Rubber Band Trampoline
Dylan Ayres
Tik Tok: Dylandoestiktok1

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  • Temshop

    The guy literally was like " These watermelons aren't going to waste"

    • Kyle McCauley
      Kyle McCauley

      @__axi I’m pulling out of rubber from tires

    • Tom Winek
      Tom Winek

      Mack a rubber ring out of ur ubber bands and a big one


    • AkmalZaini 3215
      AkmalZaini 3215

      @Temshop Yea

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  • AntznnFX

    If “Hey mom I’m dropping out of college to pursue this new career” was a person

    • riley Kinley
      riley Kinley

      Yep oh

    • riley Kinley
      riley Kinley

      Yep oh

    • Dimas Rinata
      Dimas Rinata

      @Jonathan giesbrecht q

    • Dimas Rinata
      Dimas Rinata

      @Agent playing basketball Ini kkqmqppkkoP0pppp0p

    • Sean Pires
      Sean Pires

      @Jonathan giesbrecht 0q

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    When the soda flew up I just laughed and choked lol

  • doodlydoops

    I feel like this person has a wild mind that does what ever he's curious about knows how to de-stress

    • Ajit Wanta
      Ajit Wanta

      No out

  • Yazmin Alonso
    Yazmin Alonso

    I loved the last part 🤣😂

  • TonyS

    This guy literally went from trying to test his trampoline to destroying the stuff he bought

    • Ice

      @Wandi1021 cringe he literally ate the water melon at the end lemao

    • Wandi1021

      @Conolinguists James your laughing your ass of now?? 😯 I didn’t think you knew how to use words like that. And I’m smarter than I sound. Bet you wouldn’t say stuff like this to me in person now would you? Oh wait you said we’re done.

    • Ash.Major.Kembai

      The Bradford Exchange I need to brush your teeth

    • ZeFind ninjas are the best Humphreys
      ZeFind ninjas are the best Humphreys

      He is so cool

    • Captain America 🇺🇸
      Captain America 🇺🇸

  • Eric B
    Eric B

    Mom: "Dylan! Clean your warehouse son!"

  • Daryan Demers
    Daryan Demers

    this series should be called “White and Bored”

    • Teo

      And you need to include a white board

    • Milkshake

      This literally has nothing to do with race so don’t make it about it and tbh all poc have more privilege than white people

    • Mann Person
      Mann Person

      @4m4zing_w0nders _0f_the_w0rld this is textbook racism tho lol, don’t act like you don’t understand why it’s racist

    • Mann Person
      Mann Person

      @꩜𝓀𝒾𝓇𝒶𝓀𝑜𝓇𝑒 !𖦹 how does a white person have more control over the money they make then a black or Hispanic person?

    • Mann Person
      Mann Person

      @꩜𝓀𝒾𝓇𝒶𝓀𝑜𝓇𝑒 !𖦹 love that your being racist lol

  • ♡《Strange_s!mp》♡

    That would really hurt if it broke while you were laying on it.💀

  • JaysonPlays

    Legend just has it he still building that trampoline

  • Omega Vince
    Omega Vince

    I love how he explains everything he did as if it was the only option at that moment

    • zaqu

      @palmer and youngking you ok or are you guys havin a stroke

    • Collin Kopetzky
      Collin Kopetzky

      So we took the root beer outside…obviously! 😂😂😂

    • Amberly Terrazas
      Amberly Terrazas

      The key 🗝️ to sucess

    • youngking

      @palmer okkgcfdr

    • palmer

      yeah right funny kskdkdkd

  • Meag

    This looks like something nearly every boy I grew up with would do

  • shawn bunker
    shawn bunker

    I love how he sounds like a little kid telling a story

  • Justaguy

    I anticipated him to jump on that. Give me my 41 seconds back

  • Sir Lamb Chops
    Sir Lamb Chops

    “How much food do you wanna waste?” “Yes.”

