if you see this outside your house get out and RUN away as fast as you can! (someone is watching)
if you see this outside your house get out and RUN away as fast as you can! (someone is watching)
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    Make sure to watch the END of the video for a SPECIAL Message from me

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      I did

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    I swear this man is the best IRglo of all time.... this man inspired me everyday!!! 😎 🔥 👏.... I subscribe to all

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    A&N productions land

    epic video stromedy and thanks for the tip and advise on what to do if this happens thanks for sharing

  • Kushi K
    Kushi K

    Stromedy's words of the day: "We definitely can't keep our windows locked" lmao 🤣

    • Amelia Wink
      Amelia Wink

      I think he ment like better can't unlock our Windows

  • Carol Havens
    Carol Havens

    How can he pick up a ladder he looks like a noodle 😂

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      Patrick Mahomes

      I agree!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Kayla, Alanna & Hunter Hassen
    Kayla, Alanna & Hunter Hassen

    The way Justin described the person is hilarious 🤣

  • Keita Roper
    Keita Roper

    Omg this is so creepy and u guys make my day I love u guys so much just remember to not worry about hate comments and all that crap stay strong

  • Megan Mccord
    Megan Mccord

    3:01 do anyone else see that ladder on the ground

    • EllaNoleah Cole
      EllaNoleah Cole

      now i did

    • Megan Mccord
      Megan Mccord

      Lol it’s so obvious that it’s fake


    Those things are like when he comes back he puts the ladder where the circles are so he can angl the ladder

  • cool roblox player
    cool roblox player

    8:27 I saw a ladder moving on the ground

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    katiethorpe katiethorpe

    17:07 had me laughing

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    Kelly Boston

    I subbed to everyone as requested.. I love watching you and your friends your all very talented and entertaining. Keep up the awesome work.

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      Same, real fans club lol

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    John Dempsey

    They might have gone in the house and secretly got in and went out the window

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    I am laughing so hard rn where’s the food 💀💀💀💀

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    Crystal Paul

    I was laughing so hard when Justin gaveed the chane saw to I love your video and I will watch them every day

  • dr.sangeeta Chivate
    dr.sangeeta Chivate

    Leave this house as fast as you can. And stay safe.

  • Jack Smit
    Jack Smit

    These videos are so entertaining to watch. Keep up with the great videos

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      Patricia Wyatt

      Entertaining!!!!??? EVERY VIDEO THEY ARE BOUT TO DIEEEEE😭 but I still love them...but still😫

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      Jack Smit

      @God Of GAMES Ultimate what do you mean

    • God Of GAMES Ultimate
      God Of GAMES Ultimate

      Listen to what they say

    • God Of GAMES Ultimate
      God Of GAMES Ultimate

      Oh yeah and never check what they say himmmm bc they not lying dude

    • Charlie

      He's right

  • Darren Dannenberg
    Darren Dannenberg

    2:59 behind the air-conditioniner somebody was running into the forest

  • That one😐
    That one😐

    Me Watching This rn: *Locking Windows* Well I'm Safe Now!🙂🙃

  • shae mae
    shae mae

    Ive seen one of those before but not Outside my house, but I would literally Hug it, look inside and jump in

  • Patricia Wyatt
    Patricia Wyatt

    When he walked in the house and closed the door, like... locked the door 😭

  • Melissa Eberhardt
    Melissa Eberhardt

    You should put sensors on the drone so it can detect clowns

  • L.Albitar

    The circle things are for him to keep the ladder from falling he would’ve been caught by Justin if the ladder fall because how would he get down from such a high jump so he was using it to keep the ladder up so it didn’t fall while he was climbing and going down or when he wasn’t on it

  • Crystal Parker
    Crystal Parker

    "What should we do" Picks up chainsaw randomly "No-no-put the chainsaw down (Time lap 17:08)

  • makeover with sea
    makeover with sea

    I live in Australia and somebody was just looking through my window

  • GeoMan21123

    I love drone vids. I love when stromedy catches them

    • Sara Duckett
      Sara Duckett

      I did it go watch the actual video 😙

    • Streamlabs

      @QIYUN DING same


      ya i come here to watch is just to watch him use a drone

  • Lord

    I love how he has a nasa hat instead of his merchandise

  • Brittany Perez Barrios
    Brittany Perez Barrios

    I love his videos tell him to do more!😉😉

  • Patricia Wyatt
    Patricia Wyatt

    Am I the only one who realized that it’s almost always clowns in in his videos... sometimes... not all the time and I’m also not saying he is! But I sometimes feel like he plans these videos with his friends... I’m not saying he is though!!

  • Laken cutie
    Laken cutie

    Good at rock if he’s going to rockclimbing he might’ve climbed up the side what are you gonna brought a ladder

  • Creeper Club
    Creeper Club

    I have officially subscribed to all of them and it would be a great present for me. Thanks for making the videos they make me happy. Hope you're well. #support

  • Ashton

    At 8:26 there's someone on the road with a ladder

  • Ennard

    Stromedy you should name the ladder guy: "sussy baka ladder man" :> because its funny.

