50 Cent Talks "Tycoon Houston Comedy Fest, YK Osiris, Love For Houston, Mending Relationships & More
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  • Diverse Mentality
    Diverse Mentality

    I always love 50 Cent interviews, Charlamange was asking the PERFECT questions. Great interview.

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • The thief comes to steal and kill
      The thief comes to steal and kill

      Imagine if envy started playing some Ja rule hardcore song in the middle of this interview without saying anything like story to tell or six feet underground. Lol

    • Black McBain
      Black McBain

      Angela yee vs charlamane: who really won?

    • thejalenflowers

      Saved the juiciest 1 for last 😂

    • Fresh’s Super Evil BBC
      Fresh’s Super Evil BBC

      We need you to get that interview

  • Anna Schneider Vlogs
    Anna Schneider Vlogs

    50 is that type of people that every time they speak is always teaching stuff. Some people charge for this. Thanks 50 and the breakfast club for giving us powerful content.

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

  • Aayla Breast Vlogs
    Aayla Breast Vlogs

    50 Cent throughout his career has given the most authentic, unpolitical answers while educating and entertaining! I will continue “being that fly on the wall”,absorbing all and continuous support!

  • Cousin Chris
    Cousin Chris

    50 Cent has mastered how to be great at being interviewed by the media. Never disappoints no matter what he's promoting. Even if he has nothing to promote. Master Class👏🏿👏🏿

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • Liya Club
      Liya Club

      irglo.info/from/Zrl9cH-HZtTUl6M/fy-lm-h-y.html It's here finally!

    • The thief comes to steal and kill
      The thief comes to steal and kill

      Nobody- 50 - It feels good

    • Freestyle Gang
      Freestyle Gang

      Mastered of anything he touches truly a legend of my generation 💯

  • GeohGald

    Never get tired of hearing about the late 90s/early 00s hip hop era. Especially from artists who were in the middle of it. That era was special.

    • @Trevision88

      @JakeNot4rmStateFarm It was Mostly American Artist now you have people from other backgrounds who dont really come from the same history or struggle

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • The thief comes to steal and kill
      The thief comes to steal and kill

      I f with Ja rule and 50 Both are great rappers I don’t care about their static

    • Tin Suga
      Tin Suga


  • etnohc


  • Geoffrey Saunders
    Geoffrey Saunders

    50’s interviews are always on point. We need him on Drink Champs again!!!

    • Izzyhegetsbuzy

      @Marzel Simmons I’m not saying with Nore was ever a beef… they always was good.

    • pedro gates
      pedro gates

      @Izzyhegetsbuzy and he clearly just said he don’t have issues with puff Quincy is in the show and he wants Justin

    • pedro gates
      pedro gates

      @Izzyhegetsbuzy Khalid and 50 been squashed what they had when him and fat joe did that was the reason for the beef in the first place and you crazy if Diddy won’t allow him on drink champs it’s all about that dollar it’s been people on drink champs that don’t rock with puff

    • Geoffrey Saunders
      Geoffrey Saunders

      @Arissen Vadivelu I know. They’ve been cool with each other since before 50 was rich, lol.

  • Filipe Anjos
    Filipe Anjos

    50 is that type of people that every time they speak is always teaching stuff. Some people charge for this. Thanks 50 and the breakfast club for giving us powerful content.

  • Lex Luga
    Lex Luga

    This Dude has ALWAYS been my favorite interview to watch! You get street shxt, Hustling, Real GAME, intelligence, AND humor!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!! 💪🏾

  • Me You & Blue
    Me You & Blue

    50 Cent interviews are hands down the best. Never miss any of his on platforms.

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • Liya Club
      Liya Club

      irglo.info/from/Zrl9cH-HZtTUl6M/fy-lm-h-y.html It's here finally!

  • gifi11

    If this doesn't show you how much of a genius 50 is nothing will. Can hear him talk all day.

  • Ricky Manning
    Ricky Manning

    50 has the amazing ability to talk casually about a really serious issue as if it's nothing. The more you listen to him the more you catch on to it

    • Gregory Lloyd
      Gregory Lloyd

      Cancer ♋ shit 💯

    • #216goldgoddess

      Yes I love listening to him talk and educate he’s a wise man real talk

  • F.A Boateng
    F.A Boateng

    I never wanna miss 50’s interview. Dude is on a different energy. 👍 👍 👍

  • La Sosa
    La Sosa

    I can listen to 50 talk all day. I love his humour and his take on things.