  • Jeb

    I love that you “had to go outside to” blow up the root beer bottle, as if that’s it’s sole intended purpose

    • I Sexually Identify as Offensive
      I Sexually Identify as Offensive

      @2CentsBear Nah, just Root Beer.

    • Dyl Apple
      Dyl Apple

      And then went back inside to shatter the plate

    • 2CentsBear

      @Somebody any soda for that matter

    • Victor Gonzalez
      Victor Gonzalez

      Another example of over privileged white kids wasting food

    • Hellboy

      @ur mom people still say those cringy Reddit references? Sheesh😂🤦‍♂️

  • Fird Abd_
    Fird Abd_

    Am so impressed by his trick. We all have falling into it wheither you like it or not.

  • Will Tronzano
    Will Tronzano

    How haz this man not broken the youtube algorithm?

  • Lili P
    Lili P

    This guy has too much free time but the rubber band industry is happy

  • Justsomefries🍟

    That ending🍉

  • Ray

    This video feels like when a child is trying to logically justify why the house is a mess to there parents 😂

    • Jotish Reddy
      Jotish Reddy

      @Thawhid play f*****

    • TwIzL

      Lmfao that made me cackle

    • Daily shit!
      Daily shit!

      @Tiani Ubiles ummm what?

    • Tiani Ubiles
      Tiani Ubiles

      @Daily shit! No one ever uses an answer from except for you

    • Tiani Ubiles
      Tiani Ubiles

      No one ever uses Instagram that's online it it's God dating

  • ꧁Aurora꧂


  • L.B

    “Ok Daqaun, what did YOU do for your winter break?”

  • Diane Guillen
    Diane Guillen

    All I saw was my anxiety trying not to break 😂

  • Amber Dunn
    Amber Dunn

    Lol I literally watch these for the destruction and the giant rubber band ball lol 😆

  • YTuser45

    I love how it starts as a rubber band trampoline and just fades to destruction of random objects

    • Hunter00357


    • Wandi1021


    • Paras Chauhan
      Paras Chauhan

      But i hate it

    • Naomi Stella
      Naomi Stella

      @Mello Hehehhe, sameeee. Its funny, but also.. I cant be productive half the time

    • Mello

      @Mr Hot Java I can confirm this is what topic-jumping looks like or randomly thinking of an entirely different thought -an individual with ADHD


    If anyone wants to learn how to destroy things Learn from this guy because he knows how to waste a pair of plates for his sh**y trampoline

  • Lmnj Heyhoo12
    Lmnj Heyhoo12

    THAT BOTTLE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ♡ ˢⁿʷᵘᶠᶠˡᵉˢ♡
    ♡ ˢⁿʷᵘᶠᶠˡᵉˢ♡

    Breaking a plate in my country means good luck! I know it was intended-

  • Mattimus Aurelius
    Mattimus Aurelius

    I'm guessing you'd be one hell of an Engineer.

  • Beloved!

    "Watermelons are too heavy " also him before: throws a TIRE which is heavier


    • Erina Pendleton
      Erina Pendleton

      I like how everyone in the comments is trying to elaborate like that one nerd in class that is always explaining what things mean

    • Knickers33

      Tire is heavier than watermelon???

    • Óðinn

      Pretty sure he meant dense. A term which reminds me of so many people here.

    • Sluggs

      I don’t think he’s saying anything about pressure and stuff, he’s just stating the irony in what was mentioned


    Its not a mistake Its a✨ MASTER PIECE ✨

  • KamJayde

    My hair literally falling out at the sight of this

  • Alice Martin
    Alice Martin

    Imagine how bad all of those rubber bands u buy are for the environment

  • Brooklyn Leonard
    Brooklyn Leonard

    So a watermelon is heavier than a tire?🤯😳

  • Riley Parker
    Riley Parker

    This is like the inner dialogue of a very eloquent 6 year old

  • Jellybean_Tokyo✨✨

    Lol this was nice 😂

  • foodforthesoul

    Imagine how bad it would hurt if it breaks

  • Hozic

    Braking your legs never was so easy

  • Josh Phinney
    Josh Phinney

    This is the definition of people being bored! Lol

  • Qurram Ali I.
    Qurram Ali I.

