&AUDITION - The Howling - Episode4
After the mission for Round 3 is revealed, the 15 boys from the debut group and the trainee group get together in their teams to practice. They must pick a leader and choose a team name… Which team chooses an unexpected member to be their leader? Also, the members of Team CALL CALL CALL all speak different languages. How will they work together?
Then one day, for the 15 boys who are exhausted from practicing every day, SEVENTEEN shows up to give a special mission. There will be a “variety contest” to give them a chance to earn additional &BALLs. That night, as the boys open up to each other, talking about what has been on their minds, the 15 receive a message from afar and end up in tears. What could possibly have happened?
&AUDITION - The Howling -
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  • The dawn right before the sun rises
    The dawn right before the sun rises

    K remembering RM’s wise words shows he’s totally in it for the artist growth, I’m moved🤘

    • Hasly Araoz
      Hasly Araoz


    • Airiniiii

      @NotA SoftTea thats actually not true. You are refering to one of the members dream where he said if they did a mistake on stage tgey get their bangs chopped off. But its just a dream, not reality. Please dont confuse people

    • Scentaery

      This!!!! 🌹

    • Nubia Loubouth
      Nubia Loubouth

      @NotA SoftTea source ??

    • NotA SoftTea
      NotA SoftTea

      The boys are getting punished behind the scenes whenever they do a mistake on the stage they got their bangs cut

  • claire

    Fuma and K are both SO considerate and born to be leaders, as well as aces on stage. Fighting for their debut.

    • Saira khanum
      Saira khanum

      @bread⸙nono it's okay..in almost every comments she was spreading it..

    • bread⸙

      @Saira khanum ooh sorry i thought they were joking cuz it was a dream

    • Saira khanum
      Saira khanum

      @bread⸙ who? NotA softTea is spreading false information in every comments...

    • bread⸙

      @Saira khanum i think they're also joking

    • hannipaunch



    Maki is so pure he wanted to be close with the members and play with them he cried so hard when he said harua don't like him. aww i want to protect him all the cost

    • xoxo

      @Yukiko Asai this person keeps spamming this comment everywhere. they're just a loser spreading lies and hate the group already. Maki said he had a dream and all the formations changed in a scene during episode 2. and he said it as a joke in the car to harua.

    • Yukiko Asai
      Yukiko Asai

      @Korean fan Yes I realised it after, I was naive haha, thanks.

    • ~Merve

      @TAKI-MAKI thank you for give information 😊♥️😊


      @~Merve yeah just a little misunderstanding they're okay and very close now😊

    • ~Merve

      @TAKI-MAKI I already watched but I thought it was something serious but now I learned that is just a little misunderstanding thank u 😊😊😊

  • Jun Guo
    Jun Guo

    涙止まらないねーTT Never thought that this episode is so touching and sad and happy at all at once! Can’t wait for the next episode to see more of them!! FIGHTING!!!!

    • Aerin keesha Ronquillo
      Aerin keesha Ronquillo


  • Jepoy Carino
    Jepoy Carino

    Im getting FULL WHIPPED with JO AND HIKARU ♡♡♡ my future biases and then GAKU AND HARUA IS FOR SURE MY FUTURE BIAS WRECKER ♡♡♡ I JUST WISH THAT ALL OF THEM CAN DEBUT ♡♡♡ and this episode HIKARU REALLY made me cry!!!!!! And as for maki and harua totally understood both sides but things can go easily when they hangout more despite of their differences on their personalities ♡♡♡

  • c

    I can tell how introvert Hikaru is, him crying makes me cry too. He is so quiet, it must be hard for him to reach out first. I'm glad he have members who can understand him

    • visible NH
      visible NH


    • biscookie

      i love him... he deserves the world! T^T he managed to tell them what he wants to say and i'm really proud of him ^^

    • aylin barani
      aylin barani


    • Multi Sung
      Multi Sung

      Yeahhh i know what it feels too since im an introvert. I'd be so shy and quiet around ppl im not closed, but when im around with someone who im truly close, i get loud JDJSJJA. I feel so bad for Hikaru, im proud of him for telling his problems to them.