  • Love_ SumLotta
    Love_ SumLotta

    I was watching Ja and Irv's drink champs and as soon as I saw this, I immediately clicked. I love listening to 50's perspective and his views on business and life. Listen when he says how he was trying to learn about contracts, while others was up in the club. He's the epitome of how you can reinvent yourself and come out even better than ever. Dropping gems for real!

  • Millard Filmore
    Millard Filmore

    Truly a great interview. Came in and dropped wisdom like it’s nothin!

  • Big Daddy D.
    Big Daddy D.

    Man I could listen to 50 drop gems all day! So glad we finally getting an interview of him, it’s been a while since we got so seen him just crack jokes and kick it with y’all.

  • Jordan Ferrel
    Jordan Ferrel

    Fif is just a legendary hustler and ever since he dropped GRODT I pay attention to everything he does because it’s quality, and he always entertains to the best of his ability!

  • rich beaumont
    rich beaumont

    This is why the breakfast club is legendary. At any given moment a super legend will pull up and do a great interview.

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • Moses The Meek
      Moses The Meek

      Pulling up with super high quality interviews, this is top tier on any platform, any medium

    • Marcus Bailey
      Marcus Bailey

      Drink champs way better

    • BigJayWilliams


  • AFD13

    If you’re a true hip hop fan, you know nobody had a more legendary run in the early 2000s like Fif! Video games, movies, endorsements! So glad I was alive to witness all that shit , was 8 years old when I bought the Massacre !!

  • Travel9two5

    50 cent is one of the top 5 most influential hip hop artist of all time around the world. Go anywhere on planet earth and play his music I I guarantee you people will know his face/music/name. That’s some Michael Jackson level type of reach. And he touches generations older than him and younger than him. He says and does what he wants and people respect it. just remarkable 🔥👏🏾👏🏾

    • Janorius Masiali
      Janorius Masiali


  • Julie Russo
    Julie Russo

    Absolutely love .50 and can listen to him all day! He is a brilliant man.

    • #216goldgoddess

      Me too

  • Grace B. Addey
    Grace B. Addey

    I couldn't click fast enough when I saw 50 Cent in the thumbnail cos he gives great interviews and shares useful information about growing in the business environment. And the fact that he doesn't mince words when sharing his experiences no matter who's involved makes his interviews quite interesting. He's definitely one of those who's business endeavours are motivating. Keep soaring 👏

  • DatBoyCold

    Interview went so well almost didn’t notice Angela wasn’t there. Looks like the Breakfast Club will be just fine…

    • kfc667

      @FRANK LEE_1LOVE Bruh, Yee should of been there 😔. She'll be back on Monday tho 😏



  • Rob Madden Shot Ya
    Rob Madden Shot Ya

    I see a 50 Cent interview and I watch immediately. 50 NEVER disappoints in his interviews.

  • Genarco the Great
    Genarco the Great

    So proud of 50. Coming from the streets to being so successful in tv like this. Is an amazing thing. I hope He becomes billionaire eventually

  • Union Strong 238
    Union Strong 238

    Always good to hear from 50!! Much love and respect!!!

  • DrewTube316

    50 never disappoints when he pulls up.

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • Mr Kilo-G
      Mr Kilo-G

      Legend of the 2000's 💯💯

    • SeriusOne


    • Layla

      In the beginning there was L.J Frazier are you following him @therealljfrazier ?

  • PowerToTheTubers

    This was a super dope interview. 50 never disappoints! On a sidenote, anyone notice how Angela Yee has been distant and is never around for moments and interviews anymore? It definitely doesn't surprise me that she's leaving TBC and I can't help but wonder if there's any type of tension or friction between she and any of the staff (including but not limited to Envy and Charlamagne)

  • Anthony Brawner
    Anthony Brawner

    The amount of knowledge, experience, and savvy that Fif has is unparalleled- it feels like he’s only just beginning to truly grind. #Legend

  • Mar Mar
    Mar Mar

    A legend man. Love this guy. I can literally watch all his interviews and not be bored . 💯

  • Haddingtonian GCP
    Haddingtonian GCP

    50 always gives solid interviews. Love them!

  • Duly

    He’s legitimately the greatest interviewee they have, always the most in depth explanations of stories people have had misconstrued. Want to learn more about his side of the Supreme doc and Jimmy Henchman stuff.

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • Melvin HHCP
      Melvin HHCP

      @Thoughts Of A Predicate Winner 😂😂😂

    • Ugenius Williams Jr
      Ugenius Williams Jr

      And his humor. He adds so much to a interview.

