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  • Nilay Sarkar
    Nilay Sarkar


  • Nathan Chowdry
    Nathan Chowdry

    I remember an ipl match where the batting side had to chase down 80 something and lost! Approximately 10 years ago

  • Vivek mishra
    Vivek mishra

    South Africa 1- De Cock ( wk) 2- janneman malan 3- Temba bavuma (c) 4- van der dussen 5- Aiden markram 6- David Miller 7- Chris Morris 8- Andile phehlukwayo 9- George Linde 10- kagiso rabada 11- lungi ngidi

  • shivakumar katkuri
    shivakumar katkuri

    2 biggest loses in stewe Waugh ERA..1 Is here and 2nd in kolkata

  • Rabindra nath Brahmachari
    Rabindra nath Brahmachari

    Where is shy hope ?

  • Mojahid Ali
    Mojahid Ali

    Poor captancy chandrpol k liye fast bowling lagana chahiye tha

  • Akash LP
    Akash LP

    No big deal we got out for 36 and then went on to win that test against Australia.

  • Amogh Gowda. J
    Amogh Gowda. J

    Umesh Yadav batting is better than Bangladesh whole players

  • Satish Kumar
    Satish Kumar

    Jos the boss i miss you ipl 2021😍😍😍

  • antwan

    half Nelson for Bell. out when it was 11/1

  • ahok kumar
    ahok kumar

    Chandravanshi vs aussies

  • ahok kumar
    ahok kumar

    Chandrapaul chandravanshi

  • ahok kumar
    ahok kumar

    Ramesh sarwan chandravanshi

  • pradeep roy
    pradeep roy

    How can you hate this great country consisting of small islands?.. west Indies is the most lovable nation in the world

  • Anish Hariharan
    Anish Hariharan

    Fantastic and powerful team 😎 I think WI missed simmons🥺, no problem.... Play well and stop losing wickets ...all the best from Indian fan 💜💙❤️

  • Gaming Zone
    Gaming Zone

    6:53 that six😍🔥🔥 Shreyas Iyer power 🔥💪

  • Just about Engg.
    Just about Engg.

    Legendary moments of West indies are always commentated by Ian Bishop

  • Akshay bhardwaj
    Akshay bhardwaj

    That was best bumrah before injury

  • SaiFu Sheikh
    SaiFu Sheikh

    Feeling sad for Remember the Name Yes I said #Carlos_Braithwate.

  • Superverse saver
    Superverse saver

    Both Mumbai Indians players

  • Ricchard Gomess
    Ricchard Gomess

    Even south africa chased 400+ runs in ODIs against australia.

  • Atul Singh
    Atul Singh

    WI can do everything in cricket 🏏 one of the best teams of Cricket world 🤟 love from India 🇮🇳

  • YO yo
    YO yo

    He is a mystery spinner

  • Asdf Asdf
    Asdf Asdf

    Third grade cheap and nasty cricket by women's cricket 🤣🦗

  • Mahdi Jalal
    Mahdi Jalal

    Gibbs and yuvraj u have got company now😂

  • Ahmad Khattak Diaries
    Ahmad Khattak Diaries

    So sad to didn't see the name of Shurfane Rutherford

  • Akarsh Sai
    Akarsh Sai

    Chris Gayle : its all timing and power

  • डॉ स्वामी
    डॉ स्वामी

    west indians playing t20 in test cricket 😂😂

  • NST India
    NST India

    Walsh my hero.. Love from india

  • Neetesh Kumar
    Neetesh Kumar

    Commentator say half century for the Indian captain 😂😂😂


    Walsh jr😍

  • Poonam Ghadigaonkar
    Poonam Ghadigaonkar

    Poor Vihari he deserved the 'CENTURY'

  • alex kurian
    alex kurian

    Lara was in a brutal mood

  • Atul Shukla
    Atul Shukla

  • Sandeep Verma
    Sandeep Verma

    No crouad no fell better mutch

  • Habeebah Noorul
    Habeebah Noorul

    We Want Gayle In Opening position With Lewis

  • Jaisankar krishnan
    Jaisankar krishnan

    Just came to see the tireless 🥊 in the air aganist Eng. 👍👍👍

  • dsstroyer


  • Prashant Bhujbal
    Prashant Bhujbal

    Walsh Jr. must be very thankful to Fabian Allen for some magnificant catches😍

  • 👍

    Also Broad has company now.

  • The Seventh Hokage
    The Seventh Hokage

    Leg spin is one of the hardest delivery to control

  • Khan Jaan
    Khan Jaan


    • Khan Jaan
      Khan Jaan


  • Prajjwal Mishra
    Prajjwal Mishra

    What is Jubilation??

    • Treyon Sullivan
      Treyon Sullivan

      No bro..It's an actual word

    • Prajjwal Mishra
      Prajjwal Mishra

      @tibs xxx thanks for Information😇

    • tibs xxx
      tibs xxx

      @Prajjwal Mishra it's not a slang

    • Prajjwal Mishra
      Prajjwal Mishra

      @Treyon Sullivan ohhh... Is it slang or what?

    • Treyon Sullivan
      Treyon Sullivan

      feeling of great happiness

  • Music Dude
    Music Dude

    වැල්ලයගෙ කවුරුහරිද බං මූ

  • Music Dude
    Music Dude

    මූව අවුට් කරන්න මෙච්චර බය කරන්න ඕනෙ නෑ බං

  • Rocky yahoo
    Rocky yahoo

    Whenever McGrath got smashed , I felt heavenly peace in mind . That guy never showed sportsmanship towards opponents.

  • Parashar Vyapari
    Parashar Vyapari

    Because two legend's name in his name - *Heyden & Walsh*

    • Arindam Dasgupta - 8 A 1627
      Arindam Dasgupta - 8 A 1627

      Unfortunately they are fast bowlers. 😆😂

  • yogesh bhandari
    yogesh bhandari

    Biggest powerful six hitters of the cricket ball to date in last 25 years : 1. chris gayle 2. keiron pollard 3. Martin guptil and chris cairns 4.sahid afridi and izaz ahmad 4.josh butler or david miller 5.Ms dhoni 6. Andrew symonds 7.justin kemp or lance klusner 8.Ricardo powell 9. Abd 10.Brendon macculum Surprise package "Nathan Astle " Note- he did not look like a powerful hitter. Watch his test double hundred against england. i did not include warner maxwell chris lynn and few others. edit: you can include kevin petersien and andrew flintoff too. conclusion: Nathan astle😍is love

  • Naeem Khan
    Naeem Khan

    Winer adil rashid

  • Aniruddha Shinde
    Aniruddha Shinde

    Rohit on 18 and virat reachs 50

  • Seeni Vasan
    Seeni Vasan

    Good and bast

  • Аарон Кахадзе
    Аарон Кахадзе


  • Shiran Mohammed
    Shiran Mohammed

    Miss this series windies😎👍

  • Keshan Singh
    Keshan Singh