    • Kayla Zara
      Kayla Zara


  • Kim Sayong
    Kim Sayong

    I hope that Hayate, Gaku, Maki, Fuma, Hikaru, Yuma, Harua and JO will be able to make their debut together with K, EJ, Taki and Nicho 😭

    • Cristin 03
      Cristin 03

      @jeon arcie yess

    • Kim Sayong
      Kim Sayong

      @jeon arcie tbh I'd like him to debut too, he got the potential

    • MINNIE_14 V
      MINNIE_14 V

      Omg the same 😭💖

    • Manasvi Jain
      Manasvi Jain

      @UNIVERSESTAYTINYMOALYONALICECARATFORXUJUNGDEOBI oh yes i remember but i think it was just a joke to cheer the others up


      maki said it

  • Sara

    No, but there is this small hope in me that somehow hybe will just be like: surprise! they all will debut together! 😫😭

    • Kim Taeyhung
      Kim Taeyhung

      maybe yes but i dont think all of them will debute

    • kimikiu


    • Araica Banana
      Araica Banana

      @Orehime BTS i think this first part is to decide whether the final lineup will debut or not in general. im guessing there's a part 2 wherethey will start eliminating or something like that. i want all of them to debut tho- T_T

    • Cristin 03
      Cristin 03

      Don’t trust HYBE 🤕

    • wiam chetti
      wiam chetti


  • Kath Summer
    Kath Summer

    MAKI definitely HAS TO be in DEBUT line up. He’s so precious I hope everyone sees that

    • let's paint
      let's paint

      Ikr...he was the first one to catch my attention in &audition

    • Kim Taeyhung
      Kim Taeyhung

      maki is so handsome and has an idol aura round him i hope he makes it

    • Kim Taeyhung
      Kim Taeyhung

      maki is so handsome and has an idol aura round him i hope he makes it

  • Bj

    Not me actually crying when Maki and Harua made up…this show is so entertaining and emotional. I love to watch all of these boys grow closer and develops their friendship…it’s amazing!! Keep going strong❤️

    • Océane crogiez
      Océane crogiez

      @Ackerman Tea Shop yeah i know but that girl isn't joking, she's saying to everyone that it's true and not that it was a dream... that's all i'm saying...

    • Ackerman Tea Shop
      Ackerman Tea Shop

      @Océane crogiez it’s a joke from an earlier episode,,, but i agree that it’s excessive to reply that under every comment

    • Océane crogiez
      Océane crogiez

      @NotA SoftTea did you commented this lie under every comments girl ? that's almost embarrassing --

    • NotA SoftTea
      NotA SoftTea

      The boys are getting punished behind the scenes whenever they do a mistake on the stage they got their bangs cut.

  • xoxo

    Don't sleep on Maki guys, he's such a great vocalist and has so much potential!! 🥰💗💗💗

    • xoxo

      @NotA SoftTea give me links. timestamp it, i want to see!

    • Kaitlin KpopFan17
      Kaitlin KpopFan17

      Yep. Maki has been my pick. I’m really hoping he’ll make it

    • NotA SoftTea
      NotA SoftTea

      @xoxo How about explain Nicholas chopped bangs then, he doesn’t look happy about it either so he didn’t do it himself he also clearly said “they took off”.

    • xoxo

      @NotA SoftTea lmao maybe watch that again, that was maki's dream and a joke while he was in the car

  • heengenemoa

    Maki is giving such great vibes. He should definitely debut! Along with Harua, as they became closer too

    • soyaaa _
      soyaaa _

      @no one important no it was just a dream of one of the participants

    • no one important
      no one important

      @NotA SoftTea any source of this information??

    • NotA SoftTea
      NotA SoftTea

      The boys are getting punished behind the scenes whenever they do a mistake on the stage they got their bangs cut.

  • angela


    • angela


  • kyizom :]
    kyizom :]


  • Princess Erika98
    Princess Erika98

    14:43 Aigoo~ Hikaru so precious 😍😍 26:05 Oh no, Gaku! Poor baby 🤭 30:48 OUCH! K! You're hurting my stomach!! 🤣🤣 This group is making me laugh so hard!!

