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Big Zorby gets a 165m backspin adventure off Luzzone Dam, Ticino, Switzerland.
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  • Apollonios Tyaneas
    Apollonios Tyaneas

    For those of you who don’t know, the Magnus effect is when you are walking along the bottom of a tall canyon or building and get nailed in the head with a ball from some random sport.

  • mjr320

    i have often wondered from what height would someone survive being dropped inside a zorb ball, it would be interesting to see someone use a crash test dummy with sensors mounted to it so they could measure the forces involved

  • The99thTimelord

    For magnus effect on such a large ball, have a generator and tredmill to apply the proper spin to the ball before flinging itself over the edge

  • kyle wood
    kyle wood

    I so wish i did all these things they do, ive always wanted to do some of those types of things some day. Great videos, i love watching them.

  • Patches O'houlihan
    Patches O'houlihan

    How do they build a dam like that? It blows my mind! Awesome content mates!

  • Darragh Hickey
    Darragh Hickey

    If the holes on the sides of the zorb where facing to each side . it would've gone a lot further. The effect works with airflow from underneath powering the spin further. The holes are causing drag and slowing it down . Love to see the ridiculousness of it all !

  • The Groovy Guitar Dude
    The Groovy Guitar Dude

    Dude I’d be so nervous standing on the edge of that damn 😳

  • Drewski

    You guys are awesome! Always doing the coolest random stuff ever😂

  • Nick C
    Nick C

    I love the sound of the Zorbie hitting the ground lol. The hollowness and flexibility combined with the fact that there's a hole on one side turns the whole thing into a sound cannon, like a big ol' drum.

  • Chris Chustz
    Chris Chustz

    The stuff you guys do is awesome I watch your video’s every day

  • Mitchel Evans
    Mitchel Evans

    They seem like a bunch of great friends having a great time. It’s a win for me. Spread the Joy, Men!

  • ThatKiwiPichu

    Good to see the Aussies using the zorb ball, invented right here in New Zealand.

  • Paul Wyman
    Paul Wyman

    Next time you try a Zorb, attach a rope or strap with gaffer tape loosely so it can easily rip off to the ball and wrap it vertically around the ball a couple of times. Then tie the other end to the barrier. When the ball drops the rope will spin it around as it unravels, and you should have shed loads of spin.

  • Fanamatakecick

    Something I feel like you guys forget a lot of time is air resistance. Wind may be low on the ground and at elevation, but it isn’t the same air pressure from those different elevations, and it always changes. That’s why the Magnus effect is kinda skewed

  • CNder77

    Your videos are fascinating. Also brightens the day, I’m subscribing. Thanks for sharing these fun experiments.

  • Daniel Hamilton
    Daniel Hamilton

    Question boys…does the wind direction dictate the forward or backward rotation to achieve maximum Magnus effect?

  • Derek Buhse
    Derek Buhse

    The biggest issue with this is the imbalances in the balls weight so it is almost impossible to generate a good magnus effect.

  • chuddle

    They should do a video on watching paint dry as they laugh hysterically.

  • Robby

    Anyone else think they where going to go down it inside the Zorb?

  • Craig Labulis
    Craig Labulis

    Should've wrapped a long rope around the circumference, held onto one end of the rope while letting the ball unspool over the edge like a yo-yo to get a good spin.