly


  • John Lilly
    John Lilly


  • Chris Barclay
    Chris Barclay