  • SugaVirus

    Nobody is probably going to read this but I feel like Hayate doesn't get enough credit for how well he gets along with everyone and just fits in general. I think it was especially telling in the last two episodes and I found it really interesting that when they chose leaders K specifically brought up that quote from RM about being a quiet support when he nominated Hayate and everyone agreed. It reminds me so much of Jin or Hobi's role in BTS in that context. The fact that K felt strongly enough to mention that specifically, and said that cute comment about being certain he's known him before says to me K feels close to him and like he's someone he can lean on and trust. K feeling confident he could pass leadership on to him, and Hayate could handle it made me feel certain if Hayate were chosen K would have someone who may not be his same age but that he could still lean on if things got to be too much for him. While Hayate has an outgoing personality he's more introspective than he appears, often quietly contemplating things, and takes care of those around him well. You can tell he likes to boost people up (his praises for Nicho's leadership and Yuma's hosting an example) and watches out for the littles (I thought it was cute that while he was joking he kept telling everyone to be careful and not strain themselves). He was also one of the guys chosen the most by all of them when asked who they would want for a brother. He just has that fun reliable big brother energy (very Jin LOL). Watching through the show I've gained so much affection for him because of all these small qualities I think get looked over in him. It makes me kind of sad. Plus, he's talented af. I hope he makes it.

    • full sun
      full sun


    • SugaVirus

      ​@biscookie he's a mood-maker for sure, he just brings out instant smiles lol

    • fantage roblox and more
      fantage roblox and more

      @SugaVirus ? They said it was long it was they meant

    • Kim Taeyhung
      Kim Taeyhung

      i hope Hayate debute then i ll be his most loyal fan

    • m8nica

      from ep 1 i was so intrested about him and for now he's one of my favorities

  • Martina Julieta Garcia
    Martina Julieta Garcia


    • hafizhah salsabila 31
      hafizhah salsabila 31


    • Woodmeins


  • Brianna

    hybe should just debut them all whether they fill the ridiculously large ring or not they all have such great chemistry and have worked so hard for this besides 15 isn't that bad of a number for a group i mean look at big groups like seventeen nct treasure and loona they have similar number of members and they are doing great

    • YuMaki Main Vocals GakuNicho Main Dancers
      YuMaki Main Vocals GakuNicho Main Dancers

      maybe the 4th round the balls will be as big as tennis ball lol, i am kidding. yeaa they at least have to annouce there will be elimination or not, how many members will debut? so that we dont have false hope :/

  • Mary J
    Mary J

    I really want Junwon, Hayate, Gaku, Yejun and Fuma to debut!! Of course alongside our boys K, Nicholas, Taki and EJ

    • Mary J
      Mary J

      @Zamzam Nur I mean that would be the best case scenario! But I don't think they all will..

    • Valerio Cherchi
      Valerio Cherchi

      @Axe Entertainment How many members will be in the group? I want all of them I will be Cry For all of them😭

    • bread⸙

      @Mary Jthem getting their bangs cut whenever they made a mistake is actually a dream that a member had before their performance lmao

    • Axe Entertainment
      Axe Entertainment

      @Zamzam Nur it's a "survival" show for a reason. So they will choose specific number of members, like I-Land.

    • Zamzam Nur
      Zamzam Nur

      Can they all not debut??

  • armyka

    i love how k mentioned rm's wise words. this just shows how much he wants to learn more and improve his leadership aspect. so proud of you! been rooting for you since i-land days, so i can't wait to see you debut!

    • Im Blessed
      Im Blessed

      Me also during i-Land i root for him taki, and daniel... as i got a chance on jay, sunghoon and heesung.

  • Lilac Panther
    Lilac Panther

    Aww I loved that Nicholas told Gaku he loves him and hugged him :') I liked that he did it in secret and not publicly tell his feelings at the fire, its more special that way :')

    • Annisa Shuhada
      Annisa Shuhada

      same with me....their love language is another level

  • Maria Paula Andrade
    Maria Paula Andrade

    I don’t see anyone talking about Fuma, but he really catches my attention and also seems like a super nice guy. Hope he debuts!!

    • hannipaunch

      me too. One of the best leader, he's my bias here hehe. Fuma will debut fightingggg!

    • Kim Sayong
      Kim Sayong

      He's between my picks, he caught my attention too TT

  • Eris

    Harua, Hayate, Maki, Junwon let's debut!!!!

  • GraceSVTTBZ

    I didn't realise that Maki and Harua had this kind of differences. I cried because of they told and when they made peace hugging each other. I was so soft for that. I wish seeing them together now!