    Imagine how great it would've looked if the rubber bands would cover the whole trampoline.

    • just a girl
      just a girl

      @Henrik Nilsson Periodt, I completely agree 😌

    • sleepy girl lily
      sleepy girl lily

      @Henrik Nilsson oh ok

    • Henrik Nilsson
      Henrik Nilsson

      @Nadana What the Quran contains are several verses which if twisted to fit into modern knowledge may appear scientific or insightful to individuals with a hindsight bias. It is the same argument people hear from Christians about Nostradamus. There are countless claims about the Quran which simply aren't true. The Quran does not contain any formulas for vaccine against polio. It does not contain any mathematical or engineering equations or instructions. There isn't even agricultural advice in it. What it does contain are several verses that are simply scientifically incorrect. It is true that important progress was built upon Greek and Indian mathematics during the golden age of Islam, in arabic, most likely by muslims. What that tells us is that those muslims were very intelligent. What it does not tell us that their religious believes were the reason for their success. I'm sure you would agree that the Greeks mathematical success didn't happen because of their believes, am I right? Then why so for the muslims? Even today there are mathematical geniuses all over the world with completely different religions believes. I don't understand how you can see a correlation.

    • Henrik Nilsson
      Henrik Nilsson

      @sleepy girl lily No worries, I have several muslim friends, I know everybody isn't like this. I am not annoyed about muslims, I am annoyed about people who act like this no matter what religion they have.

    • Zira Kins Fictional Characters
      Zira Kins Fictional Characters

      @•Hoshíko Miyu•🌸 nope,I'm zira😝 Anyways,hell yeah!I don't believe in your heaven daddy😈

  • Vancliff Augustind
    Vancliff Augustind

    People watching him getting watermelon soda and plates "Oh wow watermelon party"

  • Prites Bas
    Prites Bas

    One day someone will make this into a movie

  • Angelee Lamacchio
    Angelee Lamacchio

    Everytime walmart sees him there like "so watermelons rubber bands tires or soda this time"

  • actually allison
    actually allison

    i’ve watched this so many times just to see the root beer explode

  • mertoj

    Imagine all of the rubberbands breaking at once and whipping at him as he jumps

    • nazuki uchiha
      nazuki uchiha


    • KeyserSoze26B

      I wish

    • sagnik paul
      sagnik paul

      Eternal peace

    • Yeaguh

      @Henrik Nilsson 😏

    • Hold_Ma_Beer

      That would be satisfying


    Can you make it look like an actual trampoline with giant rubber bands like a part 2 but fully plsssss

  • TheBestOne


  • Christian Jegglie
    Christian Jegglie

    Its crazy to think that this next generation is so simple minded that this is entertaining to them.

  • LiamStillLost

    Me: Can we get a trampoline Mom: No, we have one at home The trampoline at home:

  • Blumenkol

    "I can step on the band" "The watermelon was too heavy so it didn't bounce off" Conclusion: My man out here lighter than a watermelon

    • Requiem

      He doesn’t understand how surface area works cuz he’s a dumbarse tik-tok kid 😒

    • Cz

      @Reign Garcia my guy its a joke


    • Reign Garcia
      Reign Garcia

      Well he didn’t throw himself into it he just stepped on it

  • Julio Mendoza
    Julio Mendoza

    It’s all fun until they snap while you lay on it and they all smack you lol

  • M̆̈ȋ̈𝖆 ☠️ 🖤
    M̆̈ȋ̈𝖆 ☠️ 🖤

    That looks so fun

  • Eleina

    The original goal of this was to make a trampoline guys 🤣

  • TheCar

    can put his own weight - about 150 pounds and a rubber tire* “The watermelon was too heavy”

  • Michael

    I cannot get enough of this guy lol everytime I get a notification I know his simple material will be gold.