    • Zaza Tv
      Zaza Tv

      Big up 50 real legend

    • Thoughts Of A Predicate Winner
      Thoughts Of A Predicate Winner

      Cause he’s the goat

  • ty boogie
    ty boogie

    S/o to 50 for the charity work his doin for the kids💯💪🏾

  • Rob Madden Shot Ya
    Rob Madden Shot Ya

    I see a 50 Cent interview and I watch immediately. 50 NEVER disappoints in his interviews.


    This is perfect time and I was literally just watching 50 cent interviews last night he does the best interviews of any rapper and you can learn a lot from him so happy that a brand new one is here today! 💯☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Mr0Watcher

    50's interviews are the best, i swear every time you learn from this man. To me he is he real GOAT. 50 for ever.

  • Chisomaga Nnaji
    Chisomaga Nnaji

    Man I can listen to 50 Cent all day. Funny, Smart and a great Communicator

  • Connor

    In my opinion Chief keef is a living legend the ogs in rap give him so much respect. He made a whole genre go global at 16 and put all of Chicago drill rappers on even his opps. he won’t get his credit until he pass tho smh

    • Matthew Davis III
      Matthew Davis III

      Naw I'm not giving him that

  • Que Center
    Que Center

    I love 50 cents interviews dudes an open book he real with his past life and how he over came it he aint afraid to talk about how things really were

  • Alfonso Talamantes
    Alfonso Talamantes

    50 was is and will always be a legend ....very smart guy in business and a professional in his craft 👍🏻👍🏻 ty breakfast club for another dope interview

  • 3220sunshine

    I wish it was longer. 50 is always good. Love to hear him tell stories and talk business.

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      legendary 50 Cent

    • livebaitlarry

      50 is always good? 50 minutes? but thats not even an hour. you said you wish it was longer.

    • SW.

      I totally agree with you.He so full of knowledge and great sense of humor

    • MJ

      Agree! I always love listening to his interviews he drops 💎 and his sense of humor is crazy!🤣

    • JazFae90

      Exactly 💯% If you haven't, read some of his 📚

  • Miss V
    Miss V

    I love watching his interviews. He is very smart, and you can learn alot. Give him his flowers. He needs a tribute. His first 3 albums was on point.

    • Big Dog
      Big Dog

      he is a queef



  • Late Notice
    Late Notice

    50 has so much knowledge to share. Dude lived enough to live 5 lives. His interviews are so insightful. From a street dude to a boardroom

  • Kazino Beats
    Kazino Beats

    50 is one of my favorite person, he speaks facts and keeps it real

  • By Sonia Summer
    By Sonia Summer

    I could listen to 50 all day! This was another one for the books 🙌🏾


    17 years later & im still watching 50 cent interviews

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • Joseph Fofana
      Joseph Fofana

      @A Boogie I didn't watch the ones with funflex, that brother is weird to watch

    • A Boogie
      A Boogie

      Don’t think I’ve ever missed any of his interviews!

  • RADSeven7

    50 explains his logic and strategies in the most simplistic way.

  • avuyile mtati
    avuyile mtati

    50s interviews are always fire, entertaining and motivational too. Legendery.

  • T G
    T G

    I LOVE 50 cent. Everything about him. He has good energy

  • Bean254town 617
    Bean254town 617

    It’s a joy listening to this dude talk. I may not agree with some of his actions in the past but I think he’s a good guy.

  • Resilient Red
    Resilient Red

    Love this interview. Keep up the great work guys. Hats off to 50 for all he contributes to the world and The Culture.

  • Willie Dugar
    Willie Dugar

    Love 50, he's my favorite Mentor, friend, Big homie. It's been 20 years and I'm still learning from him hes taught me a lot in life. He's been teaching me things for years and the only way I could pay him back is to pray for peace upon his life, Men in his position, things get stressful so I just pray for peace.💯🤓

  • David Mcfly Mims
    David Mcfly Mims

    50 is in a position where his music can have a life of its own whether it's a solo album, or soundtrack, attached to a video game, etc. He cracked the code.

  • Toya Stevens
    Toya Stevens

    This interview was another great one. Love when they get 50 cause he be so honest and real and don’t care. But we all know Beyonce got him a lil shook🤣🤣🤣

    • Nino Waves
      Nino Waves

      Thug love with Beyoncé classic

    • Big Dog
      Big Dog

      ok baby

  • ChozKetchum

    How can you hate 50 at this point man. You gotta love him.

  • Omar S
    Omar S

    This man is truly a legend. I'm happy Charlamagne let him know that

  • Nathaniel Singleton
    Nathaniel Singleton

    50 Cent is a marketing genius. He knows exactly what his audience/ demographic wants.

  • Miles Kelley
    Miles Kelley

    I’ve always felt like 50 should make an album called “Got Rich and a Still Living” and it should be his grown up 4:44 style album all about growth and maturity.