    • soyaaa _
      soyaaa _

      @GraceSVTTBZ it's not true, he is spamming in every comment

    • GraceSVTTBZ

      @NotA SoftTea really??!! I haven't seen it yet but it's so cruel for them. Because of that Nicholas got his bangs cut too?

    • NotA SoftTea
      NotA SoftTea

      The boys are getting punished behind the scenes whenever they do a mistake on the stage they got their bangs cut.

  • Annabelle Kobayashi
    Annabelle Kobayashi

    I really hope they all make it to debut, especially the boys from I-LAND. They've worked so hard! We can do it! Fighting! 💜

    • niki niki ni
      niki niki ni

      @NotA SoftTea woah woah hold on I think you’re misunderstanding lol that was a dream of one of the members, not reality.

    • NotA SoftTea
      NotA SoftTea

      The boys are getting punished behind the scenes whenever they do a mistake on the stage they got their bangs cut

    • Jooniper Lynn
      Jooniper Lynn

      @gabriella🕊 ah. Thank you. I'm probably just misremembering

    • gabriella🕊

      @Jooniper Lynn we've seen the debut 4's characters in the webtoon and sunghoons character is also a werewolf-vampire hybrid. in the webnovel, they've mentioned their 3 missing wolves alot

    • niki niki ni
      niki niki ni

      @Kworldinformed News yeah like damn Bighit extend your limits. Try smth new for once. It might be huge success bc I mean look at seventeen, look at NCT, it worked for them. Two of the biggest groups in kpop rn (no pun intended) and they constantly get more and more million seller albums.

  • Hepl.i

    Harua and Maki made my heart melt omg. The fact that Harua stood up to hug Maki, I felt it. So heart warming 😭

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child

    Wow, my attention is drawn to EJ, his Japanese skills are improving a lot, he must be training hard. It's not easy to learn the idol aspect (dance, sing, rap) and learn a language at the same time. Nicholas is also amazing, in I-land he has to master Korean, and here he has to master Japanese. They are amazing!

  • Violett Fabiana
    Violett Fabiana

    I really hope Fuma, Hayate, Junwon, Gaku, and Maki get to debut alongside K, Taki, Nicholas and EJ

  • Kim Sayong
    Kim Sayong

    There's something i noticed, the complicity between Nicholas , Hayate and Gaku, they still have the alchemy i love their relationship i hope they're gonna debut together

  • Life Holic
    Life Holic

    K nicely picking out all the members who are zoned out or smth and making them speak up especially Hikaru he really looked like he was thinking smth and wanted to say a lot

    • NotA SoftTea
      NotA SoftTea

      The boys are getting punished behind the scenes whenever they do a mistake on the stage they got their bangs cut

    • Kaye Corpus
      Kaye Corpus

      Leader quality

  • 몬세라트

    HIKARU me representa cuando hablo de mis sentimientos, lo amo, cuando empezaron a llorar solo quería poder abrazarlos.

  • WE wAnna FocuS oN-
    WE wAnna FocuS oN-

    Man that last scene of them expressing their feelings was really heartwarming.....you can really tell how introverted and reserved Hikaru is.... it must've been so lonely for him....and maki is also someone i can relate to because when I too like someone I tend to be touchy with them alot too..so i tend to think that they might not like me either .....but you can also get harua's side too...it was a very tender moment &AUDITION FIGHTING

  • ♡  ᴱᴺ⁻JIA!!
    ♡ ᴱᴺ⁻JIA!!


  • LockeyThirteenYuuYA

    I'm same with Harua. It's nice that K brought it up and they're fine now, no more misunderstandings. I'm so stressed of thinking how many members will be the final line up's gonna be. I want them all to debut together.

  • KC Hwaiting
    KC Hwaiting

    K is the best. He will always do whatever it takes for himself and his members to succeed. Great leadership skill.

    • KC Hwaiting
      KC Hwaiting

      @What Ever Agreed. He focuses on personal growth. Even on i-land he was able to acknowledge and correct his mistakes. If only we were all so brave.