  • kyle chapman
    kyle chapman

    and i am in the UK KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK

  • Sonja Overman
    Sonja Overman

    That’s why you put blinds on you’re windows

  • darklight1144

    8:25 who else saw that ladder moving in the road

    • Mahmoud Kharbouch
      Mahmoud Kharbouch

      Yes yes yessir

    • For my fake bff ruby
      For my fake bff ruby


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  • Anthony Walker
    Anthony Walker

    I seen someone walking in the middle of the road before you went back to the house.

  • alina batrutdinova
    alina batrutdinova

    the best idea is when he’s gonna come up at the balcony then 2 people go upstairs and one is gonna be outside then you can take the ladder

  • Rita Chayrez
    Rita Chayrez

    I see a guy with a black cutting on hes right there between the houses with a ladder make sure to take the doughnut above a hit's AA house right there in between at Tall House

  • Stalker

    Thank you was able to climb up by getting a ladder and take his bed ladder back once you saw him

  • Christina Cordova
    Christina Cordova

    Hey Kyle I just wanted to let you know that I subscribed to each and everyone of the channels for the give away in this video and I will say. You make great content man and I hope you are having a fantastic day😁👍

  • Conley Edwards
    Conley Edwards

    When he was saying look in the alley ways in between the houses under the camera on the drone there was a guy with a ladder walking across the street!!!! It was sooooo obvios

  • Janette McKee
    Janette McKee

    Why are your videos so fun and addictive 🤣🤣

  • Britt Oleszczuk
    Britt Oleszczuk

    I think he might’ve grabbed a ladder like a really really tall one

  • Suzanne Schmidt
    Suzanne Schmidt

    How can he pick up the ladder he looks like a noodle 🍜🤣


    7:15 I saw a man running near the huge trees

    • Darlene Toulouse
      Darlene Toulouse

      Look at 8:28

  • Lizzy Frina
    Lizzy Frina

    1:59 what did he come on a frickin helicopter?!? Keep up the good work!❤✌

  • Libby

    Omg I Saw him out my window this morning

  • Dan Currey
    Dan Currey

    stromedy :is he fricking climbing on the roofs me:its not santa

  • Ruth dalglish
    Ruth dalglish

    At 8:27 a guy with something like a ladder is crossing the road

  • Monster Studios
    Monster Studios

    I think I saw the guy earlier than you guys saw him 8:26 through 8:29

  • Mindy Olivares
    Mindy Olivares

    I just saw a man standing on my window and it look like a clown

  • {•Elizabeth Afton•}
    {•Elizabeth Afton•}

    This is crazy bruh if it happened to me I'll go look for them not kidding 😁

  • Officer John2020
    Officer John2020

    he wants to get into the house when no one’s inside

  • Don Hilliard
    Don Hilliard

    Yo bro look all in your vents if you have vents because I saw something on IRglo like there was a camera in his vent and it was very very small and it was stuck to a wire and then he was pulling it out and then he was getting something to take it out with and someone just pulled it back so make sure you look all in your vents for security cameras small ones cuz I'm just trying to give you a heads up bro!

  • Photon Phantom
    Photon Phantom

    So if he ran off with the ladder than why at 3:00 do I see the exact same ladder?

  • Douae Staying
    Douae Staying

    Im living with you in the same neighbourhood and alot of weird things happened in it

    • Tayab Iqbal
      Tayab Iqbal

      i live right next to stromady

  • Mary Wesling
    Mary Wesling

    Maybe it’s your neighbors trying to get with you for doing nothing.

  • Kaylah Robledo
    Kaylah Robledo

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    Simon Thomas

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    Adele Bowes

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    Samantha Davies

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  • @BleachBars

    Justin:What should we do? *Holds up chainsaw* Stromedy: Put the chainsaw down

  • Harison sharma
    Harison sharma

    the same car from the drone spying on you is in the video when he was getting away

  • Jariel On crack
    Jariel On crack

    This video is like my creepy video and I don’t know how you got up there but there’s a ladder on the rack so I think you should check the app because he couldn’t get the ladder and I went over here to the window and then he cut it and then and then he came down really fast and then he put it on the grass and then he ran away really fast so by that’s fine lol

  • TheFighterwolf124

    when he said he can see toronto i was like OMG I LIVE NEAR HIM OMG OMG BRO

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    Christy Neal

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    Ava Stella

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    Stacy Morgan

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    Esra Kotan

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    Bernadette Quadling

    Me: if i were him, id look at the youtube plac Him: trys to steal youtube plac Me:... oh i was right

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    Belinda Webber

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    Isaac Talbot

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      Suzanne Schmidt

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    Meshe Fuentes o

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    Joey Cifala

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    Andy Hoffmann

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  • The Workey Project
    The Workey Project

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    • RedXWolf RedXAlpha
      RedXWolf RedXAlpha

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    • RedXWolf RedXAlpha
      RedXWolf RedXAlpha

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    • Huggy_Wuggy_Brawly


    • Huggy_Wuggy_Brawly

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  • -:Lunar Eclipse:-
    -:Lunar Eclipse:-

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