  • Eunnah Kim
    Eunnah Kim

    You should’ve put it horizontally as well. It wasn’t about tightness it’s just physics

  • Cr0wG4mer

    Man I wish you could build a chair out of em

  • HachiOnnaMasashige🎤

    The flying soda 😂

  • 🍓StrwBrryShake🍓

    He said " the watermelon was to heavy" I'm like you just though a tire on it?

  • Camilionee

    "It launched pretty decently" launches all the way across the yard


    • Project GDR
      Project GDR

    • Gamistry

      Wdym? Your root beer bottles don't reach space? Pathetic!

    • Nesia Chan
      Nesia Chan

      *its decent*

  • Evie Barnes
    Evie Barnes

    At first before he said something about the rubber bands I thought they wear noodles on the floor 😂😂😂👹👹👹✨✨✨

  • skylar the wolf
    skylar the wolf

    To be honest if I worked at a store, I could tell a IRglor by what they buy.

  • Truffled

    the root beer exploding was a whole ass side quest

  • Eric B
    Eric B

    Weave the rubber bands horizontal to the vertical ones. Shirtless on the hammock would be nice too.

  • Togsuicide

    "Tell me ur rich without telling me ur rich." -Kid throwing stuffs.

    • 4m4zing_w0nders _0f_the_w0rld
      4m4zing_w0nders _0f_the_w0rld

      @Dead IRglo Channel u cant even make a dime off of tiktok

    • Getgle

      @Moonee found the buttmad rich kid lmao 💀

    • GrimPig6969

      He makes way more money off the videos though

    • 澤東秉文

      @hannah Chill bruh it's youtubw

    • AtHuL

      Yes wasting too much of money

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    If it was all the way around with them meeting in the middle, you could jump on it, no problem. For some reason, though, bro only did like 1/4 of it 🤔

  • EbkStitchLip Official
    EbkStitchLip Official

    Imagine buying root beer to destroy it🤦🏻

  • Rxmmel

    Can you build a mini house with the rubber bands?

  • vendetta

    So ur telling me the watermelon was to heavy to bounce on it but the tire wasn’t ?! Wth is that logic

  • zachary wan
    zachary wan

    I feel like that 2 seconds clip of the guy eating the melon was to prepare for those people saying you should not be wasting food😂😂


    • Josh R
      Josh R

      Yea they definitely threw it all away right after that lol

  • A Pure Doggo
    A Pure Doggo

    A piece of my soul got hurt when he threw that plate

  • Cee Yane
    Cee Yane

    I can only imagine the smell it left on everything


    this guy is litterally obsessed with rubber bands...

  • Betty Noir
    Betty Noir

    Maybe to make it stronger use a lattice pattern 🧐

  • SilverbugAlex

    Imagine going to the store and asking “hey do you guys have thousands of rubber bands”?

    • Catra is Adora-ble
      Catra is Adora-ble

      "oh it's this crazy dude again. GUYS HE'S BACK."

    • chris cunningham
      chris cunningham

      Just go online to a warehouse that produces office supplies and order in BULK!!!

    • Joshua

      perhaps he ordered them in bulk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Matt

    I’ll never understand why someone would waste their money to buy something they’re just going to destroy lmfao

  • skateTimeTV

    can you make a basket ball hoop with rubber bands?

  • kim christman
    kim christman

    So no one is going to talk about how he ate the watermelon off the geound

  • Jameel Khanna
    Jameel Khanna

    So one day my brain just went, "blurp."

  • Tanni Sarkar
    Tanni Sarkar

    Moral of the story : if you have money. You can burn it.