    • What Ever
      What Ever

      He has matured a lot since iland I love him more this time around

    • KC Hwaiting
      KC Hwaiting

      @hanseol young They totally got me. I went back and rewatched for bangs. LOL

    • zang zang🌸
      zang zang🌸

      And K also is the one who always say "kawaii" to the other member as per my observation, K cutie🥺💚

    • hanseol young
      hanseol young

      @NotA SoftTea lmao

  • olivia

    k and yuma are so kind, they guide and treat all members like family. i am very happy to see team k win in this game. thank you hybe for bringing them together. I hope they can debut together

  • callirrhoe

    Harua, Hikaru, Jo let's debut. I'm rooting for you three!

  • Cristina  Carrera Hidalgo
    Cristina Carrera Hidalgo

    HIKARU tiene una personalidad bellísima, me da gusto que haya podido desahogarse de lo que sentía en este episodio, se merece mucho amor y apoyo por parte de los miembros y los fans.

  • Adhinda Nurr Elyzha
    Adhinda Nurr Elyzha

    Harua, yejun, yuma, jo, maki, hikaru i hope u guys can debut :3 i hope all member can debut 🥺💜

  • janitor of cube
    janitor of cube

    ok but why is no one talking about hayate? like literally he is so entertaining

    • Suchismitha K N
      Suchismitha K N

      @NotA SoftTea that's not true lmao

    • Omeleeeyt


    • janitor of cube
      janitor of cube

      @NotA SoftTea well i would love a bald look on him😔✊

    • NotA SoftTea
      NotA SoftTea

      @janitor of cube Nope it was Yuma

    • janitor of cube
      janitor of cube

      @NotA SoftTea was nicholas their first victim?!

  • Lamiii

    10:13, K quote-ing what RM said really showed how much he learned, grew, and improved from I-Land. This is what an idol should be. I'm excited to see different sides from you K! Fighting!!

  • Thalia Simancas
    Thalia Simancas

    Creo que no hay ningun capitulo donde haya llorado, este programa me pone muy sentimental 😭🤧

  • um like who cares
    um like who cares

    EJ has quickly become my favorite. I will definitely support the group later on since he will be in it. I am finding it more and more difficult to root for certain members when it feels like most of the members will fit in perfectly with ETKN. So far I fully support Jo, maki, junwon, hikaru and harua⭐️

    • Hoomei Ali
      Hoomei Ali

      Yea same

  • Milagros Zarate
    Milagros Zarate

    GAKU es tan humilde :'( quiero que debute !!!

  • Olivia O'Reilly
    Olivia O'Reilly

    I'm not one to cry but when Harua and Maki confessed and hugged I burst out. Not just those two, but everyone has to debut, fighting!

    • cHaE

      @UNABABE7 FR!!!

    • km



      like they talked about having this dream of getting their bangs cut

    • 爱ᴇʀɪɴ

      and when maki said "you're late" 😭😭😭😭

    • Fatima

      @NotA SoftTea source: wild imagination 😂


    Plz let Hayate, Yuma, Jo, Gaku, Junwon debut!!!!


    Oh man this episode made me laugh and cry so much 😢 😭 and started to remember I-Land, I totally hope that each and every one of them debut. Sending Lots Of Agape Love Always all the way from El Paso, Texas 💞💞💞

  • Fer López
    Fer López

    I really want them to debut with K, EJ, Nicholas and Taki!! Especially Hayate, Junwon, Hikaru, Yuma, Jo and Harua

  • Lady Pop
    Lady Pop

    Nobody's talking about how amazing it is, that they can switch to Japanese and to Korean effortlessly 🤧 Like they understand each other in Korean and in Japanese 💪🏻 Especially YUMA, he used Korean in a Japanese show rather than his mother tongue because his members are mostly Koreans. I stan these talented boys ✊🏻

  • eyung0

    since many people aren’t talking about it the friendship between Gaku and Nicholas is super cute can’t wait to see more of them. who’s ready to sob next episode?!

    • amaka okafor
      amaka okafor

      @eyung0 no need to apologize at all I took no offense I was just adding my two cents in

    • eyung0

      @amaka okafor sorry! I didn’t intend to exclude hayate I was just talking about these 2 cuz of their small interactions here but obv they are a trio! their friendship is cute ! im sorry again T-T

    • amaka okafor
      amaka okafor

      Also hayate...they are a trio

    • Océane crogiez
      Océane crogiez

      @NotA SoftTea wtf are you saying ? lmaoooo. Taki ( if i remember well, it was him) said this because he was telling a nightmare he had the night before. But that was a dream not a true thing - - '

    • eyung0

      @NotA SoftTea what 💀

  • honey

    they need to debut together i honestly can't see them not debuting, they work so well together and have all done an amazing job😭

  • Sarah

    I love them ALL... But Maki is so special, I want him to debut soooo bad! Let's go, Maki! P.S: It would be even better if they all debuted together...