    • sultan788

      @Miles Kelley Yo Gotti had a "grown up" phase? How would that sound Last I heard him was on that track with Uzi And let's just say, i gave him way too many chances to impress me

    • Miles Kelley
      Miles Kelley

      @Milly good point. I guess I felt like even Yo Gotti gave us his grown up joint that Fif would eventually get around to it. Lol

    • Milly

      Didn't he shit on 4:44? He still too petty for a grown up album lol

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez

    You will never catch inconsistencies with 50 cent. Good or bad, he never backtracks

  • Caden Carlisle
    Caden Carlisle

    What i love about 50 Cent interviews is all u have to do is ask him a question and let him talk. U don't have to pull his teeth. Plus he's naturally funny and his pettiness knows no limits.

    • Truffle

      No limit

  • Tad-Turd-Prints aka Lil' Spare A Square
    Tad-Turd-Prints aka Lil' Spare A Square

    Love when Fif is on the Breakfast Club. It's always a good time. Funny & you always seem to learn something. Just wish Yee was here since she's about to shake the spot so this will probably be the last time she'll be able to see 50 on this show.

  • Dame Jackson
    Dame Jackson

    50 says what he want, answer what he want, answer how he wants, then laugh about it. No regrets 🤣

  • J No Cap Mac
    J No Cap Mac

    *50* is the _epitome,_ of realness. 💪🏽🖤

  • Food By The Word
    Food By The Word

    50 is the a Comedian, facts!!!!🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣 He really keeps it lit!!! 💯 👏🏿👏🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • Classy Ladi
    Classy Ladi

    I'm very proud of 50 cent. I've watched him evolve from a young rapper to building an empire. SALUTE SIR!!!

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • ??Who???

      @Classy Ladi triggered??? Is that the response now for anyone who doesn't pander to your silliness??? My point is that not only you have watched his growth the rest of the world has too you're not special you don't have some insider info that we all don't.

    • Classy Ladi
      Classy Ladi

      @??Who??? of course the rest of the world has yet many hate on this man on a regular. They talk about all the negative and ignore the positives. So what's your point and why are you so triggered by my comment???

    • Liya Club
      Liya Club

      irglo.info/from/Zrl9cH-HZtTUl6M/fy-lm-h-y.html It's here finally!

    • ??Who???

      So has the rest of the world

  • Gilbert Evans
    Gilbert Evans

    50 cent interviews is always a must watch Legendary 50 cent keep it 💯 I don’t care what nobody say

  • Madamalala Shudufhadzani
    Madamalala Shudufhadzani

    Watched this 3 times today...50 a living legend

  • Memi

    I thoroughly enjoyed this 50 interview!

    • Big Dog
      Big Dog

      thank u young man

  • Joe Cornejo
    Joe Cornejo

    Great interview. 50 always keeps it 💯

  • Janai

    I love a good 50 interview! I think Char and Envy will be just fine as a duo. I think trying to replace Yee will mess with the energy.

    • REAL6

      She's the weakest link. She won't be missed.

    • Peach Juice
      Peach Juice

      @Sol That’s actually a great idea but this position is for ppl that are washed or up and coming. Keke’s personality would mesh well but this would be a backwards move for her…

    • Sol

      I think they should do guest hosts. Like I could see Keke Palmer add great chemistry to the group


      I think for balance and inclusivity, they will probably bring in a woman co host..

  • Breaka 1-2-3
    Breaka 1-2-3

    50 From my lens is very intelligent... Extremely witty.... Can't box him in with the Shenanigans... Always gonna be one of my favorites...

  • Yute

    This is an all time interview thanks for pressing him to get some straight forward answers

  • Sven

    50 a legend love his interviews

  • Antonio Ashford
    Antonio Ashford

    50 cent interviews are just gold

  • Anthony Landren
    Anthony Landren

    50 is a great interview every time!!

  • eli sanchez
    eli sanchez

    50 always gives good interviews

  • giorgos shady
    giorgos shady

    i love 50 cent interviews #legend

  • Louis Va'Don
    Louis Va'Don

    50 a legend !! Super interlignent and draws you in every time he speaks. Interview A1 as usual

  • 88ntil

    I think he’s been on the breakfast club the most and they enjoy his interviews the most! It’s an automatic tune in once 50 pulls up.

    • Quan$


    • Blackfeet

      It's the DJ Clue?/DJ Envy connection. They were supporting 50 even since the beginning at JMJ Records, he owes it to them. 50 was all over DJ Clue?'s mixtapes back in the 90s/00s.

