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I'm Arun Maini, I'm a 26 year old Economics graduate whose life's passion is Technology, and I'm on a mission to make the most FUN and USEFUL Tech videos on the Planet! 🙏

IRglo Shorts Channel:

  • Gamer . in
    Gamer . in

    Damn that cable in the thumbnail is kinda...kinda..t...THICC 👌👌👌

  • Agent P
    Agent P

    I guess Aaron’s opinion on wireless chargers may have changed

  • Ahanaf Adil
    Ahanaf Adil

    the audio quality of the sponsored part :''') [or maybe it's just my headset]

  • Abdulmajid Sanusi
    Abdulmajid Sanusi

    Crypto dudes are sweating

  • Bebb98

    But does the cable edit the register ?

  • Phulze

    just crazy

  • Khi Turner Gaming
    Khi Turner Gaming

    *Honestly this is excellent advice for those who pick up cables around airports, there are so many always DO NOT PICK THESE UP*

  • Yoru

    why does the message come at 1:15? my mouse hasnt been working for one MONTH and it always says that message and dosent respond to the mouse's movements, I havent been able to play games for a MONTH

  • Potatoes

    8:23 *ONLY FANS*

  • TB

    This would be a really cool prank on friends


    That car just turned Arun into a little girl.

  • sed

    ah yes the omg cable gaining more clout

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden

    You could literally plug in a "Logitech Unifying Receiver" and do the same as the first one. Plus it's smaller and less noticeable.

  • Dhanvin Vinod
    Dhanvin Vinod

    I think people who can afford an iPhone, can actually buy another phone if the one they use gets destroyed. Data hijacking, that's an issue. Device destruction, no so much.

  • Fetching The Break
    Fetching The Break

    me who has a macbook pro that doesnt have a usb port:

  • Pixelator27

    Is it ever really a mrwhosetheboss video without a rickroll?

  • Selva Babu K R
    Selva Babu K R

    Apple could use this video in their port less iPhone launch event to justify their decision😁

  • MS Ansari
    MS Ansari

    Can you make a video on DALL-E

  • Ibrahim Irfan
    Ibrahim Irfan

    appreciate getting a step by step tutorial on how to hack others XD

  • tobsies

    sir i usually plug my cable in ma computer, but the wire is from apple i hope i dont die

  • Kim Jong UN
    Kim Jong UN

    Who the Hell is come with daddy 💀

  • Tech With Phoenix
    Tech With Phoenix

    Alright this is what apple needs to go portless on all devices. This is soooooo cool, but also sooooooo crazy! Like if someone’s out at a meeting, and they return to a workstation, there is no way in hell they’d suspect a cable to be the bane of their existence. Thanks a ton for this vid man, some really important and useful info!

  • Pennzoil Pete
    Pennzoil Pete

    Some real cyberpunk sh** right here 😱

  • J-Blox

    “Don’t use it” *doesn’t use it* *phone dies* What now?

  • cattatron

    Damn, the video was published a hour ago and already the verified IRglors are here

  • Rayyangamer2314

    Boring person 🚛🚛

    • Rayyangamer2314

      I am fari

    • Rayyangamer2314

      Oh oh oh

  • AST_Voltage

    why are you telling people this LOL XD

  • Josh Hayl
    Josh Hayl

    🟦.....(@ 4:24): The proper word to use there is 'WREAK' (not "Wreck"),'s pronounced the same way as 'Reek', use as in: "As a joke someone would put a bag over the cat's head so it couldn't see and it would then 'Wreak'-havoc running blindly into everything in the house". .....YrWlcm!

  • Lé Cat
    Lé Cat

    Damn salute for bringing awareness

  • Aidy Murph
    Aidy Murph

    Apple: *they used our name and face well were suing them*