  • Klára Nedbalová
    Klára Nedbalová

    I feel like when they debut K is going to be leader and I'm here for it i feel like he puts members on above of him he is such a leader material and he proved it in I-LAND and also in &audition also I wanted to say I rlly love K's and Ta-Ki's friendship I'm rlly looking forward their debut!

  • Dulce de coco🥥
    Dulce de coco🥥

    Este episodio fue realmente emotivo, me reí demasiado con ellos mientras jugaban al igual que también llore cuando recibieron las cartas, nunca me ha tocado estar lejos de mi familia pero me imagino que debe ser lo mas difícil del mundo. Se que lamentablemente no todos podrán debutar pero les deseo el mayor de los éxitos para todos ustedes. Harua, Jo, Gaku y Hikaru lo están haciendo muy bien, estoy muy orgullosa y con fe espero su debut.

  • chiffchaffglue


  • Shaira Honey Nessia
    Shaira Honey Nessia

    This is the most heart warming episode of & Audition Boys Howling

  • Kim Sayong
    Kim Sayong

    Yuma, K, Hayate and Taki are fighting with lemons while Hikaru is enjoying the food 😭🤣

  • ttaevantae

    Denle más tiempo en pantalla a Fuma o lloro, él también merece comentarios bonitos.

  • Rachel Ding
    Rachel Ding

    Fuma, gaku, and hayate we’re amazing choices for leaders! They seriously all deserve to debut, Can’t wait to see what they come up with!

    • Gopika Menon
      Gopika Menon

      @NotA SoftTea is there a link?

    • Linda Painto
      Linda Painto

      @Gopika Menon AHH I forgot jay yes I absolutely agree with you

    • Gopika Menon
      Gopika Menon

      @Linda Painto in I-Land it was literally even said my the judges that JAY is the best choice for leader after K

    • BTS&SVT💜💎

      @Sillyehabnida?! same 🥺

    • Sillyehabnida?!

      In love with Hayate ❤️

  • mika

    I am very proud of the 15, they give me a lot of faith and make me think that I can also achieve my goal of being a global idol, the 15 members are very talented, so much so that I would love for the 15 to debut together, nothing would make me so happy that that.. gaku, hayate, I really appreciate you all, and all 15 members deserve the best, FAITHING!

  • Chi Amelyn Rose
    Chi Amelyn Rose

    5 reason why I love all the members 0T15 1.Given they are talented 2. Pure cuteness and have pure heart 3. they have tender love and care for each other 4. brightest smile ever 5. best entertainer of the year

  • Sxziara

    So is no one gonna talk about how cute minhyung teases his hyungs at 23:10 and the way he booed the blue team😭😭😭

  • 𝑹𝒂𝒊𝒏♡🌼

    Hikaru is a cinnamon roll😭💚

  • Nicole

    Fuma is honestly an ace. He can speak Japanese and Korean, he can dance, he can sing, he's funny and kind, what more could u want?

    • Kelly Pope
      Kelly Pope

      @HINATA SAMA that is kind of sad that looking older made him not a favorite. It is ok… many of us like him. Plus talent should matter more than age.

    • Kelly Pope
      Kelly Pope

      @HINATA SAMA we all have different taste. Why would you think he won’t get any support. Strange. And he is a stand out. He can do anything. I think having him and K in the same team will be beneficial for that team.

    • Hope

      I want Fuma to debut too ❤️

    • Merlie Estrada
      Merlie Estrada

      We love you 😘😘😘FUMA!!!!!!!

    • Chloe~♡

      Fuma deserve more 🥺💗

  • Captain_Hong

    I'm sure if they all Debuted Gaku and K gonna be their best Entertainers 😆🤣🤣❤

  • jac 🍓🫧
    jac 🍓🫧

    i love everyone so much i know their families miss their boys so much but i hope they continue to stay strong and work hard 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Blip Blop
    Blip Blop

    Minhyung and K are so competitive 🤣🤣🤣

  • Georgia Blazer
    Georgia Blazer

    nicholas and gaku seem to be getting really close, i hope they debut together!!