    • IamBrandiva King’s Kid
      IamBrandiva King’s Kid

      Exactly. He’s definitely one my faves on The Breakfast Club.

    • prpapi2nv85

      Nah ya all wrong! Look up rapper Noreaga! You would think he was a co-host! 💪

    • Larry Abdul Sanni
      Larry Abdul Sanni

      @Chloe Charlemagne im same , i just like to hear him speak😂😂


    I loved this interview, 50 was counting money before this a real G!

  • Javonta Kelly
    Javonta Kelly

    50 always come off as 100 % real!

  • Elle Paso
    Elle Paso

    Gotta love 50, his too funny. Great interview

  • Alim Muhammad
    Alim Muhammad

    If u watch 50 interviews you can tell he really thinks before he speaks almost to the point where u see him thinking of the response before he responds .. such a wealth of info to learn from

  • Brandon Walker
    Brandon Walker

    A 50 cent interview, I am always here for.

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv

      Legendary 50 Cent

    • Mike Small
      Mike Small

      Real talk.. he a great speaker

    • Bella

      irglo.info/from/i9GEka13q6ubaYk/fy-lm-h-y.html It's here finally!😉.

  • Mahad Hassan
    Mahad Hassan

    Time flies when your actually enjoying a video! 50 cent is very captivating.

  • Makhulu 313
    Makhulu 313

    50 always been my Idol because his growth and ways his breaks things down 🤝🏾💯 his growth compared to alot of artist or most genuine.❤️

  • sinsational

    50 is a living legend.

  • Curtis Monroe
    Curtis Monroe

    I love when 50th speaks open and honest man its a breath of fresh air real ones are still here

  • Kimie E
    Kimie E

    50 Cent throughout his career has given the most authentic, unpolitical answers while educating and entertaining! I will continue “being that fly on the wall”,absorbing all and continuous support!

  • Daimon Mario Perez
    Daimon Mario Perez

    No lie, one of most informative interviews . Cleared up mad BS... Thanks 50

  • Israel Simpson
    Israel Simpson

    Fifty a living legend had the streets buzzing with guess who's back mixtape glad to witness the progress!!🦸🏾‍♂️🦸🏾‍♂️🦸🏾‍♂️🙏🏽👍🏾

  • kfc667

    *50 Cent interviews are dope, they never fail* . Only a few others I look forward to seeing/hearing from: Fat Joe, Irv Gotti, Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, Kanye West, Cardi B, Elon Musk, Andrew Tate, Gary Vee, etc.


    I can listen to 50 cent do interviews anytime. It’s very interesting and intriguing!!

  • BossQueen Li
    BossQueen Li

    I've heard some songs on Bey album bc I'm a fan of music. Not a beehive fan. His perspective is what I've been saying. I feel like her music could be more relatable if she incorporates more relatable "experiences". We know she the ish.... we get it. We're inspired but we don't know who she's talking to or about. 3 songs into Renaissance I was getting the idea this was for the LGBTQ community. We can't relate as much with so little detail it feels like the music is for her competition and not the fan. Or there an underlying message. I'll keep digging but that's my perception. I could very much be wrong. But yes, always liked 50's hustle and physical appearance. Don't always agree with his paradigms. But that's life. I respect his journey.

  • Malibu Ken
    Malibu Ken

    50 always does the best interviews. He always gives it up and tells the real stories. He’s still one of the biggest personalities/moguls in the game.

    • Malibu Ken
      Malibu Ken


  • Massifys

    The Massacre is my all time favorite 50 album. Such a master piece 👏 🙌

  • Art & Travel by G.Waithe
    Art & Travel by G.Waithe

    Fif showed full appreciation with that hand shake to Char. It shows he is still so humble with it.

  • Bille

    It’s hard not to like and respect 50. This dude is street smart and business smart and socially smart and probably much more.

    • Oh man Slime
      Oh man Slime


    • Martin Allante
      Martin Allante

      @Joanne Lindsay i never said they couldn’t be, i just find it blasphemy to EXPECT that from an entertainer 😂 and not all were anyway. i’m not gonna downplay them for that, we should appreciate the ones who use their influence to say something meaningful but we know not everybody is on that. some people are entertainers just for that, to entertain

    • Jermaine Burgess
      Jermaine Burgess

      He's the guy that can adjust to any environment

    • Joanne Lindsay
      Joanne Lindsay

      @Martin Allante - in the 60s/70s entertainers were activists. How you think we got this far?????

    • Martin Allante
      Martin Allante

      @Yee ???

  • ron roca
    ron roca

    He is going to break the internet with this interview