    • Alexander Bohlin
      Alexander Bohlin

      @Dope Drums that depends on the youtuber. 2-5k, more likely. Big youtubers, probably around 50k/1mil views

    • MC Laggin
      MC Laggin

      @Dope Drums shorts don't make a lot of money though, keep that in mind. There are many videos on YT explaining this. A 10 min video with 100k views will most likely make more money than a short with 10 mil views, reason being is that YT works on watch time, there are no ad rolls on shorts, there are at least 2-3 on a 10 min video, that's where the money comes from.

    • Mark Zumperberg
      Mark Zumperberg

      @Dope Drums only like 1k lmao

    • Dope Drums
      Dope Drums

      @Cmonster Furthermore, It's Google who's dishing out the money, you're probably aware that they're the owners of IRglo. Also, they share the ad revenue with the creators and takes a huge slice from these viral videos. Do you honestly think people are chasing the viral dream just because of attention? It's the money, my guy.


  • alexis diaz
    alexis diaz

    Him in 2050: Building a working car and 10 sky scrapers made out of rubber bands

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    Him: " Only stonks that eats a broken watermelon"

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    Him: " Only stonks that eats a broken watermelon"

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    Him: " Only stonks that eats a broken watermelon"

  • Saraim Gebretsadik
    Saraim Gebretsadik

    I could never trust to jump on it… I can’t even jump on a trampoline that shows the springs without being scared 😂😂😂

    • Meh

      Trampolines are mad fun but Fr it can be sketchy

    • The Super Videogame Nerd MORE
      The Super Videogame Nerd MORE

      Worried you will trip and run off?

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer

    If the bands break....that's gonna sting

  • Shorts

    This is literally every kid who wants to be independent dream

  • Shiu

    " I tried to surf on it"💀

  • Gingerbrave

    The coke rocket lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Pro At The Game
    The Pro At The Game

    me jumping on the trampoline: **chuckles** i’m in danger

    • The Pro At The Game
      The Pro At The Game

      @COSMAS PONDA what?

    • Charina Flores
      Charina Flores

      @Idc._uri ..


    • Rusted Dragon
      Rusted Dragon

      Imagine it popping, all the bands snapping amd you just feel that horrid pain

    • Paul Iverson
      Paul Iverson

      OMG SO FUNNY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!

  • Dakota Bargar
    Dakota Bargar

    Lmao you used 20% of rubber band for that trampoline, your missing alot more bands if your trying to jump on it 🤣

  • light shade
    light shade

    Congratulations, you’ve reinvented the trampoline

  • Donnie Venters
    Donnie Venters

    Dont try this at home kids😂😂

  • Russell Snow
    Russell Snow

    This is what "boys will be boys" means

  • Anominous Anomalies
    Anominous Anomalies

    The watermelon wasn’t too heavy, you didn’t have enough surface area to actually hold the watermelon. Gotta love the smooth brains

    • Hanna Beaverly
      Hanna Beaverly

      @Alfred Lundqvist yhea. But. It being heavy was still never a problem. I mean. The tire was heavier. The thing is it was round. So its kinda dumb to say it was too heavy😅

    • Braulio Cuellar
      Braulio Cuellar

      @COSMAS PONDA with otooootwotwtwtwiooooooooo

    • Salome Aguiar
      Salome Aguiar

      I Killol Ok koo I Lo K

    • Alfred Lundqvist
      Alfred Lundqvist

      That’s true but if it would be light then that would not happen


  • Thomas Romero
    Thomas Romero

    You need to evenly place them instead of putting constant pressure on a side directly across from each other like ↔️↕️↖️↘️↙️↗️

  • Numsmen

    Wow im impressed how a watermelon is more heavier than a man

  • Digital Space Race
    Digital Space Race

    I guess we gotta make another rubber band ball from the watermellon

  • I Forgot srry
    I Forgot srry

    You should have made a cross of robber bands so it'll work better, and get the corners too