  • Phoo Myat Thwe
    Phoo Myat Thwe

    MAKI is so cute...I wish HARUA and MAKI debut together. Their relationship is so precious.kawaii

    • NotA SoftTea
      NotA SoftTea

      The boys are getting punished behind the scenes whenever they do a mistake on the stage they got their bangs cut.

    • Faith

      Maki and Harua being awkward makes me laugh and I don't know why. Gomenasai Maki tu Harua. But you guys are so cute thooo🤣❤

    • Kiara Garcia
      Kiara Garcia


    • Kworldinformed News
      Kworldinformed News

      Yes, Harua and Maki.

    • Gopika Menon
      Gopika Menon

      @Thekimfam Sunghoon and Sunoo aren't so much clingy to each other like harua and maki! They are more like Tom and Jerry! Guess they are more like JayWon

  • ViNiLL Darck
    ViNiLL Darck

    Все парни очень крутые, по своему милые, талантливые и достойны дебютировать!!! Очень переживаю за всех, но надеюсь что у них всё получится!)))❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥🤗

    • Nastya Navrotskaya
      Nastya Navrotskaya

      Даа! Вот бы все дебютировали🥰 Я очень была удивлена, что Хикару умеет разговаривать 🤗

  • Lilac Panther
    Lilac Panther

    Aww Nicholas telling Gaku he loves him :') so sweet :')

  • Jorge Lala
    Jorge Lala

    Espero que Maki y Harua puedan tener una linda amistad, y logren debutar juntos, Maki y Harua DEBUT

  • Alex The ARMY
    Alex The ARMY

    I- this episode made me laugh so much, especially Gaku, he's a true entertainer :D He has very bubbly personality and It brings happiness to just watch people like him... All together I feel like I want to see all the members of team Full Count debut.

  • SugaVirus

    Ok. There are already two pairings that can't be separated. HayateYuma and GakuHarua. They have to debut together, it's the rules. idc. idc.

    • Reese

      @SugaVirus I'm hoping for 9 too! It's still small enough that they can all shine but big enough that we don't have to lose too many of them. And the younger ones will still have chances to debut later on.

    • SugaVirus

      @Reese They could for sure change things! I'm hoping it's more than 7 too, having that many people to only choose7 seems sad but I'm going to prepare my heart just in case haha. I'm hoping for 9 but I'm going to try to keep my expectations low lol.

    • martina widi
      martina widi

      @NotA SoftTea really? How do you know?

    • Reese

      @SugaVirus oh I thought you meant they actually announced a new wolf webtoon for them. I read Enhypen's webtoon but I guess I just forgot that they said there were 7 wolves. Well, maybe they could still add more wolves later like if they made a wolf webtoon where new wolves joined their pack. I'm not expecting all 15 to debut and I think we shouldn't hope for that big of a group but I'm still hoping we at least get more than 7 😭

    • SugaVirus

      @Reese It's in Enhypen's webtoon.

  • Ruth Negrete
    Ruth Negrete

    In this ep gaku and hikaru stood out to mee their different personalities were so funny especially the lemon one for both 😭🥰

  • Thay_3fd

    Hayate, gaku, Maki y Jo debuten por favor 😭

  • GraceSVTTBZ

    One moment are laughing so hard bc of the chaotic they are on games and another one are crying for the final. It's impossible not cry seeing all them crying reading their parents letters. Their families know how hard they prepare for reach the debut and I'm happy that they support their sons even in the distance. It was an episode with mixed feelings. I can't choose my favorites yet bc I've grown fond of everyone but I wish all of them can debut! I really want that. Fighting guys!

  • Hanna

    I dunno what to say, I'm speechless. Everyone please know that we are always here to support all of you and continually love you through out your journey. We know its hard but hey we're - you're almost there. Keep holding everyone. We love you❤

  • rukimbapkiddingme



      @Myah Comas on ep 1 maki had a dream of getting their bangs cut when they make a mistake but idk why they comment this


      @NotA SoftTea r u okay

    • Myah Comas
      Myah Comas

      @NotA SoftTea source??

    • Laila


  • Stray kıds Stay ♥️
    Stray kıds Stay ♥️

    Espero que todos debuten, este programa me pone muy centimental 😭💖